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The Candy Man Achieve 3000 Answers Key

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The Candy Man Achieve 3000 Answers key

Q. Select the letter of the correct answer. Which of these happened before Halvorsen was stationed in Alabama?
Ans: Halvorsen ferried aircraft between locations in Europe and North Africa as a pilot for the U.S. Army.

Q. The best alternate headline for this article would be______.
Ans: Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s Chocolate Pilot

Q. The reader can infer from the article that_______.
Ans: Halvorsen must have enjoyed his time flying over Berlin, dropping candy, more than his time shuttling cargo between Europe and North Africa.

Q. The article states: [Halvorsen] told the children that they would recognize his plane because as he approached, he would wiggle his wings. He returned to his base and gathered the candy bars that were part of his Army food rations. Other soldiers willingly gave him their rations, too, as well as handkerchiefs that he made into parachutes.” Which would be the closest synonym for the word rations?
Ans: Portions

Q. Which statement from the article best supports the notion that it’s rewarding to help people when they are in need?
Ans: The feeling of peace [Halvorsen] got out of helping others has stayed with him throughout his life.

Q. According to the article, why did Gail Halvorsen want to drop candy from his airplane to the children of Berlin?
Ans: He met German children after the war who were hard-hit and deprived and wanted to help them.

Q. Which is the closest antonym for the word dismantle?
Ans: Assemble

Q. Which question is not answered by the article?
Ans: How did the Soviet’s communist philosophy compare with the philosophy of the other Allied Forces?



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