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Solar System Flocabulary Answers

Solar System Flocabulary Quiz Answers

Find the free answers to Solar System Flocabulary quiz questions below:

Q1. In its orbit, Earth circles the sun once every year. This movement around the sun is called a(n) ________… Ans: B
Q2. Rocks and pebbles that hit Earth’s atmosphere and burn up are ________… Ans: A
Q3. Newton’s Law of Inertia states that ________… Ans: C
Q4. The spinning of Earth on its axis is an example of its ________… Ans: D
Q5. Kepler’s Laws of Motion explain why ________… Ans: A
Q6. Earth rotates on an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole. This line is called Earth’s ________… Ans: B
Q7. The distance from Earth to the sun is 150 million kilometers (93 million miles). We call this distance ________… Ans: A
Q8. An object that orbits a planet is called a(n) ________… Ans: D
Q9. The inner planets are ________… Ans: C
Q10. Tides on Earth are controlled by ________… Ans: B


Solar System Flocabulary Read & Respond Answers

Please check out the Read & Respond answers for the topic we are discussing:

Q1. While Earth is moving around the sun, it also… Ans: D
Q2. Which of these is explained by Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion?… Ans: B
Q3. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres have opposite seasons because… Ans: A
Q4. If astronomers found a new object in space, which of these would keep it from being called categorized as a planet?… Ans: C
Q5. Which of the following is a characteristic of the inner planets?… Ans: B
Q6. Which of these is not a satellite?… Ans: C
Q7. If astronomers see an object made of ice and rock with a long dust-tail approaching, it is most likely a(n)… Ans: A
Q8. A light year is used to measure… Ans: C



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