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Louis Braille ReadWorks Answer Key

Louis Braille ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers for the article “Louis Braille“-

Q1. What did Louis Braille invent?… Ans: D

Q2. What does the author describe in the passage?… Ans: B

Q3. Louis Braille did not let his blindness hold him back in life. What evidence from the text supports this statement?… Ans: C

Q4. Based on the passage, what might be one reason that Louis proved to be a gifted musician?… Ans: D

Q5. What is this passage mostly about?… Ans: A

Q6. Read the following sentence: “Who invented this elaborate setup of bumps and dots that comprise an entire alphabet and numerical system that allows blind people to read with their fingers?”What does “elaborate” mean?… Ans: C

Q7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. __, Louis Braille’s alphabet for the blind was not widely accepted, but today braille is used around the world.… Ans: B

Q8. How did Louis Braille go blind?… Ans: Louis Braille went blind after accidentally poking his eye with an awl, which caused an infection in his eyes.

Q9. The books developed by Valentin Hauy were problematic. They were large and heavy, and reading them was a slow process. What was Louis Braille’s response to the problems with these books?… Ans: Braille’s response was to try and come up with a better solution for blind reading.

Q10. An awl both helped and hurt Louis Braille. Explain this statement using evidence from the passage… Ans: An awl hurt Louis Braille because an accident with an awl caused the young Braille to go blind; an awl helped Braille because it was the tool that he used to create the dots in his alphabet for the blind.



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