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Something Fishy Achieve 3000 Answers Key

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Something Fishy Achieve 3000 Answers Key

Q. According to the article, what is one benefit of having a pedicure done by fish?
Ans: The tiny fish remove dead skin, leaving live skin undamaged and smooth

Q. The reader can infer from the article that:
Ans: John Ho will not use communal tanks in any other salons he opens

Q. The article states: This is due to concerns about whether the instruments are sanitary. What would be the closest synonym for the word sanitary?
Ans: Hygienic

Q. Which of these is most important to include in a summary of this article?
Ans: A new type of pedicure, done with fish, is being introduced at a U.S. nail salon.

Q. Which of these is a statement of opinion?
Ans: The customers who are willing to try fish pedicures are generally more daring in nature.

Q. Which is the closest synonym for the word communal?
Ans: Joint

Q. The best alternate headline for this article would be:
Ans: Fish Pedicures: Fish Feast on Feet

Q. Which statement is not answered by the article?
Ans: Where John Ho purchased the carp his salon uses for the fish procedures.



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