17 Best Educational Apps For Middle School [iOS & Android Apps]

To train memory, work on spelling, practice languages ​​or create multimedia content, we handpicked the best educational apps useful for middle school students or also can be useful almost for every level of students.

Best Educational Apps Useful For Middle School Students

Following are the best that we considered being most helpful for students. We wisely selected that are both iOS & Android compatible:


Best Educational Apps For Middle School [ iOS & Android Apps ]

#1. What tree is it?

Its objective is to teach children to identify as many trees as possible, with multiple-choice questions, several answer options, and to help with clues in each case. If answered correctly, the following tree will appear, but if it is failed, the game is over and the points won so far are lost.

-> Available for free for iOS users.


#2. Kahoot!

It integrates collective participation and gamification since it allows you to create quizzes and questionnaires on any topic or subject. Answering questions correctly grants points, as well as doing it at a higher speed than the rest of the participants. The winner is the one who accumulates the highest number of points at the end of the questionnaire.

-> Available for Android and iOS users for free.


#3. Lumosity

It uses a progressive cognitive training method to gain knowledge on a daily basis and understand the way the brain and thoughts work. Through an initial 10-minute test, the app establishes the user’s level in relation to their performance and age and adapts to their needs to continue learning. It contains logic, math, puzzle, or critical thinking games, among others.

-> Available for Android users at no cost.


#4. GoNoodle 

It contains more than 300 educational videos for children, with different purposes. Some examples? Sing, dance, relax, count to 100, tutorials … It is certified as safe for use by children thanks to its absence of advertisements and purchases that could interfere with their experience.

-> Available for Android users for free.


#5. Kids AZ 

It offers various resources with which it is possible to learn while having fun, such as books, exercises, videos and interactive activities. Solving the materials in the application correctly helps to earn points and levels, and all the work done can be shared.

-> Available for free for both Android and iOS users.


#6. Skedio

With this tool, you can make vector drawings starting from scratch, or update an existing one, thanks to its wide range of editing tools and usage options. When it comes to designing, you have an unlimited canvas that can be scrolled with your fingers or by using the stylus. The final result is shared in various formats, including PNG.

-> Available for Android users for free.


#7. Rosetta Stone Kids

Made in collaboration with Disney, the application helps students with vocabulary and pronunciation in English. Designed for Early Childhood Education (from 3 to 6 years old) although it is also suitable as reinforcement in Primary, it works with them the letters, the numbers, and, once this first stage, the complete words.

-> Available for free for both Android and iOS users.


#8. Casio EDU+

The CASIO ClassPad CP400 calculator in its mobile version allows you to perform all kinds of complex operations without an Internet connection and through the mobile screen. It can be downloaded for free and limited to basic calculations, graphs, and statistics, or in its payment model that includes advanced functions such as spreadsheet, geometry, or 3D graphics.

-> Available for free for both Android and iOS users.


#9. Oxford Pocket Dictionary App

‘Best-seller’ in the printed version, it is available as an app for English / Spanish and English / Catalan. Includes the full dictionary with hundreds of full-color illustrations. The keywords for the use of English are identified as part of the Oxford 3000 list. The audio is in British and American English, with the possibility of recording one’s own voice and comparing, helping to practice pronunciation.-> Available to download for both Android and iOS users.


#10. Break Bullying

Created by TokApp, this app aims to fight against school bullying through virtual stickers that we can incorporate into our instant messaging chat. If someone tries to attack us, we can put one of these stickers on their message, thus hiding a part of the coexisting violence in the conversation. It is completely free.

-> Available for free for iOS users.


#11. Blackboard Madness: Math

A digital whiteboard that becomes a math game. Different problems and challenges will appear, of different types and levels, which we will have to solve in order to advance in the different scenarios.

The more you practice in Blackboard Madness: Math, the more you can build your math skills. It also includes an achievement system to try to engage in the daily use of the app.

-> Available for free for iOS users.


#12. Coloring Games

Invite children from 5 to 10 years old to participate in an interactive story that integrates coloring activities and playful-educational games.

The little ones can personalize some elements of the story with their own drawings of objects, and scan them with the application to bring them to life virtually.

As the narrative progresses, mini-games appear that allow the child to earn points and encourage him in his experience.

-> Available to download for both Android and iOS users.


#13. Bloom

Designed by a team of musicians and software designers, Bloom is ideal for music lovers … or those who want to start composing.

By touching the screen you will generate different sounds that will be accompanied by colored circles, in such a way that it mixes both the musical and the visual arts. It has different creation modes with which you can have your own infinite music creation machine.

-> Available for free for iOS users.


#14. myHomework Student Planner

Especially for young schoolchildren from the Secondary ages onwards, myHomework Student Planner is an app that allows the organization of study: we can manage time, assign tasks, mark study or review times, and much more. In the case of the centers, they can also use it to coordinate the work of the families. It’s free and offers premium plans with added features.

-> Available to download for both Android and iOS users.


#15. Grasshopper

From the hand of one of Google’s technology incubators, Area 120, comes Grasshopper, an exclusive Android app whose objective is to teach programming in a ‘different’ way.

Available for any device, it proposes a series of small challenges and problems with which to gain the necessary skills to improve as a programmer, whether we are school students or adults who want to practice, learn or play a new hobby.

-> Available to download only for both Android users


#16. Explain Everything Whiteboard

One of the best complete apps that best implements the use of whiteboards on a tablet.

In essence, it is a digital whiteboard that can be collaborative, that is, it allows several users to interact and modify a single whiteboard, as well as of course share what we do in real-time with our students.

-> Available to download only for both Android users.


#17. Quiz Your English

Do you want to evaluate your students’ knowledge of English? Then you will be interested in knowing Quiz your English, an app created by Cambridge English that allows you to test your command of English through games and competitions that you can compare against other users, whether they are friends and acquaintances or world rankings.

-> Available to download only for both Android users.


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Hope you find it helpful for you to pick up our best educational apps useful for middle school students.

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