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Reading Plus LEVEL G Answers Key

A License To Print Money

Q. What is the central idea of this selection?
Ans: The way news is shared has changed throughout history

Q. Choose the sentence from this excerpt that explains how the printing press made the
Ans: Instead of being written out by hand, poems, Bibles, and other books

Q. More Americans knew what was happening during the Civil War
Ans: Telegraphs helped spread the news more quickly

Q. Read this excerpt. Which of the following is correct about Benjamin Franklin?
Ans: He contributed to the success of the newspaper industry

Q. This selection can be described as
Ans: An informational text

Q. Which best describes how information is organized in this selection?
Ans: A process is explained in the order in which it occurs

Q. What do these two excerpts have in common?
Ans: Both illustrate how important reporting the news and free speech is to the country

Q. Read the excerpt. Which of the following sentences best summarizes
Ans: Newspapers were not making as much money as they did at one time

Q. According to the selection, improvements to printing presses and cheaper paper prices
Ans: Purchased by more people

Q. According to the selection, libel laws are important because they
Ans: Protect newspapers from being unfairly sued in court


The Code Talkers

Q. This story is mainly about World War II and
Ans: how a unique code played a critical role in winning the war.

Q. In this excerpt, what does the word “crack” mean?
Ans: make sense of

Q. Which sentence supports the military’s decision to use the Navajos as Code Talkers?
Ans: Their language’s strange tones and unusual word arrangement made it almost impossible for non-native speakers to understand.

Q. The code demonstration changed the American general’s mind about using the Navajos because of its
Ans: swiftness.

Q. Which sentence supports the statement, “Communication is a critical part of any war”?
Ans: If the enemy were to intercept these communications, the element of surprise would be lost.

Q. What is the most unusual aspect of the Navajo language?
Ans: It has no alphabet or symbols.

Q. What could be considered a “stumbling block” in developing the secret code?
Ans: No Navajo words existed for military equipment.

Q. In the Navajo secret code, the word for the object in this picture meant
Ans: battleship.

Q. What could happen if a written secret code was carried on the battlefield?
Ans: It could come into enemy hands if the Code Talker was captured.

Q. Which phrase explains why the Japanese were frustrated in trying to crack this secret code?
Ans: gurgling noises


For Gold And Glory

Q. This story is mainly about
Ans: the development and destruction of a complex culture.

Q. The Aztecs could be described as
Ans: forceful but creative.

Q. A legend said that the Aztecs needed to find a new place to live because
Ans: they angered their gods, who banished them from their homeland.

Q. Which sentence best supports the idea that the Aztecs had an advanced system of agriculture?
Ans: Land was reclaimed by covering the marshes with reeds and then soil.

Q. Which of the following probably would have been seen at the markets of Tenochtitlan?
Ans: shoppers buying everything from firewood to feathers.

Q. Aztec pyramids were similar to Egyptian pyramids in that they both were constructed with
Ans: huge stones.

Q. Which of the following sentences is an opinion?
Ans: It may not have been the best place to build the capital of an empire but that did not stop the Aztecs.

Q. The most important factor motivating Cortes to march on Tenochtitlan was
Ans: the rich treasures that would be his when he conquered the city.

Q. What does this excerpt say about human nature?
Ans: Even a leader of a highly developed culture can be cruel.

Q. Which of the following involves an important coincidence in the sequence of events that influenced the outcome of story?
Ans: Cortes arrived at the same time a god who had once ruled the area was predicted to return.


It Takes More Than Height

Q. This story is mainly about
Ans: how two men left their homelands to make a living in a new culture.

Q. Why do you think the Dinkas did not value education?
Ans: Education would not improve their livelihood as herders.

Q. The most important cause of Manute’s success in pro basketball was
Ans: his determination.

Q. Why does the author mention the Chinese fortune cookie incident?
Ans: to show how some actions could be considered culturally insensitive

Q. Why were Ming and his two team members called “The Walking Great Wall”?
Ans: They formed a tall barrier on the basketball court.

Q. How does the author back up his claim that Ming was gracious?
Ans: Ming accepted O’Neal’s apology for sending him a fake Chinese message.

Q. What was one of the biggest obstacles Manute had to overcome?
Ans: adjusting to a new modern culture

Q. Why does the author tell readers that Manute never used a telephone or pencil, and ate pizza?
Ans: to highlight the significant cultural adjustments he had to make in America

Q. Which of the following sentences is an opinion?
Ans: Manute was not much of a scorer, but he was a remarkable defensive player.

Q. How were Manute and Ming alike?
Ans: They both made efforts to improve conditions in their homelands.


The Universe Unveiled

Q. This story is mainly about Galileo and his belief
Ans: in his experiments and discoveries.

Q. Which word listed below is based on the root word for “sun”?
Ans: heliocentric

Q. Which sentence explains why Galileo’s heliocentric theory was so severely criticized?
Ans: At that time, scientific research was not a common pursuit.

Q. Galileo’s father wanted his son to study
Ans: medicine.

Q. Which of the following supports the importance the telescope played in Galileo’s discoveries?
Ans: The device provided images never before seen.

Q. What most surprised Galileo about the moons of Jupiter?
Ans: their movement

Q. In this excerpt, what does the author mean by “the power of reason”?
Ans: thinking critically

Q. How were Copernicus and Galileo alike?
Ans: They both were ridiculed for their ideas.

Q. This excerpt could be seen as an example of why it is important
Ans: to have an open mind.

Q. Galileo’s father taught him about the items pictured and
Ans: the relationship between music and math.


Railroad To Freedom

Q. The main idea of this story is to show the
Ans: bravery of people on the Underground Railroad.

Q. In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of
Ans: Ans: uneasiness.

Q. Which words does the author use to create that mood?
Ans: fateful, shadowy, danger

Q. Why was this craft important during the time period of this story?
Ans: A quilt’s design could disguise a map.

Q. From the way the Schneiders “moved into action” after hearing the three knocks at the door, you can tell that most likely
Ans: they had experienced this situation many times before.

Q. Which sentence provides evidence that the Smiths still have hope for the future?
Ans: The Schneiders reinforced the Smiths’ feelings about the goodness of people.

Q. Which of the following sentences is an opinion?
Ans: “You crossed that icy water? This is the coldest weather we’ve had in ages!”

Q. The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
Ans: prohibited helping runaway slaves.

Q. Which sentence explains the reason why the Schneiders were willing to take risks to run a safe house?
Ans: They understood that the runaways’ risks were even greater.

Q. The Schneiders were different from many of the other safe house owners because they
Ans: provided the runaways with a real bed.


Driving “Green”

Q. This story is mainly about
Ans: why hybrid cars are good for people and the environment.

Q. The car in this story is called a “hybrid” because
Ans: it combines a new and an old technology.

Q. Hybrid cars are different from standard cars because they
Ans: use both gasoline and electricity.

Q. If you saw two engines, one from a hybrid car and one from a standard car, how could you tell which one belonged to the hybrid?
Ans: The hybrid car engine would be smaller.

Q. Which statement reflects how technology is being applied to solve environmental problems?
Ans: Hybrids get better gas mileage because their gasoline engine and electric motor make better use of fuel.

Q. The author wrote this story with the purpose of
Ans: describing hybrid cars and their advantages.

Q. Which sentence supports the author’s statement that hybrid cars have long-term benefits?
Ans: It is estimated that hybrids reduce the production of greenhouse gases that cause global warming by up to 50 percent.

Q. In regard to this picture, what could hybrid cars help eliminate?
Ans: air pollution

Q. This excerpt indicates that Amanda’s opinion about hybrids could be described as
Ans: enthusiastic and optimistic.

Q. What might happen if everyone drove hybrids instead of other motor vehicles?
Ans: The need to import oil from foreign countries would be reduced.


Picture Of UFO In The Air Blue Sky

Q. Selection mainly about
Ans: Search for Life in space and the debate about whether it’s a good idea

Q. Based on this excerpt, what does David Grinspoon argue is the greatest
Ans: Human beings

Q. In the past scientists have used SETI to search radio signals from space
Ans: It would send out Radio signals to space with the intention of being found

Q. Read this excerpt, Grinspoon uses the word “anti-human” to describe his belief that
Ans: One person should not make a decision that affects the entire human race

Q. What are the protocols vakoch..selection?
Ans: Policies or rules…life beyond earth

Q. Before contacting aliens…choose one sentence that explains the reason for this
Ans: If we do contact aliens..interactions peaceful

Q. Based on this of active SETI
-Space beings
-Humans are already

Q. Which one of these..why the author wrote the text?
Ans: Should we actively…to space beings?

Q. Based on this selection..against active SETI?
Ans: Without knowing what space… the earth is unwise

Q. Together these two excerpts demonstrate scientists
Ans: Opposing views on attempting to find alien life


A Unique Talent

Q. This selection is mainly about the
Ans: Development of beatboxing over the centuries

Q. Put these musical artists in the order in which they appeared in history, starting with the earliest
– French troubadours
– North Indian musicians
– Barbershop quartets
– Jazz scatters

Q. From this excerpt, you can tell that the author’s view of the future of beatboxing is
Ans: Enthusiastic

Q. What can you say about the popularity of beatboxing over the years?
Ans: It went through a number of ups and downs

Q. What evidence does the author provide to support the statement that Doug E Fresh
Ans: He created click rolls used by all beatboxers

Q. Rahzel proved he was a unique hip-hop artist by
Ans: Singing and beatboxing at the same time

Q. Which of the following music groups influenced the development of beatboxing styles?
Ans: Barbershop quartets

Q. Based on this excerpt, which of the following contributed to the re-emergence of beatboxing
Ans: Rappers’ lack of funds to buy drum machines

Q. Based on this excerpt, which of the following two methods did Rachel use to achieve the unique
– Vocal scratching
– Wind technique

Q. French troubadours were like today’s hip-hop artists because they
Ans: Combined poetry with music to make songs


Going Underground

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: Building an Earthscraper could prove to be a practical solution to a difficult urban problem.

Q. In many cities around the world, what is the root cause of major problems?
Ans: overpopulation

Q. Which term applies to the expansion of a city’s geographic size?
Ans: urban sprawl

Q. Which of the following describe the Suarez brothers?
Ans: resourceful and realistic

Q. Which shape describes the appearance of the Earthscraper?
Ans: inverted pyramid

Q. Which of the following is considered the biggest initial obstacle to building the Earthscraper in Mexico City?
Ans: construction costs

Q. Which aspect of the proposed museum probably would be the most significant?
Ans: the exhibits of cultural artifacts uncovered during construction

Q. The author tries to convince readers that constructing an Earthscraper is possible by
Ans: referring to the fact that humans have overcome obstacles when building massive structures in the past.

Q. Which sentence supports the author’s statement that the Earthscraper would have a people­friendly environment?
Ans: These garden-like areas, called “Earth lobbies,” would produce additional oxygen for the people inside to breathe.

Q. Why is Mexico City an ideal site for construction of the Earthscraper?
Ans: The completed structure would preserve historical architecture and public space.


A First-Grader Makes History

Q. This story is mainly about
Ans: a hard-won victory in the fight for equal rights to a good education.

Q. Why does the author use the word “gently” in describing how Ruby’s mother explained the school situation to her?
Ans: so as not to scare Ruby with too much detail

Q. Which sentence supports the statement that prejudiced white people blocked the court judgment “as long as they could”?
Ans: The principal did not assign Ruby to a class the first day.

Q. Although the President Lincoln freed the slaves, what prevented them from making much progress?
Ans: unfair laws and deep-rooted customs

Q. How does the author present a balanced view of white people?
Ans: by mentioning those who fought to end discrimination

Q. Why was the test for African American kindergartners so hard?
Ans: Education of the kindergartners had been insufficient.

Q. You can tell that ending segregation was dangerous mostly because
Ans: federal marshals were needed to enforce the court ruling.

Q. This excerpt shows that Mrs. Henry’s actions during school desegregation could be described as
Ans: courageous.

Q. President Obama said he was grateful to Ruby because
Ans: she broke barriers to make it easier for others.

Q. In this excerpt, why does the author refer to racism as “a grown-up disease”?
Ans: Children are not naturally racist.


A Vision Of Gold

Q. This story is mainly about Derrick Redmond and
Ans: the setbacks he faced with courage.

Q. Which sentence indicates the dedication that is needed to win an Olympic Gold Medal?
Ans: He had been training for this day for the last 20 years.

Q. You can tell Redmond’s injuries were serious mostly because
Ans: he needed eight operations.

Q. In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of
Ans: confidence.

Q. Which sentence characterizes Redmond’s motivation to win a gold medal?
Ans: Maintain a single vision of victory.

Q. In this excerpt, which phrase signals a major change in the action?
Ans: all of a sudden

Q. Derrick finished the race after he tore his hamstring because
Ans: he was determined not to give up.

Q. The author describes Derrick’s father, Jim, as “exceptionally close” to his son. Which sentence supports that description?
Ans: When Jim saw Derrick hobble, he felt a quickening of his heart and a trembling in his own leg.

Q. Why was Redmond disqualified in his semi-final event at the Olympics in Spain?
Ans: He had help from his father during the race.

Q. Why was it ironic that Derrick ended up playing professional basketball?
Ans: A surgeon told him he would never run again.



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