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The Ice Cream Report Achieve 3000 Answers Key

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The Ice Cream Report Achieve 3000 Answers

Q. what is this article about?
Ans: the history relating to a holiday known as April fool’s day

Q. this article would be most useful as a source for a student research project on _.
Ans: the possible origins of April fool’s day

Q. which is the closest antonym for the word gullible, as it is used in the article?
Ans: suspicious

Q. which of these is a statement of fact?
in the 16th century, people in some parts of the world stopped using the Julian calendar and started using the Gregorian Ans: calendar

Q. The author probably wrote this article in order to __.
Ans: explain the history of a holiday for pranksters, in part by pulling a prank on the reader

Q. which two words are the closest synonyms?
Ans: pranks and gags

Q. which passage from the article best supports the idea that April fool’s day traditions have changed over time?
Ans: in the 18th century, April fool’s day kicked into high gear in England, and pranking people was decidedly a part of the fun. in Scotland, it became a two-day event. on the first day, the Scots sent each other out on ridiculous errands.

Q. based on the article, the reader can predict that __.
Ans: many people around the world will be fooled by pranks when April fool’s day rooks around again.



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