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Roots ReadWorks Answer Key

Roots ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers for the article “Roots“-

Q. Where are Omari and his parents driving to at the beginning of this story?
Ans: to a big family reunion in Atlanta

Q. How does Omari feel as he and his parents arrive at the family reunion?
Ans: He is nervous and feels like the reunion won’t be very much fun.

Q. Read the following passages from the text.“She was doing a lively version of This Little Light of Mine, and Kevon immediately joined in, singing harmony. Omari felt a little self-conscious about singing, so he clapped along instead… What can you conclude about Omari and his family based on this evidence?
Ans: Omari’s family reunion is a chance for different family members to show off their talents and their culture.

Q. How does Omari’s attitude towards the family reunion change throughout the story?
Ans: He goes from feeling like he doesn’t want to go to feeling excited to learn from his cousins and share about himself.

Q. What is one main theme of this text?
Ans: Connecting with your family’s culture can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Q. “’Our family has been passing down recipes for generations,’ Kevon told him, ‘and some of the best are on this table.’ Omari piled his plate high with food, then he and Kevon took a seat in the lively, people-filled living room…The two of them moved through the crowd, sampling dish after dish and savoring each morsel.” What does the word savoring most closely mean as it’s used here? Audio
Ans: enjoying

Q. Choose the word that best completes the following sentence. At first, Omari just claps along with his cousin Camille’s singing, but _, he pushes himself to sing along with her.
Ans: eventually

Q. What is one new thing that Omari learns about his family during their family reunion? Support your answer with evidence from the text.
Ans: Students could write about Omari’s realization that he has family on the West Coast when Deandra says she’s from Oakland, or about Omari learning that his family has soul food recipes that have been passed down generations.

Q. What is one example of a way that Omari overcomes his shyness at the reunion?
Ans: Students could talk about Omari singing with Camille, dancing with Deandra even though he doesn’t know the dance, or about him sharing a Langston Hughes poem with his cousins.

Q. What changes Omari’s attitude towards the reunion?
Ans: Meeting his cousins and getting excited about the cool ways that they express themselves and the culture they’re bringing from around the country makes Omari excited to be at the reunion.



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