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Heredity BrainPop Quiz Answers

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Heredity BrainPop Quiz Answers

Q. Which of the following have you inherited completely from your parents? Choose the best answer?
Ans: The shape of your blood cells

Q. What is heredity?
Ans: The passing of traits from parents to offspring.

Q. What can you conclude about Gregor Mendel from the information presented in the movie?
Ans: He was one of the first researchers to establish how heredity worked.

Q. Which term best describes how Mendel conducted his experiments?
Ans: Carefully

Q. What did Mendel learn about his pea plants?
Ans: The tall plant trait dominates the short plant trait

Q. When two pea plants with Tt genotypes are cross-bred, how many short (tt) plants will there most likely be in the new generation?
Ans: 1 out of 4

Q. The “Tt”s in this Punnett square represent:
Ans: Tall pea plants

Q. If a brown-eyed mother and a blue-eyed father have four children, three will probably have brown eyes. What can you conclude from this?
Ans: Brown eyes are a dominant trait

Q. What can you conclude about one of Mendel’s short pea plants?
Ans: It had a pair of recessive genes

Q. What did Gregor Mendel and Reginald Punnett have in common?
Ans: They both experimented with pea plants


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Heredity is the passing of genes from parents to their offspring. Every living organism has a set of instructions that determines how it develops and functions.

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