Data Nugget WHY SO BLUE Answer Key PDF 2024

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Data Nugget WHY SO BLUE Answer Key PDF

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Data Nugget WHY SO BLUE Answer Key PDF

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Data Nugget WHY SO BLUE – Basic Terms

It’s good to learn a few basic definitions & answers so that it helps you to understand Data Nugget WHY SO BLUE in deeper:

Q. Color polymorphism
Ans: Color polymorphism is a term used to describe the phenomenon of an animal species displaying multiple color variations. It occurs in both invertebrates and vertebrates, including everything from frogs and lizards to butterflies and beetles.

Q. Genes
Ans: Genes in fish are the components that provide instructions for the process of development and functioning of an organism. They determine characteristics such as size, shape, color, behavior and even life span.

Q. Phenotypic plasticity
Ans: Phenotypic plasticity is the ability of an organism to change its physical characteristics and behaviors in response to changes in its environment. This trait allows organisms to survive in different conditions that they may not have been adapted to initially. Examples of phenotypic plasticity include the size, coloration and behavior of organisms when faced with environmental stressors such as temperature changes or predation.

Q. Blue Fins
Ans: Blue Fins are a species of fish found in warm waters all over the world. They have long, streamlined bodies and can reach lengths up to 6 feet long. They are known for their bright blue coloration on the sides and upper parts of their body, which helps them blend in with their surroundings and provides camouflage against predators.

Q. Brown water
Ans: Brown water is a type of water that is not clear and has a brownish-yellow or rusty color. It contains suspended particles, such as sediment and other organic matter, which give it its coloring. Brown water can come from various sources including runoff from agricultural land, industrial pollution, sewage overflows, and naturally occurring elements in rivers.



Why So Blue is an interactive worksheet created by the Data Nuggets team. It illustrates how an experiment conducted by Becky went viral.


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