Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Answers Key

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Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Answers Key – Unit 1 to Unit 15 Revealed For Free

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Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Answers Key

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 1 Answers

Q. adage
Ans: (n.) a proverb, wise saying SYNONYMS: maxim, aphorism

Q. bonanza
Ans: (n.) a rich mass of ore in a mine; something very valuable, profitable, or rewarding; a source of wealth or prosperity; a very large amount; sudden profit or gain SYNONYMS: windfall

Q. churlish
Ans: (adj.) lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work with or deal with; rude SYNONYMS: surly, ill-tempered ANTONYMS: courteous, civil, well-mannered

Q. citadel
Ans: (n.) a fortress that overlooks and protects a city; any strong or commanding place SYNONYMS: fort, stronghold, bulwark, bastion

Q. collaborate
Ans: (v.) to work with, work together SYNONYMS: team up, join forces ANTONYMS: work alone

Q. decree
Ans: (n.) an order having the force of law; (v.) to issue such an order; to command firmly or forcefully SYNONYMS: (n.) proclamation, edict; (v.) proclaim

Q. discordant
Ans: (adj.) disagreeable in sound, jarring; lacking in harmony SYNONYMS: grating, shrill, different, divergent, conflicting ANTONYMS: harmonious, in agreement

Q. evolve
Ans: (v.) to develop gradually; to rise to a higher level SYNONYMS: unfold, emerge ANTONYMS: wither, atrophy

Q. excerpt
Ans: (n.) a passage taken from a book, article, etc.; (v.) to take such a passage; to quote SYNONYMS: (n.) portion, section, extract

Q. grope
Ans: (v.) to feel about hesitantly with the hands; to search blindly and uncertainly SYNONYMS: fumble for, cast about for

Q. hover
Ans: (v.) to float or hang suspended over; to move back and forth uncertainly over or around SYNONYMS: linger, waver, seesaw ANTONYMS: soar

Q. jostle
Ans: (v.) to make or force one’s way by pushing or elbowing; to bump, brush against; to compete for SYNONYMS: push

Q. laggard
Ans: (n.) a person who moves slowly or falls behind; (adj.) falling behind; slow to move, act, or respond SYNONYMS: (n.) slowpoke, straggler; (adj.) sluggish ANTONYMS: (n.) early bird; (adj.) swift, speedy, prompt

Q. plaudits
Ans: (n. pl.) applause; enthusiastic praise or approval SYNONYMS: cheers, acclaim ANTONYMS: boos, disapproval, ridicule

Q. preclude
Ans: (v.) to make impossible, prevent, shut out SYNONYMS: hinder, check, stop ANTONYMS: help, promote, facilitate

Q. revert
Ans: (v.) to return, go back SYNONYMS: relapse, regress ANTONYMS: progress, advance

Q. rubble
Ans: (n.) broken stone or bricks; ruins SYNONYMS: wreckage

Q. servile
Ans: (adj.) of or relating to a slave; behaving like or suitable for a slave or a servant, menial; lacking spirit or independence, abjectly submissive SYNONYMS: slavish, groveling ANTONYMS: masterly, overbearing

Q. vigil
Ans: (n.) a watch, especially at night; any period of watchful attention

Q. wrangle
Ans: (v.) to quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way; to obtain by argument; to herd; (n.) a noisy quarrel SYNONYMS: (v.) to squabble, bicker ANTONYMS: (v.) to agree, concur


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 2 Answers

Q. antics
Ans: ridiculous and unpredictable behavior or actions

Q. avowed
Ans: declared openly and without shame, acknowledged

Q. banter
Ans: to exchange playful remarks, tease; (n.) talk that is playful and teasing

Q. bountiful
Ans: giving freely, generous; plentiful, given abundantly

Q. congested
Ans: overcrowded, filled or occupied to excess

Q. detriment
1. harm or loss;
2. injury, damage;
3. a disadvantage;
4. a cause of harm, injury, loss, or damage

Q. durable
1. sturdy, not easily worn out or destroyed; lasting for a long time
2. consumer goods used repeatedly over a series of years

Q. enterprising
1. energetic, willing and able to start something new;
2. showing boldness and imagination

Q. frugal
1. economical, avoiding waste and luxury;
2. scanty, poor, meager

Q. gingerly
Ans: with extreme care or caution

Q. glut
1. to provide more than is needed or wanted;
2. to feed or fill to the point of overstuffing;
3. an oversupply

Q. incognito
1. in a disguised state, under an assumed name or identity;
2. the state of being disguised; a person in disguise

Q. invalidate
Ans: to make valueless, take away all force or effect

Q. legendary
1. described in well-known stories;
2. existing in old stories (legends) rather than in real life

Q. maim
Ans: to cripple, disable, injure, mar, disfigure, mutilate

Q. minimize
1. to make as small as possible, make the least of;
2. to make smaller than before

Q. oblique
1. slanting or sloping;
2. not straightforward or direct

Q. veer
Ans: to change direction or course suddenly, turn aside, shift, swerve

Q. venerate
Ans: to regard with reverence, look up to with great respect

Q. wanton
1. reckless; heartless, unjustifiable; loose in morals
2. a spoiled, pampered person; one with low morals


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 3 Answers

Q. allot
Ans: (v.) to assign or distribute in shares or portions

Q. amass
Ans: (v.) to bring together, collect, gather, especially for oneself; to come together, assemble

Q. audacious
Ans: (adj.) bold, adventurous, recklessly daring

Q. comply
Ans: (v.) to yield to a request or command

Q. devoid
Ans: (adj.) not having or using, lacking

Q. elite
Ans: (n.) the choice part of a group of people or things; (adj.) superior

Q. grapple
Ans: (n.) an iron hook used to grab and hold; (v.) to come to grips with, wrestle or fight with

Q. incapacitate
Ans: (v.) to deprive of strength or ability; to make legally ineligible

Q. instigate
Ans: (v.) to urge on; to stir up, provoke, start, incite

Q. longevity
Ans: (n.) long life, long duration, length of life

Q. myriad
Ans: (adj.) in very great numbers; (n.) a very great number

Q. perspective
Ans: (n.) a point of view or general standpoint from which different things are viewed, physically or mentally; the appearance to the eye of various objects at a given time, place, or distance

Q. perturb
Ans: (v.) to trouble, make uneasy; to disturb greatly; to throw into confusion

Q. prodigious
Ans: (adj.) immense; extraordinary in bulk, size, or degree

Q. relevant
Ans: (adj.) connected with or related to the matter at hand

Q. skittish
Ans: (adj.) extremely nervous and easily frightened; shy or timid; extremely cautious; unstable, undependable

Q. tether
Ans: (n.) a rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object; the outer limit of strength or resources; (v.) to fasten with a rope or chain

Q. unison
Ans: (v.) a sounding together; agreement or accord

Q. vie
Ans: (v.) to compete; to strive for victory or superiority

Q. willful
Ans: (adj.) stubbornly self-willed; done on purpose, deliberate


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 4 Answers

Q. annul
(v.) to reduce to nothing; to make ineffective or inoperative; to declare legally invalid or void
synonyms: cancel, abolish, invalidate, nullify
antonyms: validate, authorize, ratify

Q. blasé
(adj.) indifferent, bored as a result of having enjoyed many pleasures; apathetic
antonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, fervent

Q. bolster
(v.) to support, give a boost to; (n.) a long pillow or cushion; a supporting post
synonyms: (v.) reinforce, buttress, validate
antonyms: (v.) undermine, weaken, impair

Q. deplore
(v.) to feel or express regret or disapproval
synonyms: lament, bemoan, bewail
antonyms: approve, commend, extol

Q. frivolous
(adj.) of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
synonyms: silly, foolish, inane, petty
antonyms: serious, important, significant

Q. muster
Ans: (v.) to bring together for service or battle; to gather or summon, to amount to, comprise, include; (n.) a list of military personnel; a gathering, accumulation

Q. nonentity
(n.) a person or thing of no importance
synonyms: nobody
antonyms: celebrity

Q. obsess
(v.) to trouble, haunt or fill the mind
synonyms: preoccupy

Q. ornate
(adj.) elaborately decorated; showily splendid
synonyms: fancy, flashy, flamboyant
antonyms: plain, stark, austere

Q. oust
(v.) to remove, drive out of a position or place
synonyms: expel, eject
antonyms: admit, welcome

Q. peruse
(v.) to read thoroughly and carefully
synonyms: study, pore over, scrutinize

Q. porous
(adj.) full of tiny holes; able to be penetrated by air or water
synonyms: leaky, permeable
antonyms: airtight, impermeable

Q. promontory
(n.) a high point of land extending into water
synonyms: cliff, outcrop, jetty

Q. prone
(adj.) lying face down: inclined, likely
synonyms: prostrate, liable
antonyms: standing upright, unlikely

Q. qualm
(n.) a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a feeling of faintness or nausea
synonyms: regret, second thought, scruple

Q. recourse
(n.) a person or thing turned to for help or advice; the act of seeking help or protection
synonyms: redress, remedy

Q. residue
(n.) a remainder, that which remains when a part has been used up or removed
synonyms: remnant, remains, leavings

Q. solicitous
(adj.) showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
synonyms: concerned
antonyms: unconcerned, indifferent, apathetic

Q. staid
(adj.) serious and dignified; quiet or subdued in character or conduct
synonyms: sedate, sober, prim
antonyms: gaudy, jaunty, unconventional

Q. sustain
(v.) to support, nourish, keep up; to suffer, undergo, to bear up under, withstand; to affirm the validity of
synonyms: foster, uphold


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 5 Answers

Q. addendum
(n.) a thing that is added; an appendix or addition to a book or written document
syn: attachment, rider, extension

Q. aghast
(adj.) filled with amazement, disgust, fear, or terror
syn: shocked, horrified, stupefied
ant: delighted, overjoyed, unmoved

Q. ample
(adj.) more than enough, large, spacious
syn: sufficient, adequate, considerable
ant: insufficient, inadequate

Q. apparition
(n.) a ghost or ghostly figure; an unexpected or unusual appearance
syn: phantom, specter

Q. assert
(v.) to declare or state as truth, maintain or defend, put forward forcefully
syn: affirm, vow

Q. cower
(v.) to crouch or shrink away in fear or shame
syn: wince, flinch
ant: stand up to

Q. disdain
(v.) to look upon with scorn; to refuse scornfully; (n.) a feeling of contempt
syn: (v.) spurn, reject
ant: (v.) revere, venerate, esteem, respect

Q. epitaph
(n.) a brief statement written on a tomb or gravestone
syn: tombstone inscription

Q. ethical
(adj.) having to do with morals, values, right and wrong; in accordance with standards of right conduct; requiring a prescription for purchase
syn: upright, virtuous, honorable
ant: immoral, unscrupulous, dishonest

Q. facetious
(adj.) humorous, not meant seriously
syn: comical, witty, tongue-in-cheek
ant: serious, humorous

Q. inaudible
(adj.) not able to be heard
syn: faint, indistinct
ant: audible, perceptible

Q. indiscriminate
(adj.) without restraint or control; unselective
syn: haphazard, random, uncritical
ant: selective, discriminating, judicious

Q. intrigue
(n.) crafty dealings, underhanded plotting; (v.) to form and carry out plots; to puzzle or excite the curiosity
syn: (n.) scheme, plot, conspiracy
ant: (n.) fair play

Q. jurisdiction
(n.) an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice
syn: purview, supervision

Q. plausible
(adj.) appearing true, reasonable, or fair
syn: believable, probable
ant: improbable, unbelievable, unlikely

Q. plebeian
(adj.) common, vulgar, belonging to the lower class; (n.) a common person, member of the lower class
syn: (adj.) lowborn, proletarian, coarse, unrefined
ant: (adj.) aristocratic, refined, cultivated

Q. prodigal
(adj.) wastefully extravagant; lavishly or generously abundant; (n.) one who is wasteful and self-indulgent
syn: (adj.) improvident; (n.) spendthrift, wastrel
ant: (adj.) frugal, economical, stingy, miserly

Q. pulverize
(v.) to grind or pound to a powder or dust; to destroy or overcome (as though by smashing into fragments
syn: compress, demolish

Q. volatile
(adj.) highly changeable, fickle; tending to become violent or explosive; changing readily from the liquid to the gaseous state
syn: unstable, erratic
ant: stable, steady, static, inert, dormant

Q. proximity
(n.) nearness, closeness
ant: distance, remoteness


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 6 Answers

Q. abashed
Ans: (participle adj.) embarrassed, ashamed, or nonplussed

Q. aloof
Ans: (adj.) withdrawn, standing apart from others by choice

Q. anguish
(n.) great mental suffering, distress, or pain
(v.) to cause deep pain or sorrow

Q. articulate
(v.) to pronounce distinctly; to express well in words; to fit together into a system
(adj.) able to use language effectively; expressed clearly and forcefully

Q. bask
Ans: (v.) to be in, or expose oneself to, pleasant warmth; to take pleasure in or derive enjoyment from

Q. defect
(n.) an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind
(v.) to desert a cause or organization

Q. finesse
(n.) delicate skill; tact and cleverness
(v.) to accomplish something by cleverness, good judgment, or skillful evasion

Q. flaunt
Ans: (v.) to wave or flutter showily; to display in a conceited, offensive way

Q. forthright
Ans: (adj.) frank, direct, straightforward

Q. genial
Ans: (adj.) cordial, pleasantly cheerful or warm

Q. instill
Ans: (v.) to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in

Q. ostracize
Ans: (v.) to exclude from a group, banish, send away

Q. premonition
Ans: (n.) forewarning or foreboding of a future event

Q. pseudonym
Ans: (n.) a pen name, name assumed by a writer

Q. purge
(v.) to wash away impurities, clean up
(n.) the process of getting rid of something or someone decisively

Q. rehabilitate
Ans: (v.) to make over in good form; to restore to good condition or to a former position

Q. repercussion
Ans: (n.) an effect or consequence of some action or event, result; an echo or reverberation

Q. resolute
Ans: (adj.) bold, determined; firm

Q. retentive
Ans: (adj.) able to hold, keep, or recall; retaining knowledge easily

Q. scapegoat
Ans: (n.) a person or thing carrying the blame for others

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 7 Answers

Q. acme
Ans: (n.) the highest point

Q. attribute
Ans: (n.) a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something; (v.) to assign to, credit with; to regard as caused by or resulting from

Q. belittle
Ans: (v.) to make something appear smaller than it is; to refer to in a way that suggests lack of importance or value

Q. convey
Ans: (v.) to transport; to transmit; to communicate, make known; to transfer ownership or title to

Q. doctrine
Ans: (n.) a belief, principle, or teaching; a system of such beliefs or principles; a formulation of such beliefs or principles

Q. excise
(v.) to remove by cutting;
(n.) an indirect tax on the manufacture, sale, or distribution of a commodity or service

Q. exotic
Ans: (adj.) foreign; charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual

Q. haggard
Ans: (adj.) thin, pale, and careworn as a result of worry or suffering; wild-looking

Q. jaunty
Ans: (adj.) lively, easy, and carefree in manner; smart or trim in appearance

Q. juncture
Ans: (n.) a joining together; the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time

Q. menial
(adj.) lowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity;
(n.) a person who does the humble and unpleasant tasks

Q. parry
(v.) to ward of, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid;
(n.) a defensive movement in fencing and other sports

Q. predatory
Ans: (adj.) preying on, plundering, or piratical

Q. ravage
(v.) to destroy, lay waste, ruin;
(n.) ruinous damage, destruction

Q. stance
Ans: (n.) a way of holding the body; an attitude or position on an issue

Q. tawdry
Ans: (adj.) showy and flashy but lacking in good taste

Q. turncoat
Ans: (n.) a person who switches to an opposing side or party

Q. unassuming
Ans: (adj.) not putting on airs, unpretentious; modest

Q. wallow
(v.) to roll about in a lazy, clumsy, or helpless way; to overindulge in; to have in abundance;
(n.) a wet, muddy, or dusty area used by animals as a sort of bath; a state of moral or physical collapse

Q. waver
(v.) to move to and fro, become unsteady; to show lack of firmness or decision


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 8 Answers

Q. abut
(v.) to join at one end or be next to; to support, prop up
SYNONYMS: border on, bolster

Q. attire
(n.) clothes, apparel, garb;
(v.) to dress, adorn, or bedeck
SYNONYMS: (n.) clothing

Q. avail
(v.) to be of use or benefit to; to make use of; to take advantage of; to profit or benefit;
(n.) use, benefit, or value

Q. crony
(n.) a very close friend, chum, buddy
ANTONYMS: adversary, rival

Q. cryptic
(adj.) puzzling, mystifying, or enigmatic
ANTONYMS: crystal clear, unambiguous

Q. divergent
(adj.) going in different directions; different from each other; departing from convention, deviant
SYNONYMS: not in agreement, differing, unorthodox, unconventional
ANTONYMS: merging, intersecting, converging, orthodox, conventional

Q. enmity
(n.) hatred, ill-will
SYNONYMS: hostility, animosity
ANTONYMS: friendship, amity

Q. fervent
(adj.) very earnest, emotional, passionate; extremely hot
SYNONYMS: enthusiastic, burning, blazing, scorching
ANTONYMS: blasé, apathetic, restrained, emotionless

Q. gaunt
(adj.) thin and bony, starved looking; bare, barren
SYNONYMS: lean, lanky, all skin and bones
ANTONYMS: plump, stout, corpulent

Q. infiltrate
(v.) to pass through or gain entrance to gradually or stealthily
SYNONYMS: slip into, creep into, penetrate

Q. nullify
(v.) to make of no value or consequence, cancel, wipe out
SYNONYMS: invalidate, annul
ANTONYMS: confirm, endorse, ratify, sanction

Q. perceptible
(adj.) capable of being grasped by the senses or mind
SYNONYMS: noticeable, discernible, observable
ANTONYMS: invisible, unnoticeable, indiscernible

Q. plummet
(v.) to plunge straight down; (n.) a weight fastened to a line
SYNONYMS: (v.) take a nosedive
ANTONYMS: (v.) soar, skyrocket

Q. proclaim
(v.) to declare publicly or officially
SYNONYMS: announce, promulgate
ANTONYMS: conceal, cover up

Q. proxy
(n.) an agent, substitute; a written permission allowing one person to act in another’s place
SYNONYMS: deputy

Q. rankle
(v.) to cause anger, irritation, or bitterness (with the suggestion that the pain grows worse in time)
SYNONYMS: irritate, vex, nettle, irk
ANTONYMS: please, gratify

Q. scavenger
(n.) a person who collect or removes usable items from waste materials; an animal that feeds on refuse or dead bodies
SYNONYMS: rummager

Q. stint
(v.) to limit, be sparing or frugal; (n.) a limit or restriction; a fixed share of work or duty; a period of activity
SYNONYMS: (v.) restrict, scrimp, economize
ANTONYMS: (v.) splurge, squander, lavish

Q. stoical
(adj.) self-controlled, not showing feeling in response to pleasure or pain
SYNONYMS: unresponsive, impassive
ANTONYMS: excitable, emotional, hotheaded

Q. unflagging
(adj.) tireless, continuing with vigor
SYNONYMS: steady, undiminished, unremitting
ANTONYMS: diminishing, drooping, sagging


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 9 Answers

Q. apt
(adj.) suitable, fitting, likely; quick to learn
SYNONYMS: appropriate, fit, liable
ANTONYMS: inappropriate, slow

Q. awry
(adj., adv.) in a turned or twisted position or direction; wrong, out of the right or hoped-for course
SYNONYMS: (adj.) crooked, askew, amiss
ANTONYMS: (adj.) straight, symmetrical

Q. bludgeon
(n.) a short club used as a weapon;
(v.) to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong arguments to gain some point
SYNONYMS: (n.) cudgel; (v.) clobber, clout

Q. capitulate
(v.) to end resistance, give up, throw in the towel
ANTONYMS: hold out, persist

Q. chafe
(v.) to warm by rubbing; to wear sore by rubbing; to feel annoyance or dissatisfaction, annoy, irk; to strain or press against;
(n.) a sore or injury caused by rubbing
SYNONYMS: (v.) irritate, scrape, abrade
ANTONYMS: (v.) soothe, mollify, please, elate

Q. defile
(v., trans.) to make unclean or dirty, destroy the purity of; to march in a single line or in columns;
(n.) a narrow passage; gorge, canyon
SYNONYMS: pollute, contaminate
ANTONYMS: cleanse, purify

Q. dire
(adj.) dreadful, causing fear or suffering; warning of trouble to come; demanding immediate action to avoid disaster
SYNONYMS: disastrous, ominous, sinister, urgent
ANTONYMS: favorable, auspicious, beneficial

Q. disarming
(adj.) charming, tending to soften unfriendliness or suspicion
SYNONYMS: endearing, winning
ANTONYMS: alarming, troubling, disquieting

Q. disgruntled
(adj., part) in bad humor, discontented, annoyed
SYNONYMS: displease, grumpy, surly
ANTONYMS: pleased, satisfied, content

Q. encroach
(v.) to advance beyond the usual or proper limits, trespass
SYNONYMS: intrude, infringe

Q. endow
(v.) to furnish, equip, provide with funds or some other desirable thing or quality
SYNONYMS: grant, bestow, present, bequeath
ANTONYMS: take away, deprive

Q. fend
(v.) to ward off, resist; to get along, manage
SYNONYMS: stave off, cope

Q. impunity
(n.) freedom from punishment
SYNONYMS: exemption from penalty, immunity

Q. mien
(n.) air, manner; appearance; expression
SYNONYMS: look, bearing

Q. penal
(adj.) having to do with punishment
SYNONYMS: disciplinary

Q. pertinent
(adj.) relating to the matter at hand, to the point
SYNONYMS: germane, apropos
ANTONYMS: unrelated, irrelevant, immaterial

Q. predominant
(adj.) the greatest in strength or power; most common
SYNONYMS: chief, major, paramount, prevalent

Q. prodigy
(n.) something wonderful or marvelous; an unusual feat; a child or young person with extraordinary ability or talent
SYNONYMS: marvel, wonder, genius
ANTONYMS: dumbbell, dunce, dullard

Q. recluse
(n.) a person who leads a life shut up or withdrawn from the world
SYNONYMS: hermit

Q. renown
(n.) fame, glory
SYNONYMS: reputation, celebrity, prestige
ANTONYMS: obscurity, infamy, notoriety


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 10 Answers

Q. accord
Ans: (n.) agreement, harmony; (v.) to agree, be in harmony or bring into harmony; to grant, bestow on

Q. barter
Ans: (n.) an exchange in trade; (v.) to exchange goods

Q. curt
Ans: (adj.) short, rudely brief

Q. devise
Ans: (v.) to think out, plan, figure out, invent, create

Q. dexterous
Ans: (adj.) skillful in the use of hands or body; clever

Q. engross
Ans: (v.) to occupy the complete attention, absorb fully

Q. entail
Ans: (v.) to put a burden on, impose, require, involve; to restrict ownership of property by limiting inheritance; (n.) such a restriction

Q. ferret
Ans: (n.) a kind of weasel; (v.) to search or hunt out; to torment, badger

Q. habituate
Ans: (v.) to become used to; to cause to become used to

Q. impending
Ans: (adj., part.) about to happen, hanging over in a menacing way

Q. personable
Ans: (adj.) pleasing in appearance or personality, attractive

Q. rue
Ans: (v.) to regret, be sorry for; (n.) a feeling of regret

Q. scoff
Ans: (v.) to make fun of; to show contempt for

Q. transition
Ans: (n.) a change from one state or condition to another

Q. trepidation
Ans: (n.) fear, fright, trembling

Q. upbraid
Ans: (v.) to blame, scold, find fault with

Q. veritable
Ans: (adj.) actual, true, real

Q. vex
Ans: (v.) to annoy, anger, exasperate; to confuse, battle

Q. vitality
Ans: (n.) strength, energy, liveliness; the capacity to live and develop; the power to endure or survive

Q. whimsical
Ans: (adj.) subject to odd ideas, notions, or fancies; playful, unpredictable


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 11 Answers

Q. appease
(v.) to make calm, soothe; to relieve, satisfy; to yield to
syn: pacify, mollify, propitiate
ant: enrage, provoke, irritate

Q. belated
(adj.) late, tardy
syn: behind schedule
ant: early, ahead of time

Q. calamitous
(adj.) causing great misfortune
syn: disastrous, catastrophic, ruinous, fatal
ant: fortunate, beneficial, salutary

Q. cite
(v.) to quote; to mention; to summon to appear in court; to commend, recommend
syn: refer to, enumerate, subpoena
ant: ignore, disregard

Q. conventional
(adj.) in line with accepted ideas or standards; trite
syn: ordinary, commonplace, orthodox
ant: outlandish, bizarre, unorthodox

Q. decoy
(v.) to lure into a trap; (n.) a person or thing used to lure into a trap
syn: (v.) entice, entrap; (n.) attraction, bait

Q. delve
(v.) to dig; to search deeply and thoroughly into
syn: probe, investigate

Q. ensue
(v.) to follow in order, come immediately after, and as a result
syn: result
ant: precede, come before

Q. gallantry
(n.) heroic courage; respect and courtesy; an act or statement marked by a high level of courtesy
syn: bravery, chivalry, daring
ant: cowardice, boorishness

Q. impart
(v.) to make known, tell; to give, pass something on
syn: transmit, bestow, grant
ant: withhold, keep back, conceal

Q. judicious
(adj.) using or showing good judgment, wise, sensible
syn: thoughtful, prudent, shrewd, astute
ant: foolish, thoughtless, ill-considered

Q. mediate
(v.) to bring about an agreement between persons or groups, act as a go-between;
(adj.) occupying a middle position; indirect, acting through an intermediary
syn: (v.) arbitrate, umpire, referee

Q. milieu
Ans: (n.) the setting, surroundings, environment

Q. outlandish
(adj.) strange, freakish, weird, foreign-looking; out-of-the-way, geographically remote; exceeding reasonable limits
syn: bizarre, odd, unorthodox, unconventional
ant: conventional, orthodox, staid, sober

Q. overbearing
(adj.) domineering, haughty, bullying; overpowering, predominant
syn: high-handed, overriding
ant: meek, unassuming, self-effacing

Q. pert
(adj.) high-spirited; lively; bold, saucy; jaunty
syn: vivacious, impudent, fresh
ant: sullen, gloomy, peevish

Q. quirk
(n.) a peculiar way of acting; a sudden twist or turn
syn: peculiarity, oddity, eccentricity

Q. regale
(v.) to feast, entertain agreeably
syn: divert

Q. shiftless
(adj.) lazy, lacking in ambition and energy; inefficient
syn: careless, sloppy
ant: hardworking, ambitious

Q. taint
(n.) a stain or spot; a mark or corruption or dishonor;
(v.) to stain or contaminate
syn: (n.) blot; (v.) soil, tarnished, pollute
ant: (v.) decontaminate, cleanse


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 12 Answers

Q. Abdicate
(v.) to resign, formally give up an office or a duty; to disown, discard
Synonyms: relinquish, renounce
Antonyms: retain

Q. Bestow
(v.) to give as a gift; to provide with lodgings
Synonyms: confer, lodge, put up
Antonyms: receive, take, take back, take away

Q. Capacious
(adj.) able to hold much
Synonyms: spacious, commodious
Antonyms: cramped, confined, restricted, narrow

Q. Caustic
(adj.) able to burn or eat away by chemical action; biting, sarcastic
Synonyms: burning, corrosive, sharp
Antonyms: bland, mild, sugary, saccharine

Q. Crusade
(n.) a strong movement to advance a cause or idea;
(v.) to campaign, work vigorously
Synonyms: (n.) campaign, organized movement

Q. Deface
(v.) to injure or destroy the surface or appearance of; to damage the value, influence, or effect of; to face down, outshine
Synonyms: mar, disfigure
Antonyms: repair, restore, renovate, recondition

Q. Embargo
(n.) an order forbidding the trade on or movement of commercial goods; any restraint or hindrance;
(v.) to forbid to enter or leave port; to forbid trade with
Synonyms: (n.) stoppage, boycott

Q. Fallacy
(n.) a false notion or belief; an error in thinking
Synonyms: misconception
Antonyms: sound reasoning, logic

Q. Levity
(n.) lack of seriousness or earnestness, especially about things that should be treated with respect; buoyancy, lightness in weight
Synonyms: giddiness, flippancy, frivolity, fickleness
Antonyms: humorlessness, solemnity

Q. Mendicant
(n.) beggar;
(adj.) depending on begging for a living
Synonym: (n.) panhandler
Antonyms: (n.)millionaire, philanthropist

Q. Nauseate
(v.) to make sick to the stomach; to fill with disgust
Synonyms: sicken, disgust
Antonyms: delight, tickle pink

Q. Negate
(v.) to nullify, deny, bring to nothing
Synonyms: invalidate, annul
Antonyms: aver, corroborate, buttress

Q. Pivotal
(adj.) vitally important, essential
Synonyms: crucial, critical, decisive, seminal
Antonyms: unimportant, insignificant

Q. Recipient
(n.) one who receives;
(adj.) receiving; able or willing to receive
Synonyms: (n.) receiver, beneficiary
Antonyms: (n.) donor, benefactor, contributer

Q. Ruse
(n.) an action designed to confuse or mislead, a trick
Synonyms: stratagem, subterfuge, dodge

Q. Teem
(v.) to become filled to overflowing; to be present in large quantities
Synonyms: abound, swarm, overflow
Antonyms: lack, be wanting

Q. Tenet
(n.) an opinion, belief, or principle held to be true
Synonyms: doctrine, precept

Q. Tractable
(adj.) easily managed, easy to deal with; easily wrought, malleable
Synonyms: submissive, docile, yielding, amenable
Antonyms: unruly, obstreperous, refactory

Q. Ungainly
(adj.) clumsy, awkward; unwieldy
Synonyms: graceless
Antonyms: nimble, agile, supple, graceful

Q. Voracious
(adj.) having a huge appetite, greedy, ravenous; excessively eager
Synonyms: gluttonous, insatiable, avid
Antonyms: indifferent, apathetic


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 13 Answers

Q. adapt
Ans: (v) to adjust or change

Q. attest
Ans: (v) to bear witness

Q. dovetail
(v) to fit together exactly;
(n) a carpentry figure resembling a dove’s tail

Q. enormity
Ans: (n) the quality of exceeding all moral bounds; an exceedingly evil act; huge size, immensity

Q. falter
Ans: (v) to hesitate

Q. foreboding
(n) a warning or feeling that something bad will happen;
(adj) marked by fear, ominous

Q. forlorn
Ans: (adj) sad and lonely

Q. haughty
Ans: (adj) chillingly proud and scornful

Q. impediment
Ans: (n) a physical defect; a hindrance, obstacle

Q. imperative
(adj) urgent;
(n) a form of a verb expressing a command; that which is necessary or required

Q. loiter
(v) to linger in an aimless way, hang around, dawdle, tarry
ant – hurry along

Q. malinger
Ans: (v) to pretend to be ill or injured in order to avoid duty or work

Q. pithy
Ans: (adj) short but full of meaning

Q. plunder
(v) to rob by force, especially during wartime; to seize wrongfully;
(n) property stolen by force

Q. simper
(v.) to smile or speak in a silly, forced way;
(n) a silly, forced smile

Q. steadfast
Ans: (adj) firmly fixed; constant, not moving or changing

Q. vaunted
Ans: (adj) much boasted about in a vain or swaggering way

Q. vilify
Ans: (v) to abuse or belittle unjustly or maliciously

Q. waif
Ans: (n) a person (usually a child) without a home or friend; a stray person or animal; something that comes along by chance, a stray bit

Q. wry
Ans: (adj) twisted, turned to one side; cleverly and often grimly humorous


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 14 Answers

Q. amplify
(v.) to make stronger, larger, greater, louder, or the like
SYNONYMS: increase, augment, fill out, supplement
ANTONYMS: lessen, diminish, abbreviate, shorten

Q. armistice
(n.) a temporary peace, halt in fighting
SYNONYMS: cease-fire

Q. arrogant
(adj.) haughty, too convinced of one’s own importance
SYNONYMS: high-handed, overbearing, presumptuous
ANTONYMS: meek, humble, modest, unassuming

Q. bland
(adj.) gently, soothing, mild; lacking interest or taste
SYNONYMS: dull, insipid
ANTONYMS: harsh, irritating, pungent, spicy, piquant

Q. disclaim
(v.) to deny interest in or connection with; to give up all claim to
SYNONYMS: disavow, repudiate
ANTONYMS: admit, avow, confess

Q. epoch
Ans: (n). a distinct period of time, age

Q. estrange
(v.) to drift apart or become unfriendly; to cause such a separation; to remove or keep at a distance
SYNONYMS: part company, alienate
ANTONYMS: bring together, reunite, reconcile

Q. gratify
(v.) to please, satisfy; to indulge or humor
SYNONYMS: delight
ANTONYMS: disappoint, dissatisfy, frustrate, thwart

Q. infinite
(adj.) exceedingly great, inexhaustible, without limit, endless; (n., preceded by “the”) an incalculable number, the concept of infinity; (cap. “I”) a name for God
SYNONYMS: (adj.) unlimited, boundless
ANTONYMS: (adj.) limited, restricted, measurable

Q. irascible
(adj.) easily made angry, hot-tempered
SYNONYMS: irritable, quarrelsome, cantankerous
ANTONYMS: even-tempered

Q. kindred
(n.) a person’s relative’s; a family relationship;
(adj.) related by blood; like, similar
SYNONYMS: (n.) kin, relations
ANTONYMS: (adj.) unlike, dissimilar, contrasting

Q. naive
(adj.) innocent, unsophisticated, showing lack of worldly knowledge and experience
SYNONYMS: green, wet behind the ears
ANTONYMS: sophisticated, knowing, urbane, suave, blasé

Q. niche
(n.) a decorative recess in a wall; a suitable place or position for a person or thing
SYNONYMS: nook, alcove

Q. obliterate
(v.) to blot out completely, destroy utterly
SYNONYMS: wipe out, erase, efface
ANTONYMS: foster, promote, create

Q. ramshackle
(adj.) appearing ready to collapse, loose and shaky
SYNONYMS: rickety, unsteady, run-down, dilapidated
ANTONYMS: well built, well maintained, shipshape, trim

Q. ransack
(v.) to search or examine thoroughly; to rob, plunder
SYNONYMS: rummage, scour
ANTONYMS: spot-check

Q. rote
(n.) unthinking routine or repetition, a fixed or mechanical way of doing something;
(adj.) based on a mechanical routine

Q. solvent
(adj.) able to meet one’s financial obligations; having the power to dissolve other substances;
(n.) a liquid used to dissolve other substances; something that solves, explains, eliminates, or softens
SYNONYMS: financially sound, in the black
ANTONYMS: bankrupt, in the red

Q. tedious
(adj.) long and tiresome
SYNONYMS: boring, monotonous
ANTONYMS: stimulating, interesting, short and sweet

Q. vendor
(n.) a person who sells something
SYNONYMS: peddler, hawker, dealer
ANTONYMS: buyer, purchaser, customer


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL C Unit 15 Answers

Q. abyss
(n.) a deep or bottomless pit
SYNONYMS: chasm, gorge
ANTONYMS: summit, promontory, pinnacle

Q. befall
(v.) to happen, occur, to happen to
SYNONYMS: come to pass

Q. crucial
(adj.) of supreme importance, decisive, critical
SYNONYMS: pivotal, vital
ANTONYMS: insignificant, inconsequential

Q. dregs
(n. pl.) the last remaining part; the part of least worth
SYNONYMS: grounds, lees, residue, leftovers
ANTONYMS: elite, cream of the crop

Q. embody
(v.) to give form to; to incorporate, include; to personify
SYNONYMS: encompass

Q. exasperate
(v.) to irritate, annoy, or anger
SYNONYMS: vex, try one’s patience
ANTONYMS: soothe, mollify, please, delight

Q. fiasco
(n.) the complete collapse or failure of a project
SYNONYMS: disaster, flop, bomb
ANTONYMS: complete success, triumph, hit

Q. garnish
(v.) to adorn or decorate, especially food;
(n.) an ornament or decoration, especially for food
SYNONYMS: (v.) embellish, gussy up

Q. heritage
(n.) an inheritance; a birthright
SYNONYMS: legacy, descent, pedigree

Q. inert
(adj.) lifeless, unable to move or act; slow, inactive
SYNONYMS: sluggish, lethargic
ANTONYMS: vigorous, energetic, volatile

Q. mercenary
(adj.) acting or working for self-gain only;
(n.) a hired soldier, a soldier of fortune
SYNONYMS: (adj.) grasping, avaricious
ANTONYMS: (adj.) unselfish, disinterested, altruistic

Q. negligent
(adj.) marked by carelessness or indifference; failing to do what should be done
SYNONYMS: careless, neglectful, remiss, derelict
ANTONYMS: careful, attentive, conscientious

Q. oblivion
(n.) forgetfulness, disregard; a state of being forgotten; an amnesty, general pardon
SYNONYMS: obscurity, nothingness
ANTONYMS: fame, renown, celebrity

Q. opus
(n.) an impressive piece of work, especially a musical composition or other work of art
SYNONYMS: composition, piece, oeuvre

Q. pallid
(adj.) pale, lacking color; weak and lifeless
SYNONYMS: colorless, bloodless, dull
ANTONYMS: ruddy, sanguine, racy, colorful

Q. parable
(n.) a short narrative designed to teach a moral lesson
SYNONYMS: moral tale, allegory

Q. rational
(adj.) based on reasoning; able to make use of reason; sensible or reasonable
SYNONYMS: logical
ANTONYMS: mad, insane, illogical, absurd

Q. reciprocal
(adj.) shared; involving give-and-take between two persons or things; working in both directions;
(n.) (math) a number that when multiplied by another number, gives 1
SYNONYMS: (adj.) mutual
ANTONYMS: (adj.) one-sided, unilateral

Q. stricture
(n.) a limitation or restriction; a criticism; (medicine) a narrowing of a passage in the body
SYNONYMS: restraint
ANTONYMS: compliment, accolade, swelling

Q. veneer
(n.) a thin outer layer; a surface appearance or decoration;
(v.) to cover with a thin layer
SYNONYMS: (n.) facing, overlay, facade, pretense
ANTONYMS: (n.) nucleus, inner core


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