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Reading Plus LEVEL K Answers Key

Stars A Uniquely Human Trait

Q. Main idea?
Ans: Laughter is a common behavior…

Q. Why does the author mention the “Giggle Twins”?
Ans: to demonstrate that laughter can be hereditary

Q. According to this selection, what are two ways we can use laughter as a social tool?
– It can serve as an emotional release in stressful situations.
– It can be used as a signal of acceptance of another person.

Q. What does the author use to back up many of his conclusions about laughter?
Ans: statements of experts who have conducted research

Q. What is the main reason that laugh tracks are often added to TV situation comedies?
Ans: Laughter is contagious and viewers will think the shows are funny.

Q. How does the author support the assertion that laughter helps reduce stress?
Ans: by citing a study that found patients who watched funny videos requested fewer tranquilizers

Q. Put these scholars in the order in which they analyzed…
– Herodotus
– Nietzsche
– Freud
– Morella

Q. Based on this selection, how does the activity in this image relate to laughing?
Ans: Laughing has a similar effect on the body as a good aerobic workout.

Q. If you told a funny joke to a schizophrenic person, what would the likely reaction be?
Ans: The person would exhibit little reaction because schizophrenics do not understand humor.

Q. In this excerpt, which sentence helps explain the meaning of the word “sham”?
Ans: These patients appear to be laughing out of amusement but report that they are feeling unpleasant sensations.


Suffrage & Civil Rights

Q. What is the central idea of this selection?
Ans: The turn of the 20th century heralded a significant period of social activism & change in America, particularly for women & African Americans

Q. Compare the women described in these excerpts from the test. Compared to American women living at the onset of US independence, American women today
Ans: Have more rights in the workplace through inequalities remain, particularly for Latinas and women of color

Q. The National American Woman Suffrage Association was formed…
Ans: When separate women’s suffrage groups founded by Susan B. Anthony and Lucy Stone merged into one

Q. Which of the following court cases overturned segregation in schools to launch the modern civil rights movement?
Ans: Brown v. Board of Education…

Q. Put these significant events from the modern American feminism movement in the order they occurred, from earliest to latest
– Alice Paul formed the National Women’s party
– The U.S. passed the 19th Amendment
– The Equal Rights Amendment was first proposed
– The National Organization for Women was formed

Q. In this sentence, the word oratorical is best replaced by the word
Ans: Speaking

Q. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was so effective because
Ans: Pulled money away from the Montgomery busing system, forcing change to happen

Q. When the author describes many 20th-century women as being “frustrated with their limited citizenship” she is
Ans: emphasizing the growing agitation women experience, having limited rights in a country controlled politically by men

Q. The document in this image is related to which event in the history of women’s suffrage?

readingplus level k q5 answer

Ans: The Seneca falls convention…

Q. The first protestors to descend on the White House
Ans: Were women advocating for their right to vote, and they were arrested by police and mistreated by bystanders


Slave Trade And Ships

Q. Which statement from the selection best expresses the central idea?
Ans: The Amistad was an important event in the transatlantic

Q. The authors of this selection discuss the “Middle Passage” of the three-part transatlantic trade
Ans: Transport of kidnapped African people to the Americas where they sold

Q. The previous question asked about the transatlantic trade route. Based on your answer to that question…..
Ans: Ships from European ports brought goods to Africa in exchange for human beings.

Q. Which two of the following show the significance of Justice Joseph Story’s Supreme Court decision?
– It was a turning point in the abolitionist movement
– It affirmed the ideals on which the country was founded.

Q. Which one of the following shows the irony in this excerpt?
Ans: The meaning of the name of the ship

Q. The African captives on slave ships had a “completely unknown future” Based on the text, a primary reason for this was that
Ans: Those who were captured never returned to their homelands to share their experience.

Q. Based on this excerpt from the selection, the “three-part transatlantic trade route” could be considered
Ans: Forced Migration

Q. Select the two sentences in this excerpt from the text
– The naval officers from the USS Washington, as well as two
– They claimed they should receive the value

Q. Read the excerpt from the selection and one from another source
Ans: By expanding on information in the first excerpt

Q. Which pair of words best characterize the author’s tone throughout this selection?
Ans: Candid and Objective


The Bet

Q. Based on what you have read, how could Chekhov’s writing style be considered ironic?
Ans: He wrote simply of complex characters with complicated motivations

Q. What was the bet?
Ans: The banker bet that the lawyer couldn’t handle living in solitary confinement

Q. There are two main characters in this piece, but only the banker provides narration. How does this affect the selection?
Ans: The reader is allowed only one character’s point of view

Q. Based on the context of this excerpt, the word “gaoler” means
Ans: jailor

Q. Based on this excerpt, what conclusion can be made about the banker’s motivations?
Ans: His greed drove him to consider committing a terrible crime

Q. Based on these excerpts, which two statements best describe the significance of books in this selection?
– At the end, they symbolize a descent into madness
– At the beginning, they represent entertainment and study

Q. The letter is the only opportunity the reader is given to get inside the lawyer’s head. In which two ways did the 15 years of isolation affect him?
– He became disgusted by the materialism
– He became deeply spiritual

Q. Aside from giving insight into the lawyer’s state of mind, what else did the letter unwillingly do?
Ans: It saved him from being murdered

Q. Themes in this selection include the concepts of knowledge and wisdom. The lawyer writes that the books he read “imparted wisdom” and he is now “cleverer than you all.”But how might his knowledge and wisdom be considered flaws?
Ans: They were gained through theory, not through experience

Q. This excerpt states that the banker was filed with contempt for himself, yet he locked the lawyer’s letter in his safe. Based on your knowledge of the banker, what may be inferred by this?
Ans: Although he felt loathing for his actions, he remained motivated by greed and viewed the letter as evidence to prove he could keep his money


Mystery and Adventure

Q. Main idea?
Ans: Humans are unaware…

Q. Which of the following is true about people…
Ans: They were confident…

Q. In this excerpt, the author uses an analogy to illustrate that
Ans: Martians regard humans as humans regard animals.

Q. Based on this selection, Martians could be described as
Ans: smart, indifferent, and insensitive.

Q. Choose the sentence in this excerpt that contains an example of irony.
Ans: 3rd sentence

Q. Put in chronological order the sequence of clues that point to a future…
– A great light is seen
– Lavalle of Java
– The author observes three
– The author observes a jetting out of gas

Q. Compared to Earth, Mars has
Ans: colder temperatures, thinner air, and fewer oceans.

Q. The author points out that humans should not
Ans: humans too have conducted incidents of destruction and warfare.

Q. Identify two pieces of evidence that support the answer
– Mankind has eradicated
– Mankind has brought

Q. In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of
Ans: foreboding.


Heroes and Trailblazers

Q. Main idea?
Ans: The Visionary

Q. Which sentence supports the author’s statement that Jobs developed a cultlike following?
Ans: New Apple products

Q. Choose the sentence in this excerpt that describes Jobs’ style of “nonmanagement”.
Ans: Second sentence

Q. Jobs dropped out of college because
Ans: he was concerned about straining his family’s finances.

Q. Why does the author mention the “Big Brother” Super Bowl commercial that launched the Mac?
Ans: to demonstrate Apple’s nonconformist style

Q. Why does the author use the word “elegant” to describe Jobs’ product design?
Ans: Jobs tuned

Q. Based on this excerpt, in what two ways was Steve Jobs like Tom Sawyer?
– He was good at getting others…
– He was effective in gaining…

Q. Put these events in Steve Jobs’ life in the correct order in which they occurred, starting with the earliest.
– He joins
– He meets
– He builds
– He copies

Q. Jobs’ leadership style could be described as
Ans: exacting.

Q. What evidence does the author give to support his contention…
Ans: Jobs, the son of working-class parents


The Greatest Issues Of Our Time

Q. The speech delivered by Mrs. Roosevelt was
Ans: mainly about preservation of human freedom.

Q. Why did Mrs. Roosevelt choose to make this speech in France?
Ans: France had a long history of supporting human rights.

Q. Based on Mrs. Roosevelt’s description of the U.N. declaration, which statement is true?
Ans: The declaration was created to uphold the dignity of the individual.

Q. The Declaration of Human Rights was ratified
Ans: by a clear majority of nations.

Q. Read the synopsis of the U.S. Bill of Rights and the summary of the U.N Declaration of Human Rights. Based on these excerpts, which statement is correct?
Ans: The rights described in the two documents overlap in many ways, but the Declaration is more explicit in the description of personal freedoms.

Q. According to Mrs. Roosevelt, trade unions in Soviet countries were
Ans: a propaganda tool of the government.

Q. President Truman most likely selected Mrs. Roosevelt as a delegate to the U.N. because she was
Ans: enormously popular with the American people.

Q. Soviet Bloc nations did not ratify the declaration, in part, because they claimed to have already achieved many of the rights cited in the declaration. Mrs Roosevelt challenged these Soviet claims. What did she say?
Ans: She said Soviet citizens did not have a free press, because they were prohibited from criticizing Communism.

Q. In the speech, Mrs. Roosevelt use the phrase “slave society” to describe a society in which
Ans: everyone is employed, but not at work of their own choosing.

Q. Which terms best describes the tone of Mrs. Roosevelt’s speech?
Ans: persuasive and meticulous


Cycling Capital Of The World

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: Making cities more bike-friendly has become increasingly popular

Q. According to the selection, what are two drawbacks to taking a taxi to travel around the city?
– Taxis pollute the environment
– Taxis can get stuck in traffic

Q. Why can this part from the selection be considered ironic?
Ans: The author writes that the best solution to cities’

Q. What could be considered surprising that Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the eighteenth most bike-friendly city in the world?
Ans: The city receives a substantial amount of snowfall

Q. Read this excerpt from the selection. It discusses Copenhageners, but from it you can tell that all…
Ans: Children who ride bikes are most likely to ride bikes as adults.

Q. What was the main reason why Copenhagen’s painted bike lanes were not effective in improving cyclists’ safety?
Ans: People would throw garbage in the bike lanes

Q. Read these two excerpts. What two things do they tell you about Copenhagenize’s process in determining the world’s most bike-friendly cities?
–The more bike-friendly improvements a city makes…
–The more inventive bike-friendly improvements a city makes

Q. Despite its high cost, for what main reason is the government of Copenhagen initiating its cycling superhighway project?
Ans: It’s estimated to save the city’s health care system

Q. How does the author support her claim that “environmental and human health are linked”?
Ans: By giving an example of an environmental problem

Q. Compared to Copenhagen, Portland’s cycling infrastructure is described as…
Ans: Supplement in the vehicle space


A Sisterhood of Spies

Q. What is the main idea of this selection?
Ans: It is not widely known that women have played important roles in the world of espionage.

Q. Based on the text, in what way did female spies once hold a tactical advantage over men?
Ans: Women didn’t draw attention because they were viewed as housewives.

Q. According to Lindsay Moran, a key to survival for spies is
Ans: street smarts.

Q. Based on the text, why are some female spies referred to as “honey trappers”?
Ans: They use their sweet charms to seduce the enemy.

Q. Which sentence supports the statement that women spies made invaluable contributions to their respective counties?
Ans: Nancy Wake coordinated a spy network so extensive and effective that the Gestapo put a price on her head worth millions of dollars.

Q. The case of Elizabeth Van Lew, or “Crazy Bet,” demonstrates that it is advantageous if a spy
Ans: is a convincing actor.

Q. In this excerpt, the term “patriots in petticoats” has a tone that could be considered
Ans: humorous.

Q. A statement that follows the phrase “contrary to stereotype” would refer to something
Ans: not regarded widely as true.

Q. Based on the text, what kept women from being recruited to work as spies prior to World War II?
Ans: persistent prejudice

Q. From this selection, you can deduce that
Ans: many essential characteristics of successful spies come naturally to women.


The Man With The Muck-Rake

Q. What is the main idea of this speech?
Ans: People who focus on nothing but evil are themselves forces of evil.

Q. Based on this excerpt, the audience members who heard this speech probably felt that Roosevelt was
Ans: looking out for their best interests.

Q. When it comes to the muck-rakers, Roosevelt urges them
Ans: to use their profession for worthy endeavors by sticking to the truth.

Q. Overall, the purpose of Roosevelt’s speech could be described as a plea for
Ans: the average American citizen to display integrity.

Q. In this speech, Roosevelt attacks
Ans: tabloid journalism and corporate greed.

Q. Which sentence is true about Roosevelt’s feelings about the muck-rakers?
Ans: They were more interested in scandal and sensational details than genuine reform.

Q. The tone of Roosevelt’s speech could be described as
Ans: moralistic.

Q. Which sentence from the selection supports Roosevelt’s claim that the muckrakers were doing “untold damage to the country as a whole”?
Ans: To assail great evils of our political and industrial life with crude generalizations as to include decent men in the condemnation means the searing of the public conscience.

Q. What did Roosevelt view as a solution to the muck-raking problem?
Ans: emotional restraint and common sense

Q. What larger question did Roosevelt’s speech raise?
Ans: the role and responsibilities of journalists in a free society



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