Figurative Language Flocabulary Answers 2022 [FREE Access]

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Figurative Language Flocabulary Answers

Figurative Language Flocabulary Quiz Answers

Find the free answers to Figurative Language Flocabulary quiz questions below:

Q1. Which sentence contains a simile?.…. Ans: A
Q2. Love is a thrill ride. This sentence uses ________.… Ans: C
Q3. This kid was a young Albert Einstein. This sentence uses ________.…. Ans: D
Q4. Nila briefly brushed the baby’s hair. This sentence uses ________.…. Ans: B
Q5. Which sentence contains a pun?… Ans: B
Q6. Which sentence is an example of assonance?… Ans: C
Q7. Which word is an example of onomatopoeia?…. Ans: B
Q8. A hyperbole is an ________.… Ans: A
Q9. Which sentence uses personification?… Ans: B
Q10. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. This quote uses ________… Ans: D


Figurative Language Flocabulary Read & Respond Answers

Please check out the Read & Respond answers for the topic we are discussing:

Q1. According to the passage, one of the differences between haikus and sonnets is… Ans: B
Q2. How is this poem organized?… Ans: A
Q3. Which of the excerpts is an example of personification?… Ans: B
Q4. What is the rhyme scheme in this poem?.… Ans: D
Q5. This poem is an example of free verse in part because… Ans: D
Q6. Which of the following excerpts includes onomatopoeia? Ans: D



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