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Reading Plus LEVEL B Answers Key

The Dragon

Q. This story is mostly about Bruce Lee and
Ans: how his work became a large part of both American and Chinese cultures.

Q. According to the story, people born under this sign in the Chinese calendar are
Ans: energetic.

Q. When did Bruce begin to study Kung Fu?
Ans: when he was a teenager in China

Q. The story says that when Bruce was 18 years old he wanted to be
Ans: an actor.

Q. From what you have read, the person who gave Bruce the idea to be an actor was probably
Ans: his father.

Q. Once Bruce began to teach, what was the biggest difference between him and the teachers at other Kung Fu schools?
Ans: Bruce taught anyone who wanted to learn.

Q. Bruce was doing films for movie studios in both America and China because
Ans: his action scenes were very popular and studios in both countries wanted him

Q. Bruce made movies, wrote poetry and books, and taught. You could say that he
Ans: was a person who was interested in many different things.

Q. In this part of the story, “on top of the world” means
Ans: successful.

Q. What does the “Walk On!” story say about Bruce?
Ans: He did not give up on his dreams.



Q. Ecosystem
Ans: a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

Q. Rainforest
Ans: an ecosystem where one can find tall and densely growing trees in an area of high annual rainfall.

Q. Deforestation
Ans: the action of clearing a wide area of trees.

Q. Greenhouse gases
Ans: substances in Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat and cause global warming/climate change.

Q. Climate chang
Ans: a disruption in global or regional climate patterns.

Q. Livestock
Ans: domesticated animals that are raised to be sold for meat or production of products.

Q. Crops
Ans: plants grown for food.

Q. Logging
Ans: the cutting down of trees for commercial products.

Q. Biodiversity
Ans: of plant and animal life in a particular ecosystem.

Q. Culprit
Ans: someone or something that is responsible for a negative action.


Irene Vocabulary

Q. Arrow
Ans: a straight thin shaft that you shoot from a bow.

Q. Brave
Ans: having or showing the ability to face danger or pain without fear.

Q. Clean
Ans: free from dirt stains or clutter.

Q. Coach
Ans: a person who trains or teaches athletes, athletic teams, or performers.

Q. Copy
Ans: a thing made to be similar or identical to another.

Q. Dislike
Ans: a feeling of distaste or hostility.

Q. Fast
Ans: moving at high speed.

Q. Film
Ans: a series of moving images.

Q. Leave
Ans: to go away from.

Q. Load
Ans: to fill with a large amount.

Q. Lock
Ans: to secure something.



Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: The changes in magic through the years.

Q. One of the oldest hand tricks was called…
Ans: Cups and balls.

Q. The “cups and balls” trick will work well only if the person doing the trick…
Ans: Is very good at hiding the ball in his or her hands.

Q. By putting the word “magically” in quotes, the author is trying to tell you that the rope trick was not really…
Ans: Magic

Q. Why were the magician and the traveling acting groups not welcome in busy towns for too long?They would steal money Ans: from the audience.

Q. According to the text, by the early 1700s magic was…
Seen as a true art.

Q. For Robert-Houdin, the store owner’s mistake could best be described as…
Ans: A happy accident.

Q. Where did Robert-Houdin perform his magic show?
Ans: In Paris.

Q. How was Robert-Houdin’s magic show different from other magic shows?
Ans: He performed in a theater and wore a suit

Q. From what you have read, what is the most likely reason that Erich Weiss changed his name to Harry Houdini?
Ans: He admired Robert-Houdin and believed he was just as good.


Earrings Or A Smile?

Q. This story is mainly about a girl who
Ans: Learns to feel good about herself

Q. At the start of this story, what is Shelby’s wish?
Ans: To feel accepted by the popular crowd

Q. From what you have read, what is the main reason Lauren is popular with
Ans: She is a friendly and cheerful person

Q. How do Shelby and Lauren know each other?
Ans: They were friends as kids

Q. Reread these two excerpts from the text. What do they show about Shelby and Lauren?
Ans: Shelby acts in a sad and unsure way, while Lauren acts in a happy and confident way

Q. Shelby smiled when she found out how much the earrings were because
Ans: She was happy that she had enough money to buy them

Q. What does Dave Roberts ask Shelby the first time he talks to her?
Ans: Why she looks so happy

Q. Dave thinks Shelby’s positive outlook is a great thing. Because of this, he asks her to
Ans: Join the Booster Club

Q. In this part of the story, what does the phrase “They’re really working” mean?
Ans: The earrings are making other people notice Shelby

Q. There is a saying that people can make you feel bad about yourself only if you let them. It means that you control your feelings and happiness. Which sentence
Ans: “I don’t think I really need them anymore.”


After Twenty Years

Q. This story is mostly about two friends who
Ans: go different ways but agree to meet years later.

Q. What was the man in the dark doorway doing?
Ans: waiting for a friend

Q. Where does this story take place?
Ans: in a nearly empty street

Q. The two men had not seen each other for twenty years because
Ans: one of them moved away while the other one stayed.

Q. What did the man standing in the dark doorway say first?
Ans: “It’s all right, officer. I’m not up to anything.”

Q. What does the man from the West mean when he says that Jimmy “never was the go-getter that I was”?
Ans: Jimmy did not take the chance to make a lot of money.

Q. Which sentences give the idea that the man who says he is Jimmy may not really be Jimmy?
Ans: “But you’re not the same, Jimmy. You look taller to me.”

Q. Bob realizes the other man is not his friend Jimmy when
Ans: Bob sees the other man’s face clearly.

Q. According to what happened in the story, Jimmy Wells must have thought that
Ans: a man must pay for his bad ways even if he is a friend.

Q. In this story, two friends agree to meet once twenty years have passed. When the time came, the meeting
Ans: did not go as the two friends had hoped.


Carved In Stone

Q. This story mainly tells us that each man on Mount Rushmore
Ans: was something other than a great president.

Q. How is this story written?
Ans: as an autobiography that uses flashback

Q. The story says that George Washington was also a farmer and
Ans: a surveyor.

Q. You can tell from what you have read it is likely that Lincoln
Ans: was not from a wealthy family.

Q. From what you have read, the buildings that Thomas Jefferson planned were most likely
Ans: large and beautiful.

Q. Why is it surprising that Teddy Roosevelt grew up to become a cowboy and explorer?
Ans: He was sick and weak as a child.

Q. In this part of the story, what does the word “low” mean?
Ans: almost done

Q. From what you have read, what do Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt have in common?
Ans: They all worked hard to reach their goals.

Q. What is the feeling in this part of the story?
Ans: hopeful

Q. What do these two excerpts say about having a dream?
Ans: Having a dream is often the first step to doing great things.


The Cracked Window

Q. What is the main idea of this story?
Ans: Sometimes you have to look past the cracks to see the beauty within.

Q. The overall mood or feeling at the beginning of this piece is one of
Ans: sadness.

Q. What event made James go into the art store for the first time?
Ans: He was trying to hide.

Q. When does James get the idea to paint pictures of the people in his neighborhood?
Ans: the moments after he finishes talking to Sam

Q. How do these two parts of the text work together?
Ans: They both show people who have some kind of sadness in their lives.

Q. Reread this part of the text. What conclusion can be made about Mrs. Simms and Hank?
Ans: They have known each other for many years.

Q. How does James’ mom feel about his paintings?
Ans: She likes the paintings but doesn’t think they will do much.

Q. What does James mean when he says he likes to paint people “with all the mud and dirt washed off”?
Ans: He likes to show people’s true selves.

Q. By the end of the story, the attitudes of the people in the neighborhood have gone from
Ans: bad to good.

Q. Often in stories, a physical object becomes a symbol. It has a greater meaning. The cracked window is most likely a symbol for
Ans: the beauty that is often hidden.


She Doesn’t Say Much

Q. This story is mainly about
Ans: how a woman helps a teen girl deal with a sad loss.

Q. In the beginning of the story, why doesn’t Shauna speak?
Ans: She is very sad

Q. What kind of job does Martha have?
Ans: She works with sea animals

Q. The word “marina” comes from an old word that means “water.” Based on this information and how it is used in this part of the text, what does the word “marina” mean?
Ans: a place for sea animals

Q. Reread this part of the text. Based on what Shauna does, it is clear that
Ans: she does not want to be there.

Q. How do these two parts of the story work together?
Ans: They both give the idea that some animals can tell when people are sad.

Q. Which sentence from the story gives the idea that Shauna’s feelings may be changing?
Ans: Well, I’ll be,” Martha thought to herself. “I think someone’s finally found a friend.”

Q. What is the first word Martha hears Shauna say?
Ans: “Mitch”

Q. Martha’s eyes fill with tears because
Ans: Shauna finally speaks.

Q. Reread the ending of the story. What happened between Martha and Shauna?
Ans: They found a way to connect with each other.


Crazy Betty

Q. What is the main idea of this story?
Ans: A brave lady risked her life to follow her beliefs.

Q. Reread this part of the text. How is this story written?
Ans: as a speech

Q. After Elizabeth’s father died, what did Elizabeth ask her mother to do?
Ans: free all of their slaves

Q. When Elizabeth says “It was dangerous not to” in this part of the text, what does she mean?
Ans: They had to make shirts for the Confederate soldiers. If they didn’t, people might find out they supported the Union.

Q. Why did Elizabeth want to work at Libby Prison?
Ans: She wanted to help the wounded Union soldiers who fought against slavery.

Q. Which event was likely the most important in getting Elizabeth into spy work?
Ans: learning the pinhole code the Union prisoners put in the books

Q. How are the items in this picture important to the story?
Ans: Elizabeth used to hide secret notes in empty eggshells.

Q. Elizabeth was glad her servant, Mary Bowser, worked in the Confederate White House because Elizabeth
Ans: would be able to get even more secret information.

Q. According to Elizabeth, why didn’t anyone in the Confederate White House ever think Mary Bowser was a spy?
Ans: No one knew Mary could read.

Q. General Grant gave Elizabeth a job as the postmaster of Richmond. This gives the idea that being a postmaster was
Ans: a very high position and an honor.



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