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Forces BrainPop Quiz Answers

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Forces BrainPop Quiz Answers

Q. What is true about all forces?
Ans: They involve more than one object.

Q. What does the measurement unit N stand for?
Ans: Newton

Q. Which two components must a vector quantity have?
Ans: Direction and magnitude

Q. If the net force on an object is zero, what can you conclude?
Ans: The object is not accelerating

Q. What can you infer about an object moving at a constant velocity?
Ans: The forces acting on it are balanced.

Q. Acceleration occurs when an object is subjected to an:
Ans: unbalanced force

Q. What is true of non-contact forces?
Ans: They become weaker with distance.

Q. If you drop an egg off of the Empire State Building, what will happen to the egg first?
Ans: Drag will increase

Q. True or False? Unbalanced forces lead to a change in speed or direction.
Ans: True


About BrainPop Forces

A force is anything that can push or pull on something else. We feel forces every day, but we might not always realize it! Even though we can’t see them, they’re all around us – and they’re always trying to move things.

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