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Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Answers Key – Unit 1 to Unit 15 Revealed For Free

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Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Answers Key

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 1 Answers

Q. apparel
(n.) clothing, that which serves as dress or decoration
(v.) to put clothes on, dress up

Q. besiege
Ans: (v.) to attack by surrounding with military forces; to cause worry or trouble

Q. compress
Ans: (v.) to press together; to reduce in size or volume; (n.) a folded cloth or pad applied to an injury

Q. denounce
Ans: (v.) to condemn openly; to accuse formally

Q. dispatch
(v.) to send off or out for a purpose; to kill
(n.) an official message; promptness, speed; the act of killing

Q. douse
Ans: (v.) to plunge into a liquid, drench; to put out quickly, extinguish

Q. expressly
Ans: (adv.) plainly, in so many words; for a particular purpose

Q. famished
Ans: (adj.) suffering severely from hunger or from lack of something

Q. forsake
Ans: (v.) to give up, renounce; to leave, abandon

Q. gainful
Ans: (adj.) profitable; bringing in money or some special advantage

Q. immense
Ans: (adj.) very large or great; beyond ordinary means of measurement

Q. inept
Ans: (adj.) totally without skill or appropriateness

Q. ingenious
Ans: (adj.) showing remarkable originality, inventiveness, or resourcefulness; clever

Q. instantaneous
Ans: (adj.) done in an instant; immediate

Q. irk
Ans: (v.) to annoy, trouble, make weary

Q. libel
(n.) a written statement that unfairly or falsely harms the reputation of the person about whom it is made
(v.) to write or publish such a statement

Q. misgiving
Ans: (n.) a feeling of fear, doubt, or uncertainty

Q. oaf
Ans: (n.) a stupid person; a big, clumsy, slow individual

Q. recede
Ans: (v.) to go or move backward; to become more distant

Q. repast
Ans: (n.) a meal, food


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 2 Answers

Q. unfavorable; negative; working against, hostile
Ans: adverse

Q. extremely dry, uninteresting, dull
Ans: arid

Q. someone or something who attacks violently (with blows or words)
Ans: assailant

Q. a large wave
Ans: billow

Q. to meet face-to-face, especially as challenge; come to grips with
Ans: confront

Q. to force; to restrain, hold back
Ans: constrain

Q. belonging to the same period of time as oneself
Ans: contemporary

Q. to portray;to represent or show in the form of picture
Ans: depict

Q. fair-minded, free from selfish motives; indifferent
Ans: disinterested

Q. to encircle, go or reach around; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class
Ans: encompass

Q. without any good reason or cause, unjustified
Ans: groundless

Q. a person who pretends to be what he or she is not or better than he or she really is; a two-faced person
Ans: hypocrite

Q. impossible to understand
Ans: incomprehensible

Q. to handle or use skillfully, to manage or control for personal gain or advantage
Ans: manipulate

Q. the greatest possible amount or degree
Ans: maximum

Q. to imitate; to make fun of
Ans: mimic

Q. material used form trimming edges; a ripple; a low drumbeat
Ans: ruffle

Q. peaceful, calm; free of emotional upset; clear and free of storm; majestic, grand
Ans: serene

Q. embarrassed; resembling a sheep in meekness, timid
Ans: sheepish

Q. the strength needed to keep going or overcome physical or mental strain; staying power
Ans: stamina


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 3 Answers

Q. barrage(n.)
Ans: a rapid, large-scale outpouring of something

Q. bigot(n.)
Ans: an intolerant, prejudiced, or biased person

Q. designate(v.)
Ans: to indicate, point out; to appoint

Q. diversity(n.)
Ans: different, variety; a condition of having many different types or forms

Q. enigma(n.)
Ans: someone or something that is extremely puzzling; that which cannot be understood or explained

Q. gloat(v.)
Ans: to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction; to take great personal joy in

Q. global(adj.)
Ans: of, relating to, or involving the entire world; comprehensive

Q. illusion(n.)
Ans: a false idea; something that one seems to see or to be aware of that really does not exist

Q. infuriate(v.)
Ans: to make very angry, enrage

Q. motivate(v.)
Ans: to provide with a reason for doing; to push on to some goal

Q. pacifist(n.)
Ans: one who is against war or the use of violence

Q. queue(n.)
Ans: a line of people waiting for something(such as a bus)

Q. restrict(v.)
Ans: to keep within set limits; to confine

Q. sage(n.)
Ans: a very wise person

Q. slake(v.)
Ans: to satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end

Q. terrain(n.)
Ans: the landscape, especially its physical features or fitness for some use; a field of knowledge

Q. vocation(n.)
Ans: any trade, profession, or occupation; a sense of fitness or special calling for one’s work

Q. vow(n.)
Ans: a solemn or sacred promise or pledge

Q. waylay(v.)
Ans: to lie in wait for and attack, ambush

Q. wither(v.)
Ans: to dry up, wilt, sag; to cause someone to feel ashamed, humiliated, or very small


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 4 Answers

Q. acquit
Ans: (v) to declare not guilty, free from blame, discharge completely; to conduct or behave oneself

Q. deem
Ans: (v)to think, believe; to consider, have an opinion

Q. devastate
Ans: (v) to destroy , lay waste , leave in ruins

Q. discredit
Ans: (v)to throw doubt upon, cause to be disturbed ; to damage in reputation. (n) a loss or lack of belief confidence or reputation

Q. elusive
Ans: (adj) difficult to catch or hold; hard to explain or understand

Q. generate
Ans: (v) to bring into existence; to be the cause of

Q. idolize
Ans: (v) to worship as an idol or to love very much

Q. ingratitude
Ans: (n) lack of thankfulness

Q. keepsake
Ans: (n) something kept in memory of the giver

Q. mortal
Ans: (n) a being that must eventually die; (adj) of or relating to such a being; causing death, fatal; possible, conceivable

Q. ovation
Ans: (n) an enthusiastic public welcome , an outburst of applause

Q. petty
Ans: (adj) unimportant, trivial; narrow-minded; secondary in rank, minor

Q. plight
Ans: (n) a sorry condition or state (v) to pledge promise solemnly

Q. repent
Ans: (v) to feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do

Q. reverie
Ans: (n) a daydream; the condition of being lost in thought

Q. revocation
Ans: (n) an act of instance of calling back,cancellation

Q. scan
Ans: (v) to examine closely; to look over quickly but thoroughly; (n) an examination

Q. strand
Ans: (n) a beach or shore ; a string of wire (v) to drive or run aground; to leave in hopeless position

Q. strife
Ans: (n) bitter disagreement; fighting struggle

Q. topple
Ans: (v) to fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall of


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 5 Answers

Q. acute(adj.)
Ans: with a sharp point; keen and alert, sharp and severe; rising quickly to a high point and lasting for a short time

Q. bluster(v.)
Ans: to talk or act in a noisy and threatening way; to blow in stormy gusts

Q. bungle(v.)
Ans: to act or work clumsily and awkwardly; to ruin something through clumsiness

Q. commentary(n.)
Ans: a series of notes clarifying or explaining something; an expression of opinion

Q. duration(n.)
Ans: the length of time that something continues or lasts

Q. eerie(adj.)
Ans: causing fear because of strangeness; weird, mysterious

Q. facet(n.)
Ans: one aspect or side of a subject or problem; one of the cut surfaces of a gem

Q. fidelity(n.)
Ans: the state of being faithful; accuracy in details, exactness

Q. fray(v.)
Ans: to wear away by rubbing; make ragged or worn; to strain, irritate

Q. headstrong(adj.)
Ans: willful, stubborn

Q. inhabitant(n.)
Ans: one living permanently in a given place

Q. numb(adj.)
Ans: having lost the power of feeling or movement

Q. pacify(v.)
Ans: to make peaceful or calm; to soothe

Q. ravenous(adj.)
Ans: greedy, very hungry; eager for satisfaction

Q. refute(v.)
Ans: to prove incorrect

Q. remorse(n.)
Ans: deep and painful regret for one’s past misdeeds; pangs of conscience

Q. setback(n.)
Ans: something that interferes with progress; a disappointment, unexpected loss or defeat; a step-like recession in a wall

Q. smug(adj.)
Ans: overly self-satisfied, self-righteous

Q. synopsis(n.)
Ans: a brief statement giving a general view of some subject, book,etc.; a summary

Q. tarry(v.)
Ans: to delay leaving; to linger, wait; to remain or stay for a while


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 6 Answers

Q. agenda(n.)
Ans: the program for meeting, a list, outline, or plan of things to be considered or done

Q. amiable(adj.)
Ans: friendly, good-natured

Q. befuddle(v.)
Ans: to confuse, make stupid

Q. blight(n.) (v.)
Ans: (n.)a disease that causes plants to wither and die; a condition or disease or ruin (v.) to destroy, ruin

Q. boisterous(adj.)
Ans: rough and noisy in a cheerful way, high-spirited

Q. clarity(n.)
Ans: clearness, accuracy

Q. compliant(adj.)
Ans: willing to do what someone else wants, obedient

Q. conserve(v.)
Ans: to preserve, to keep from being damaged, lost , or wasted, to save

Q. debut(n.)(v.)
Ans: (n.) a first public appearance, a formal entrance into society (v.)to make a first appearance

Q. gory(adj.)
Ans: marked by bloodshed, slaughter, or violence

Q. gross(adj.)(n.)(v.)
Ans: (adj.) coarse, vulgar, very noticeable, total, overweight (n.) an overall total (without deductions), twelve dozen, (v.) to earn

Q. induce(v.)
Ans: to cause, bring about, to persuade

Q. leeway(n.)
Ans: extra space for moving along a certain route, allowance for mistakes or inaccuracies, margin of error

Q. limber(adj.)(v.)
Ans: (adj.)flexible (v) to cause to become flexible

Q. maze(n.)
Ans: a network of paths through which it is hard to find one’s way, something very mixed-up and confusing

Q. oracle(n.)
Ans: someone or something that can predict the future, someone who gives astute answers or advice that seems authoritative

Q. partisan(n.)(adj.)
Ans: (n.)a strong supporter of a person, party, or cause, one whose support is unreasoning, a resistance fighter,guerrilla (adj.) strongly supporting one side only

Q. reimburse(v.)
Ans: to pay back, to give payment for….

Q. vacate(v.)
Ans: to go away from, leave empty, to make empty, to void, annul

Q. vagabond(n.) (adj.)
Ans: (n.) an idle wanderer, a tramp (adj.) wandering, irresponsible


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 7 Answers

Q. authorize(v.)
Ans: to approve or permit; to give power or authority to

Q. culprit(n.)
Ans: an offender; a person who has committed a crime or is guilty of some misconduct

Q. dawdle(v.)
Ans: to waste time; to be idle; to spend more time in doing something than is necessary

Q. dissect(v.)
Ans: to cut apart in preparation for scientific study; to analyze with great care

Q. expend(v.)
Ans: to pay out, spend; to use up

Q. fatality(n.)
Ans: an event resulting in death; an accidental death

Q. gullible(adj.)
Ans: easily fooled, tricked, or cheated

Q. illicit(adj.)
Ans: not permitted, unlawful, improper

Q. immerse(v.)
Ans: to plunge or dip into a fluid; to involve deeply

Q. inflammatory(adj.)
Ans: causing excitement or anger; leading to unrest, violence, or disorder

Q. memorandum(n.)
Ans: a note to aid one’s memory; an informal note or report

Q. pathetic(adj.)
Ans: marked by emotion, especially pity and sorrow; able to move people emotionally; worthy of pity; woefully inadequate or lacking

Q. persevere(v.)
Ans: to keep doing something in spite of difficulties; to refuse to quit even when the going is tough

Q. prevaricate(v.)
Ans: to lie, tell an untruth; to mislead on purpose

Q. quash(v.)
Ans: to crush, put down completely

Q. relish(n.)
Ans: enjoyment or satisfaction; something that adds a pleasing flavor

Q. relish(v.)
Ans: to enjoy greatly

Q. reminisce(v.)
Ans: to recall one’s past thoughts, feelings, or experiences
syn: remember

Q. scour(v.)
Ans: to clean or polish by rubbing; to examine with great care; to move about quickly in search of

Q. testimonial(n.)
Ans: a statement that speaks to a person’s character or to the benefits of a product; expressing the value and worth of someone or something

Q. writhe(v.)
Ans: to make twisting or turning movements in a way that suggests pain or struggle


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 8 Answers

Q. affluence(n.)
Ans: wealth, riches, prosperity; great abundance, plenty

Q. arrears(n.,pl.)
Ans: unpaid or overdue debts; an unfinished duty

Q. cascade(n.)
Ans: a steep, narrow waterfall; something falling or rushing forth in quantity

Q. cascade(v.)
Ans: to flow downward (like a waterfall)

Q. cringe(v.)
Ans: to shrink back or hide in fear or submissiveness

Q. crotchety(adj.)
Ans: crank, ill-tempered; full of odd whims

Q. immobile(adj.)
Ans: not movable; not moving

Q. impassable(adj.)
Ans: blocked so that nothing can go through

Q. innovation(n.)
Ans: something new, a change; the act of introducing a new method, idea, device, etc.

Q. jovial(adj.)
Ans: good-humored, in high spirits; merry

Q. manacle(n., usually pl.)
Ans: a handcuff, anything that chains or confines

Q. manacle(v.)
Ans: to chain or restrain (as with handcuffs)

Q. martial(adj.)
Ans: warlike, fond of fighting; relating to war, the army, or military life

Q. minimum(n.)
Ans: the smallest possible amount

Q. minimum(adj.)
Ans: the lowest permissible or possible

Q. nimble(adj.)
Ans: quick and skillful in movement, agile; clever

Q. onset(n.)
Ans: (n.) the beginning, start (especially of something violent and destructive); an attack, assault

Q. partition(n.)
Ans: something that divide (such as a wall); the act of dividing something into parts or sections

Q. partition(v.)
Ans: to divide or subdivide into parts or shares

Q. perishable(adj.)
Ans: likely to spoil or decay

Q. retrieve(v.)
Ans: to find and bring back, get back; to put right, make good

Q. sinister(adj.)
Ans: appearing evil or dangerous; threatening evil or harm

Q. taut(adj.)
Ans: tightly drawn, tense; neat, in good order

Q. template(n.)
Ans: a pattern, typically in the form of metal, wood, or plastic


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 9 Answers

Q. avenge(v.)
Ans: to get revenge for, get even for, settle a score; to punish someone or get satisfaction for a wrong or injury

Q. cede(v.)
Ans: to give up, surrender; to hand over to another

Q. deluge(n.)
Ans: a great flood; a heavy fall of rain; anything that comes in a vast quantity (like a flood)

Q. discretion(n.)
Ans: good judgment; care in speech and action; freedom to judge or choose

Q. giddy(adj.)
Ans: dizzy; light-headed; lacking seriousness

Q. impact(v.)
Ans: to affect, especially forcefully

Q. intimidate(v.)
Ans: to make timid or frighten by threats; to use fear to get someone to do (or not to do) something

Q. liberate(v.)
Ans: to free from bondage or domination; to release

Q. logical(adj.)
Ans: reasonable; making use of reason and good sense

Q. misrepresent(v.)
Ans: to give a false or untrue idea

Q. optional(adj.)
Ans: left one’s own choice; not required

Q. outright(adj.)
Ans: complete; instantaneous; without reservation, thoroughgoing

Q. rendezvous(v.)
Ans: to meet in accordance with a plan

Q. rotund(adj.)
Ans: rounded and plump; full or rich in sound

Q. saunter(v.)
Ans: to stroll; walk in an easy, leisurely way

Q. sluggish(adj.)
Ans: lazy; slow-moving; not active, dull

Q. subordinate(adj.)
Ans: lower in rank or position, secondary

Q. tint(n.)
Ans: a delicate color or hue; a slight trace of something

Q. variable(adj.)
Ans: likely to undergo change; changeable

Q. verge(n.)
Ans: the point at which something begins or happens; a border


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 10 Answers

Q. abominable
Ans: (adj.) arousing hatred, disgusting, detestable

Q. bumbling
Ans: (adj.) blundering and awkward; (n.) clumsiness

Q. consequence
Ans: (n.) a result, effect, importance

Q. delude
Ans: (v.) to fool, deceive; to mislead utterly

Q. dole
Ans: (v.) to give out in small amounts; (n.) money, food, or other necessities given as charity; a small portion

Q. engulf
Ans: (v.) to swallow up, overwhelm, consume

Q. foil
Ans: (v.) to defeat; to keep from gaining some end; (n.) a thin sheet of metal; a light fencing sword; a person or thing serving as a contrast to another

Q. formulate
Ans: (v) to express definitely or systematically; to devise, invent; to state as a formula

Q. initiative
Ans: (n.) the taking of the first step or move; the ability to act without being directed or urged from the outside

Q. memento
Ans: (n.) something that serves as a reminder

Q. nonconformist
Ans: (n.) a person who refuses to follow established ideas or ways of doing things; (adj.) of or relating to the unconventional

Q. null and void
Ans: (adj.) without legal force or effect; no longer binding

Q. panorama
Ans: (n.) a wide, unobstructed view of an area; a complete survey of a subject; a continuously passing or changing scene; a range or spectrum

Q. posterity
Ans: (n.) all of a person’s offspring, descendants; all future generations

Q. pry
Ans: (v.) to pull loose by force; to look at closely or inquisitively; to be nosy about something

Q. refurbish
Ans: (v.) to brighten, freshen, or polish; to restore or improve

Q. resourceful
Ans: (adj.) able to deal promptly and effectively with all sorts of problems; clever in finding ways and means of getting along

Q. rigorous
Ans: (adj.) severe, harsh, strict; thoroughly logical

Q. subsequent
Ans: (adj.) coming after; following in time, place, or order

Q. unerring
Ans: (adj.) making no mistakes, faultless, completely accurate


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 11 Answers

Q. alias(n.)
Ans: an assumed name, especially as used to hide one’s identity

Q. alias(adv.)
Ans: otherwise called

Q. amble(v.)
Ans: to walk slowly, stroll

Q. amble(n.)
Ans: an easy pace; a leisurely walk

Q. burly(adj.)
Ans: big and strong; muscular

Q. distort(v.)
Ans: to give a false or misleading account of; to twist out of shape

Q. dogged(adj.)
Ans: persistent, stubbornly determined, refusing to give up

Q. dumbfounded(adj.)
Ans: so amazed that one is unable to speak, bewildered

Q. extinct(adj.)
Ans: no longer in existence; no longer active; gone out of use

Q. grit(n.)
Ans: very fine sand or gravel; courage in the face of hardship or danger

Q. grit(v.)
Ans: to grind; to make a grating sound

Q. inevitable(adj.)
Ans: sure to happen, unavoidable

Q. ingrained(adj.)
Ans: fixed deeply and firmly; working into the grain or fiber; forming a part of the inmost being

Q. meteoric(adj.)
Ans: resembling a meteor in speed; having sudden and temporary brilliance similar to a meteor’s

Q. parody(n.)
Ans: a humorous or ridiculous imitation

Q. parody(v.)
Ans: to make fun of something by imitating it

Q. prevail(v.)
Ans: to triumph over; to succeed; to exist widely, be in general use; to get someone to do something by urging

Q. relic(n.)
Ans: an object from the past with historical value or interest; a trace of an outdated custom; remaining fragments, ruins

Q. rend(v.)
Ans: to tear to pieces; split violently apart (past tense, rent)

Q. replenish(v.)
Ans: to fill again, make good, replace

Q. rummage(v.)
Ans: to search through, investigate the contents of

Q. rummage(n.)
Ans: an active search; a collection of odd items

Q. skimp(v.)
Ans: to save, be thrifty; to be extremely sparing with; to give little attention or effort to

Q. sleuth(n.)
Ans: a detective

Q. vandalism(n.)
Ans: deliberate and pointless destruction of public or private property


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 12 Answers

Q. abduct(v.)
Ans: to kidnap, carry off by force

Q. ambiguous(adj.)
Ans: not clear; having two or more possible meanings

Q. balk(v.)
Ans: to stop short and refuse to go on; to refuse abruptly; to prevent from happening

Q. compact(adj.)
Ans: closely and firmly packed together; small

Q. confer(v.)
Ans: to consult, talk over, exchange opinions; to present as a gift, favor, or honor

Q. earmark(v.)
Ans: to set aside for a special purpose; to mark an animal’s ear for identification

Q. frigid(adj.)
Ans: (adj.) extremely cold; lacking in warmth or feeling

Q. implement(v.)
Ans: to put into effect

Q. incalculable(adj.)
Ans: too great to be counted; unpredictable, uncertain

Q. indisputable(adj.)
Ans: beyond question or argument, definitely true

Q. intensive(adj.)
Ans: thorough, deep; showing great effort; concentrated

Q. maneuver(n.)
Ans: a planned movement; a skillful plan; a scheme

Q. sabotage(v.)
Ans: to take such destructive action

Q. scant(adj.)
Ans: not enough; barely enough; marked by a small or insufficient amount

Q. stealthy(adj.)
Ans: one in a way so as not to be seen or observed; sneaky, underhanded

Q. strapping(adj.)
Ans: tall, strong, and healthy

Q. strident(adj.)
Ans: harsh, shrill; unpleasant sounding

Q. thrive(v.)
Ans: to grow vigorously; to grow in wealth and possessions

Q. titanic(adj.)
Ans: of enormous size, strength, power, or scope

Q. valiant(adj.)
Ans: possessing or acting with bravery or boldness


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 13 Answers

Q. adhere (v.)
Ans: to stick to; remain attached; to be devoted or loyal as a follower or supporter

Q. affirm (v.)
Ans: to declare to be true, state positively; to confirm

Q. atrocity(n.)
Ans: an extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel act; something very bad or unpleasant

Q. cope (v.)
Ans: to struggle successfully against; to prove to be a match for, deal with satisfactorily

Q. deter (v.)
Ans: to discourage, scare off, or prevent through fear or doubt

Q. disquieting(adj.)
Ans: causing uneasiness or worry

Q. empower(v.)
Ans: to give power or authority to; to enable; to permit

Q. fluent(adj.)
Ans: speaking or writing easily and smoothly, flowing gracefully

Q. lag(v.)
Ans: to move slowly or fall behind; to bring up the rear

Q. mangle(v.)
Ans: to injure very seriously by cutting, tearing, crushing, etc.; to bring to ruin

Q. misapprehension(n.)
Ans: a wrong idea, misunderstanding

Q. optimist(n.)
Ans: one who expects things to turn out for the best; someone who looks on the bright side of things

Q. prowl(v.)
Ans: to roam about stealthily in search of something

Q. recitation(n.)
Ans: a reading in public of something that is memorized; a memorized poem or piece of prose that is read aloud

Q. stupefy(v.)
Ans: to make stupid, dull, or groggy; to surprise or astonish

Q. sulky(adj.)
Ans: in a bad or nasty mood, resentful; gloomy

Q. supplement(n.)
Ans: something added to complete a thing or make up for a lack; a section added to a book or document

Q. surge(v.)
Ans: to have a heavy, violent, swelling motion (like waves)

Q. trait(n.)
Ans: a quality or characteristic (especially of personality); a distinguishing feature

Q. unscrupulous(adj.)
Ans: dishonest; not guided or controlled by moral principles


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 14 Answers

Q. abstain
Ans: (v.) to stay away from doing something by one’s own choice

Q. accommodate
Ans: (v.) to do a favor or service for, help out; to provide for, supply with; to have space for; to make fit or suitable

Q. allegiance
Ans: (n.) the loyalty or obligation owed to a government, nation, or cause

Q. amalgamate
Ans: (v.) to unite; to combine elements into a unified whole

Q. append
Ans: (v.) to attach, add, or tack on as a supplement or extra item

Q. commemorate
Ans: (v.) to preserve, honor, or celebrate the memory of

Q. enumerate
Ans: (v.) to count; to name one by one, list

Q. exalt
Ans: (v.) to make high in rank, power, character, or quality; to fill with pride, joy, or noble feeling; to praise, honor

Q. extort
Ans: (v.) to obtain by violence, misuse of authority, or threats

Q. far-fetched
Ans: (adj.) strained or improbable (in the sense of not being logical or believable), going far afield from a topic

Q. glum
Ans: (adj.) depressed, gloomy

Q. replica
Ans: (n.) a copy, close reproduction

Q. responsive
Ans: (adj.) answering or replying; reacting readily to requests, suggestions, etc.; showing interest and understanding

Q. sanctuary
Ans: (n.) a sacred or holy place; refuge or protection from capture or punishment; a place of refuge or protection

Q. self-seeking
Ans: (adj.) selfishly ambitious

Q. submissive
Ans: (adj.) humbly obedient; tending to give in to authority, obeying without protest

Q. tally
Ans: (v.) to count up; to keep score; to make entries for reckoning; to correspond or agree; (n.) a total or score

Q. taskmaster
Ans: (n.) one who job it is to assign work to others; one who uses his or her power to make people work very hard

Q. transform
Ans: (v.) to change completely in appearance or form; to make into something else

Q. upheaval
Ans: (n.) a sudden, violent upward movement; great disorder or radical change


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL A Unit 15 Answers

Q. beacon(n.)
Ans: a light or other signal that warns and guides; a lighthouse; anything that guides or inspires

Q. berserk(adj.,adv.)
Ans: violently and destructively enraged

Q. celestial(adj.)
Ans: having to do with the sky or heavens; heavenly; yielding great bliss or happiness

Q. chasten(v.)
Ans: to punish (in order to bring about improvement in behavior, attitude, etc); to restrain, moderate

Q. confiscate(v.)
Ans: to seize by authority; to take and keep

Q. data(pl. n.)
Ans: information; facts; figures; statistics

Q. detract(v.)
Ans: to take away from; reduce in value or reputation

Q. encounter(n., v.)
Ans: a meeting (especially one that is unplanned); a meeting of enemies, battle; to meet or come upon

Q. epic(n., adj.)
Ans: a long narrative poem (or other literary composition) about the deeds of heroes; an event or movement of great sweep; on a grand scale, vast, titanic

Q. pantomime(n., v.)
Ans: a play or story performed without words by actors using only gestures; to express in this way

Q. pessimist(n.)
Ans: one who believes or expects the worst; prophet of doom

Q. precaution(n.)
Ans: care taken beforehand; a step or action taken to prevent something from happening

Q. prosecute(v.)
Ans: to bring before a court of law for trial; to carry out

Q. puncture(n., v.)
Ans: a small hole made by a sharp object; to make such a hole, pierce

Q. retaliate(v.)
Ans: (v.) to get revenge; to strike back for an injury

Q. sham(adj., n., v.)
Ans: fake, not genuine; something false pretending to be genuine; a pretender; a decorated pillow covering; to pretend

Q. uncouth(adj.)
Ans: (adj.) unrefined, crude; awkward or clumsy

Q. underscore(v., n.)
Ans: to draw a line under; to put special emphasis on; a line drawn under something

Q. wholesome(adj.)
Ans: healthy; morally and socially sound and good; helping to bring about or preserve good health

Q. wistful(adj.)
Ans: full of melancholy yearning or longing, sad, pensive


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