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Signing Naturally Answers Key PDF – Unit 1 to 15 Revealed

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Signing Naturally Answers Key PDF

Unit 1

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Unit 2

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Unit 3

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Unit 4

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Unit 5

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Unit 6

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Unit 7

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Unit 8

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Unit 9

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Unit 10

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Unit 11

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Unit 12

Signing Naturally Unit 12 is focused on offering a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL). This unit covers advanced ASL grammar, including how to correctly form sentences and questions.

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Unit 13

Signing Naturally Unit 13 focuses on developing conversational skills in American Sign Language (ASL). In this unit, learners will work on understanding different types of dialogue, expressing ideas effectively in conversations, and responding appropriately. The activities offered are designed to help learners develop active listening skills and use appropriate facial expressions and body language when engaging with others.

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Unit 14

Signing Naturally Unit 14 features culturally rich and meaningful conversations which focus on common conversations. The dialogues in this unit are designed to promote meaningful communication and a better understanding of Deaf culture. Through these dialogues, learners will be exposed to a variety of conversational topics, including the common words and preparation process for particular diseases.

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Unit 15

Signing Naturally Unit 15 is a great way for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students to learn about the American Sign Language (ASL) language. This unit focuses on ASL lexical verbs and associated constructions. Students will learn how to use lexical verbs in different contexts, as well as how to combine them with non-manual markers in order to express a broader range of meanings.

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Unit 16

Signing Naturally Unit 16 focuses on the topic of cooking. This unit covers a wide range of topics related to cooking, from utensils and methods used in the kitchen to reviewing different recipes. By the end of the unit, students will also learn how to describe ingredients, discuss nutritional values, and sign food terms such as “spicy” or “flavorful.” In addition, students will learn signs of food preferences and allergies.

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Unit 17

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Unit 18

Unit 18 in Signing Naturally focuses on using and understanding objects. Different signs are used to represent different types of objects, such as animals, things, and people. This unit also provides an overview of how to identify a person through facial features. The students will learn how to distinguish between animate and inanimate objects and incorporate classifiers to describe the size, shape, and quantity of objects. Finally, students will learn how to distinguish between locations in a more detailed way.

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Unit 19

Signing Naturally Unit 19 focuses on the use of adverbs, adjectives, and word order to give meaning to conversations. Students learn how to sign adjectives before nouns, verbs before objects, and adverbs in different positions depending on the sentence structure.

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Unit 20

Signing Naturally Unit 20 focuses on card games & its rules, driving rules, customs, etc… They will also understand how to respond appropriately in challenging situations such as when they do not know a sign or cannot recall the correct spelling of a word.

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Unit 21

Signing Naturally Unit 21 is designed to help students with different types of movements. Through interactive lectures and practice activities, learners will review how ASL sentences are formed, including complex sentence structures.

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Unit 22

Signing Naturally Unit 22 is designed to provide signers with the knowledge and skills necessary for discussing money. In this unit, you’ll learn various signs related to financial topics such as earning money, taxes, paying bills, and banking. You’ll also gain practice using language related to those themes in a variety of contexts.

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About Signing Naturally

Signing Naturally is a comprehensive, multimedia curriculum for teaching American Sign Language (ASL). The program includes 10 levels of instruction, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each level contains a student workbook, an instructor’s manual, and several DVDs featuring native ASL signers demonstrating the different signs and concepts covered in the course.

Signing Naturally emphasizes a whole-language approach to teaching ASL, encouraging students to learn through meaningful context and examples. The program also covers the history of ASL and Deaf culture, equipping students with cultural knowledge that is essential to effectively communicate with members of the Deaf community. The program was designed by Dr. Cheri Smith and Dr. Ella Mae Lentz, both of whom have extensive experience teaching ASL and Deaf culture.

The Signing Naturally curriculum has been used in classrooms across the United States for over 20 years and is widely credited with helping students achieve an excellent level of comprehension and fluency in ASL. The program provides a comprehensive overview of the language, covering everything from basic signs and their associated meanings to more advanced concepts such as syntax and grammar. The level of detail provided makes Signing Naturally an ideal resource for students looking to become true ASL professionals.

In addition to its use in classroom settings, the program has also been used by individuals learning on their own or taking online classes. The various textbooks and DVDs in the program help make the learning process more accessible and engaging, allowing students to practice their skills from the comfort of their homes.

Overall, Signing Naturally is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn American Sign Language. With its comprehensive coverage of ASL concepts, cultural background information, and multimedia learning materials, the program is a great tool for anyone wanting to become an expert in the language. Whether you’re looking to improve your signing skills for personal or professional reasons, Signing Naturally can help you get there.


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