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Signing Naturally Unit 17 Answers

We will be discussing unit 17 in detail which includes sub-units, vocabulary videos, and other video tutorials.

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Signing Naturally unit 17 Answers

Signing Naturally Unit 17 Answers

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Signing Naturally Unit 17 Vocabulary Answers

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About Signing Naturally Unit 17

Signing Naturally Unit 17 covers conversational language specifically related to weekend activities. It presents various topics such as talking about plans, predictions, and past experiences with the weekend. Additionally, it introduces a variety of sentence structures that are used while signing conversations in ASL such as:

  • Expressing agreement or disagreement
  • Talking about hypothetical situations
  • Giving and requesting advice
  • Making requests for permission

The unit also covers topics about weekend activities like sleeping in, going out of town, and attending social gatherings. It focuses on using expressions to give and receive information about when and where things will happen. Additionally, vocabulary related to various recreational activities and the appropriate signs used for them is also included.

Examples include:

– Going to the movies, going fishing, or hiking

– Watching a game on TV, having a picnic, and playing board games

– Doing yard work or gardening, cooking a meal, and visiting friends and family

Through conversational activities, video examples, and practice exercises, learners get the opportunity to strengthen their signing abilities and apply their knowledge in everyday conversations. With a thorough review of Unit 17, learners can be sure to gain a better understanding of conversational ASL related to weekend activities.


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