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The Eco Pyramid ReadWorks Answer Key

The Eco Pyramid ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers for the article “The Eco Pyramid“-

Q.1. What is an ecosystem?
Ans: a group of living organisms interacting with one another as well as with nonliving things

Q.2. What is a list of the types of organisms in an eco pyramid?
Ans: producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers

Q.3. In an ecosystem, primary consumers eat plants. Secondary consumers eat primary consumers. Tertiary consumers eat secondary consumers. What can be concluded from this information?
Ans: Different types of organisms within an ecosystem need each other to live.

Q.4. Which members of an ecosystem are part of the energy flow?
Ans: living and nonliving things in the ecosystem

Q.5. What is this passage mostly about?
Ans: the energy flow of an ecosystem and the different types of organisms within an ecosystem.

Q.6. Read this sentence from the text. “Energy is transferred again in an ecosystem’s energy flow from primary consumers to ‘secondary consumers.’ Carnivores, or meat eaters, act as secondary consumers. Lions, tigers, and polar bears are carnivorous. What does the word “transferred” mean?
Ans: moved

Q.7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. Living and nonliving things in an ecosystem interact with each other _, plants use energy from the sun…
Ans: in particular

Q.8. What are herbivores?
Ans: Herbivores are animals that eat mostly, if not strictly, plant life.

Q.9. What do secondary consumers eat?
Ans: Students may answer that secondary consumers eat primary consumers, herbivores, or specific herbivores (e.g., deer).

Q.10. If one type of organism described in the passage were removed from an ecosystem, what would happen to the ecosystem? Explain your answer using evidence from the passage.
Ans: Answers may vary, as long as they are supported by evidence from the passage. Students may make the case that if one type of organism were removed, other types of organisms would die. For example, if plants were removed from an ecosystem, herbivores would die, and then animals that prey on herbivores would die, and so on. Students may also argue that in some cases, an ecosystem would be unaffected by the removal of one type of organism. The disappearance of tertiary consumers, for example, might not interfere with an ecosystem’s energy cycle, as bacteria and fungi could continue providing nutrients to the soil by breaking down the bodies of primary and secondary consumers.


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