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Civil War Causes BrainPop Quiz Answers

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Civil War Causes BrainPop Quiz Answers

Q. What was the immediate effect of the Confederacy firing on Fort Sumter, Southern California
Ans: It caused the beginning of the civil war.

Q. If you supported the cause of states’ rights, what might you point to back up your argument?
Ans: The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Q. Place the following events in sequence: A) The Kansas-Nebraska Act; B) The Missouri Compromise; C) The Nullification Crisis.
Ans: B, C, A.

Q. If you wanted to nullify a quiz you took in history class, what might you do?
Ans: Ask your teacher to throw the results of the quiz away.

Q. In the years before the Civil War, which state was most likely to favor high tariffs?
Ans: New York.

Q. Under the rules of the Missouri Compromise, what had to happen every time a slave state joined the Union?
Ans: A free state also had to be admitted to the Union.

Q. What effect did the Kansas-Nebraska Act have on The Compromise of 1820?
Ans: It repealed the compromise.

Q. What was the central point of the Dred Scott decision?
Ans: That slaves had no rights anywhere in the United States.

Q. What event might you attend if you were an abolitionist?
Ans: An anti-slavery rally.

Q. What event made the southern states finally decide to secede?
Ans: The election of Abraham Lincoln

Q. How many southern states seceded from the Union?
Ans: 11

Q. What were the southern states called
Ans: Confederate States of America


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When it comes to the American Civil War, there are a variety of causes that can be identified. In fact, historians have been debating the causes of the Civil War for decades. Some argue that the primary cause was slavery, while others point to state rights and sectionalism as the main factors. Ultimately, a combination of these factors led to the outbreak of war.

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