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Rescue, Rehab, And Release

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: Trained, caring people rescue injured wildlife and prepare them for release back into the wild.

Q. What could be considered a standard procedure to keep a wild animal calm in captivity?
Ans: covering the animal’s eyes with a towel

Q. In the author’s description of the eagle’s
surgery, which happened last?
Bright blue wraps were placed over the eagle’s bandages.

Q. Why was it important that the eagle be kept in
Ans: an initial period of cage rest?to prevent further damage to her bones and wounds

Q. Why does the author refer to the eagle as “no bird­brain”?
Ans: The eagle had learned to avoid fish with medication.

Q. In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of
Ans: anticipation

Q. What is the main reason rehabbers try to prevent their “patients” from becoming stressed?
Ans: so that they can put their energies into healing

Q. What would most likely happen to the eagle if the CROW rehabbers had released her without performing physical therapy?
Ans: She would not be able to catch food and could starve.

Q. What evidence does the author give to show that the eagle was ready for release?
Ans: The eagle showed it could feed itself by catching a fish in the cage.

Q. Why was it important for the rehabbers to return the eagle to the Dairy Queen location?
Ans: It was a location with which the eagle was familiar.


The Mentor

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: Caring adult mentors can awaken at-risk youth to their potential

Q. Who is the narrator of this selection?
Ans: Eduardo

Q. Why do you think Eduardo became a mentor himself ten years later?
Ans: he wanted to transform young lives, the way his life was transformed

Q. What do these two excerpts tell you about mentoring
Ans: it usually succeeds when the mentor and mentee have had similar experiences in life

Q. What is the connection between Eduardo and Henry Blind Lemon Hodgegrass
Ans: They both experienced the transformative effect of music on their lives

Q. Put the adult student relationships in order
– Mr. Rainey helps Eduardo
– Henry Blind Lemon Hodgegrass inspires
– Mr. Rainey tries to mentor James
– Eduardo helps James

Q. What is the important aspect of mentoring?
Ans: Open communication

Q. In this selection, the author creates a comparison between
Ans: Eduardo and the strong warrior Alexander the Great

Q. In the beginning which two conditions kept Eduardo from seeking a better life for himself?
– His sense of inferiority
– His begrudging attitude

Q. in this opening paragraph, the author creates a mood that could be described as
Ans: dejected

Q. based on what you have read
Ans: he would have missed the chance to lead a meaningful fullfilling life


What’s In a Dollar?

Q. This selection is mainly about?
Ans: The role of Federal Reserve…..

Q. The unfinished pyramid on the U.S. $1 bill….
Ans: Country’s future growth

Q. In this excerpt, what does the phrase “out of many, one” mean?
Ans: The 13 colonies united to form one country

Q. What financial crisis led to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913?
Ans: A panic about bank withdrawals

Q. According to the selection which two of following things can happen to the money that….
– It is lent to other people to use as an interest
– It is invested

Q. The Primary responsibility of the U.S. Treasury Department is?
Ans: Managing federal finances

Q. Lowering the fund rate generally causes a rise in the stock market because?
Ans: Lower interest rates will lead to an increase of consumer spending

Q. The author backs up the statement that the economy can be unpredictable…
Ans: Natural disasters can affect the demands for goods and disrupt production

Q. Read this excerpt. Which two of the following things usually occur when the Fed lowers the fund
– Stock market value increases
– People borrow money to make purchases

Q. Based on this excerpt, which if the following would indicate that the Fed is doing a good job….
Ans: A high rate or employment for U.S worker


Is That a Bug on Your Plate?

Q. The central idea of this text is that
Ans: A cultural shift is needed before the regular consumption of insects becomes acceptable

Q. After reading this excerpt, you can tell that one fear surrounding this movement is
Ans: That some people are afraid insects will become the only affordable source of protein available to them

Q. Which set of words best represents the tone of this text?
Ans: Factual and informative

Q. According to the text, one of the obstacles preventing people from eating insects is that
Ans: Some countries, such as Spain, have made selling insect-based foods illegal

Q. In this excerpt, the author suggests that one reason insects are not considered as a source of food is because
Ans: Insect-based foods are though of as gross or funny food items

Q. Based on this excerpt, it can be inferred that insects are a better source of protein than lab-grown meat because
Ans: Currently lab-grown meat is too expensive

Q. Based on this excerpt, what is the effect of comparing the popularity of sushi to the current situation of insect-based foods?
Ans: It suggest that the perception around eating insects will change for the better, like it did for sushi

Q. Which of the following words best describes the mood of this excerpt?
Ans: Peaceful

Q. The genre of this selection can be best described as
Ans: Journalistic non-fiction

Q. Which of the following inferences can be drawn from the excerpt you read?
Ans: One reason this movement is not growing is because people who have traditionally eaten insects are now eating more meat


Wartime Strategy

Q. This selection is mainly about
Ans: intrigue and espionage

Q. Based on what you read, which piece of military intelligence would be the least beneficial?
Ans: A Marine overhears people talking about the condition of their city

Q. If the Allies’ disinformation plan was successful, the Germans would
Ans: amass troops in Sardinia

Q. Which two conditions had to be met to make a dead body a good candidate for Operation Mincemeat?
– a cause of death compatible with drowning
– a physique and age-appropriate for a British soldier

Q. Which sentence explains why the Operation Mincemeat team told sailors that the canister contained a weather device?
Ans: A simple conversation between a sailor and a civilian friend of questionable loyalties could lead to the downfall of a long-planned military operation

Q. Put these events in the order in which they occurred, starting with the earliest.
– Major Martin’s name appears on a casualty list in a British newspaper
– Local fishermen recover the body of Major Martin off the coast of Spain
– Spanish officials pass off the information in the briefcase to German agents
– Germany prepares for an imminent attack on the island of Sardina

Q. Based on this excerpt, British intelligence identified France, Greece, and Italy as possible European invasion points because”
Ans: these countries were closest to the troops in North Africa

Q. Choose the sentence in this excerpt that demonstrates the German’s diligence in evaluating the contents of Major Martin’s wallet.
Ans: Montagu learned later that German Intelligence officers checked the information on the tickets to determine if it was feasible that Martin could have been in London on the dates indicated

Q. In this excerpt, the phrase “he might bring some sardines with him” in Mountbatten’s letter to Cunningham was probably included so it would seem as if it were
Ans: a code

Q. What was the author’s purpose in writing this selection?
Ans: to describe intricate details that made a mission successful


Fast-Growing Trash

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: E-waste is a problem all nations need to address FastGrowing Trash

Q. The author attributes the source of the e­waste problem to
Ans: ongoing advancements in technology and the escalating use of electronic devices.

Q. What does the term “end­of­life management” mean, as used in this excerpt?
Ans: a plan for the disposal or recycling of broken or obsolete electronic products

Q. E­Stewards is a program that certifies recyclers
Ans: that are disposing of e-waste in a responsible manner.

Q. Which sentence is true about toxic elements in circuit boards?
Ans: They expose not only humans but also developing fetuses to health hazards.

Q. In this selection, “carbon black” refers to
Ans: a type of powder used in toner cartridges.

Q. In this excerpt, Professor Pellow’s outlook on solving the e­waste problem could be described as
Ans: pessimistic.

Q. Which sentence supports the claim that Creative Recycling Systems is a model recycling facility?
Ans: It safely converts obsolete electronic devices into reusable items.

Q. The author includes the quote from Carroll’s “High­Tech Trash” article most likely to
Ans: illustrate how recyclers are taking advantage of desperate conditions.

Q. According to this selection, why is recycling e­waste so difficult?
Ans: E-waste has complex parts that are expensive to separate.


Math’s Got Game

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: Understanding mathematics can help a sports player perform better

Q. Which two factors affect the behavior of a pitched baseball?
– atmospheric conditions
– gravitational forces

Q. What was the author’s purpose in writing this selection?
Ans: to point out connections between math and sports

Q. The selection states that air passing over and through the fuzzy surface of a tennis ball creates resistance or drag. Why are worn tennis balls likely to be hit out of bounds more frequently?
Ans: They tend to travel faster

Q. Reread this excerpt from the selection. In football, how does knowing the receiver’s vertical leap help the quarterback?
Ans: It gives the quarterback a more accurate range to complete the pass

Q. According to the selection, precision is so important to scoring in basketball because
Ans: the ball fits through the hoop with little room to spare

Q. What two factors should be taken into account to enhance the chances of making a successful jump shot in basketball?
– arc of the ball
– amount of elevation

Q. In this excerpt, what does the word “whereas” signal?
Ans: a difference between golf and soccer

Q. What evidence does the author give to show that there’s more to a pitcher’s fastball than power?
Ans: Drag affects the velocity of a fastball

Q. In this excerpt, what does the word “Hazardous” tell the reader?
Ans: the player’s score might be negatively affected


Legendary Leaders

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: Change can be achieved through both violent and nonviolent actions.

Q. The stage in Gandhi’s life that had the most profound effect on the development of his philosophy was his
Ans: early childhood years.

Q. What might have happened if Gandhi had been able to negotiate a peaceful coexistence between Hindus and Muslims?
Ans: Gandhi’s assassination might have been averted.

Q. Based on this excerpt, which sentence reflects what Gandhi meant about violence?
Ans: Violence is useless because its victory will not last.

Q. How were Gandhi and Che Guevara similar?
Ans: They were passionate about their beliefs and dedicated to their ideals of social and political justice.

Q. Che Guevara had a negative view of the United States because
Ans: the United States made no effort to help solve problems in Latin America.

Q. According to Che Guevara, one of the major reasons for a country to turn to armed rebellion was to
Ans: overcome imperialism.

Q. Which of the following is a valid comparison based on this selection?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi is like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Q. How do the authors make the point about enacting change through civil disobedience or through violence?
Ans: by comparing men who sought sweeping changes in different ways

Q. Why is it ironic that T­shirts with Che Guevara’s image are being sold today?
Ans: Guevara hated capitalism and now companies are making money from the use of his image.


When Students Protest

Q. The central idea of this selection is that the violent outcome of what began as a peaceful anti-war protest…
Ans: Increased tensions on U.S. college campuses and raised important questions about the right to protest…

Q. In this selection, President Richard Nixon could best be described as a…
Ans: Political flip-flopper…

Q. Tear gas is sometimes used during protests in the United States despite it being banned from international use in 1997. This is done for which two of the following reasons?
– The effects of tear gas are temporarily unpleasant but don’t usually cause lasting health problems…
– A more effective chemical agent for crowd control is yet to be developed…

Q. What most likely would have happened if students knew the guard members’ rifles contained live ammunition?…
Ans: The students might have dispersed or at least not confronted the guardsmen returning to the Commons…

Q. Put the following events from the selection in the order in which they occurred in history
– President Nixon expanded U.S. military presence in Cambodia
– The Ohio National Guard was sent to Kent State University
– Hundreds of students gathered at the Kent State Commons
– Shots fired by the Ohio National Guard rang out on the Kent State campus

Q. Read this excerpt from the text. In the author’s descriptions of the early interactions between student protestors and the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970, it seems likely that
Ans: Both parties misread the other’s actions

Q. The items in this image relate to this selection in which one of the following ways?
Ans: Allison Krause said flowers were better than bullets

Q. In this excerpt from the selection, the students are depicted as
Ans: Defiant yet mainly law-abiding, while the National Guard is presented as severe & aggressive

Q. In this quote from the selection, the word “blanks” most closely means
Ans: Gun cartridges that contain no bullets but generate explosive sounds

Q. For which likely reason did the author include this excerpt in the selection?
Ans: To illustrate the uncertainties that lie at the heart of an important and tragic historic event


The Piece Of String

Q. The main idea of this story is
Ans: a person should not try to hide the true purpose for doing something, or risk having those actions misinterpreted.

Q. Before he picked up the piece of string, Hauchecorne’s relationship with Malandain can best be described as
Ans: confrontational.

Q. Reread this passage from the text. What is the underlying mood of the people in the marketplace?
Ans: distrustful

Q. Based on your answer to the previous question, why is the underlying mood of the people important to know?
Ans: “Distrustful” suggests the people may not be willing or able to believe the truth of an event.

Q. Of what is Hauchecorne accused?
Ans: theft

Q. Based on this passage from the text, the author intends for readers to develop
Ans: empathy for Hauchecorne.

Q. What do the terms “buttonholed” and “buttonholing” mean in this part of the text?
Ans: detain for comment or conversation

Q. How does Hauchecorne’s relationship with the other characters change as the story progresses?
Ans: His friends become convinced that he had something to do with the theft and turn against him.

Q. This story is told from the point of view of an uninvolved narrator. How would this story be different if told from Monsieur le Mayor’s point of view?
Ans: The farmer Hauchecorne would have been presented to the reader as guilty from the start.

Q. What happens at the end of this story?
Ans: Hauchecorne is driven to insanity and eventually death due to the false charges brought against him.


The Music Behind The Business

Q. Which sentence from the text best states the central idea of this selection?
Ans: Music, even when you are barley aware of it, can be surprisingly powerful

Q. The selection states that the core of a music consultant’s work is
Ans: Creating distinct, cohesive musical identities for brands.

Q. Rob Wood’s company chooses songs for businesses. Clients hire Wood primarily for which two reasons?
– to create a certain atmosphere
– to influence individuals’ behavior

Q. Based on this excerpt, the most helpful characteristic a music consultant can have when creating a musical identity for a business is
Ans: Intuition.

Q. Based on what you have read, what is “high dwell time”?
Ans: The practice of keeping customers browsing in a store for as long as possible

Q. This excerpt is the opening paragraph of this selection. The author began this selection this way most likely to
Ans: Illustrate how specific the process of linking music to a particular business can be.

Q. The approach explained in this excerpt could best be described as a study of human behavior that is based on
Ans: emotion.

Q. An analogy is a comparison between two things. Choose the one sentence in this paragraph that uses an analogy to describe Mazak.
Ans: “It’s just a kind of amniotic fluid that surrounds us,” said a communications professor Gary Gumbert in a 1990 documentary.

Q. George Owen Squier developed Mazak. Put these events from his life in the correct order from first to last.
– He served as an officer in the U.S. army.
– He earned a doctorate in electrical engineering.
– He developed a new way to transmit sound through wires
– He created a company that enabled businesses to…

Q. Based on this excerpt, which is an example of a physical effect of music?
Ans: A person walking or jogging in time to music



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