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Natural Selection BrainPop Quiz Answers

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Natural Selection BrainPop Quiz Answers

Q. The Galapagos Islands are where Charles Darwin…
Ans: studied unusual animals

Q. The beaks of the finches found on varies Galapagos Islands differed based on:
Ans: the available food supply

Q. What is a common ancestor
Ans: an animal from which two or more different species evolved

Q. What is least likely to be an example of variation within a species:
Ans: number of limbs

Q. Which of the following is an example of environmental pressure:
Ans: A lake that is gradually running out of water

Q. In the phrase “survival of the fittest” the term “fittest” refers to:
Ans: the best adapted organisms

Q. Which variation would be most likely to benefit an organism, regardless of environment:
Ans: the ability to produce energy more efficiently

Q. When nature “selects” a variation, that means that the trait:
Ans: gets passed along from generation to generation

Q. Dogs are an example of
Ans: selective breeding

Q. On Darwin’s tree of life, organisms at the base of a branch:
Ans: give rise to species farther down the branch


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Natural Selection talks about the dog breeding of Darwin in the movie video shown in BrainPop.

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