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Scientific Method BrainPop Quiz Answers

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Q. What’s the difference between a hypothesis and a theory?
Ans: Theories have been confirmed through tests; hypotheses haven’t.

Q. Place the following steps in sequence: A Recognizing a problem B Testing a hypothesis C Drawing inferences
Ans: A, C, B

Q. In the phrase, “The scientific method is an analytic process for determining why things happen,”what’s the best synonym for “analytic?”
Ans: Logical

Q. What must you do before you make a hypothesis?
Ans: Form a theory

Q. If you were running an experiment to determine the temperature at which beans sprout the fastest, what would be the variable?
Ans: The temperature at which each bean is kept.

Q. You should run an experiment several times to make sure your results are consistent. In the preceding phrase, what does “consistent” mean?
Ans: Unchanging

Q. What might cause a theory to change over time?
Ans: The discovery of new evidence

Q. Evolution is one example of a theory. From what you know about the scientific method, what can you conclude about this biological theory?
Ans: It’s been tested many times

Q. Which of the following is a testable hypothesis?
Ans: A plant needs at least five hours of sunlight per day to grow

Q. What happens if you test a hypothesis multiple times and the data doesn’t support your prediction?
Ans: Re-think your hypothesis


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The scientific method is a process that scientists use to learn about the world around them. It involves making observations, asking questions, and experimenting to find answers.

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