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Making a Mark Achieve 3000 Answers Key

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Making a Mark Achieve 3000 Answers

Q. The best alternate headline for this Article would be __________.
Ans: Students Tackle Global Problems One “Step” at a Time

Q. Based on information in the Article, which of these happened second? Hint: This question asks about when events happened. It does not ask where in the Article the events appear. Look back at the Article for clues, such as dates.
Ans: Lubo, a refugee from Sudan who was forced to flee during a deadly civil war that displaced or orphaned an estimated 20,000 Lost Boys, spoke to students from North Rowan Middle School.

Q. Which is the closest synonym for the word delineated, as it is used in the Article?
Ans: Depicted

Q. Suppose Raquel wants to find out about the Lost Boys. She would find most of her information __________.
Ans: In a documentary about the consequences of Sudan’s civil war

Q. Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that Mrs. Fleming believes children can make positive marks on the world?
Ans: Needless to say, Mrs. Fleming is extremely proud of how her class has stepped up to help—not that she’s surprised. “Our students have incredible ideas,” she said. “All we need to do is listen and encourage. I love seeing where my students’ voices and actions can lead us.”

Q. The author probably wrote this Article in order to __________.
Ans: Inform readers about the positive global impact one class from the United States is making after being inspired to help schools and youth in South Sudan

Q. The Article states: Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that young people can’t accomplish impressive things, say the compassionate 7th graders in Mrs. Fleming’s class at North Rowan Middle School in North Carolina. They are attestation that young people can positively influence the lives of others, and that activism can begin with four little words: How can we help? Which would be the closest synonym for the word compassionate, as it is used above?
Ans: Benevolent

Q. Based on the Article, the reader can predict that __________.
Ans: The students in Mrs. Fleming’s class will likely continue to look for ways to make positive impacts on the world around them.



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