The Men Who Built America Episode 3 Answers

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The Men Who Built America Episode 3 Answers – A Rivalry is Born

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The Men Who Built America Episode 3 Answers

The Men Who Built America Episode 3 Answers – MCQs

Q. What was Andrew Carnegie’s background (his life as a young man and as he grows into an adult)?
Ans: His family could not survive without sending him to work (at age 12).

Q. What does Scott want Carnegie to do to launch Scott’s railroad?
Ans: Find a way to cross the Mississippi River

Q. What obstacle does Carnegie run into and what substance allows Carnegie to solve the problem?
Ans: Steel solves the problem, bridge was hard to build without it because bridge so big

Q. What is the problem with this new substance?
Ans: Expensive and long manufacturing time

Q. What does Henry Bessemer provide to solve Carnegie’s problem with the new substance?
Ans: Bessemer process makes it cheaper and easier to manufacture, a shorter time

Q. After solving the problem of how to build the bridge, what new problem does Carnegie encounter?
Ans: Convincing people bridge is safe

Q. According to Carly Fiorina (Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard), what do successful people learn to
Ans: They remember their fears/failures and how they overcame them

Q. After the bridge is built, what does Carnegie do to convince the public that the bridge is safe?
Ans: Has an elephant cross it because there was a superstition that an elephant wouldn’t cross an unstable surface

Q. What does Carnegie build after he builds the bridge?
Ans: Builds his first steel plant

Q. Why does Carnegie want revenge on Rockefeller?
Ans: Because he blames Tom Scott’s death on him

Q. When the railroads aren’t building new lines any longer, where does Carnegie turn to sell steel?
Ans: Builds skyscrapers (because so many people moving to cities)

Q. What allows cities to stop expanding outward and to start expanding upward?
Ans: Steel (buildings)

Q. What is Carnegie’s plan to be the most profitable?
Ans: Hire Henry Frick

Q. Who is Henry Frick and what does he provide for Carnegie?
Ans: Carnegie hires him to manage his steel mills, it works well because they are opposites

Q. What is Frick trying to prove?
Ans: Tries to show everyone he is not his father (who was a failure)

Q. Why does Frick lower the dam holding back the water over Johnstown?
Ans: Doesn’t like how the road is on the way to the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, not wide enough for

Q. Carnegie met Tom Scott, his mentor, when young Andrew started working at age 12. Why did he start working so young?
Ans: His family could not survive without sending him to work.

Q. There was one thing especially difficult about westward expansion – and Scott challenged Carnegie to solve the problem for his business. What was that problem?
Ans: crossing the Mississippi

Q. Why did Carnegie begin working with steel?
Ans: it is stronger than iron – he needed something stronger to make the bridge he needed

Q. What improvement did Bessemer make to the manufacture of steel?
Ans: cut the time from 2 weeks per rail to 15 minutes

Q. What problems did Carnegie run into with his bridge?
Ans: It cost too much and was going up too slowly.

Q. According to advertising mogul Donny Deutsch, the Gilded Age entrepreneurs found a great motivator in their own __.
Ans: failure

Q. Once the bridge was completed, the people of St. Louis were afraid to use it– they had never seen a steel bridge. How did Carnegie solve this problem?
Ans: He capitalized on a prevalent superstition and sent an elephant across at the head of a parade.

Q. When Carnegie built his steel mill, what was wrong with his timing?
– The railroad market was saturated and struggling.
– He built the mill right before Rockefeller pulled his oil from the railroads.

Q. With the railroad market destroyed, Carnegie was in bad straits. What industry did he turn to next?
Ans: Structural steel – building buildings

Q. As far as Carnegie is concerned, one man drove Tom Scott to his grave. Who did Carnegie blame?
Ans: John D. Rockefeller

Q. The partnership between Carnegie and Henry Frick worked very well. According to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, what was good about it?
Ans: They were opposites.

Q. Frick built the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club around the private lake held back by the South Fork dam. Why did Frick decide to lower the dam, even though it made it weaker?
Ans: To widen the road so his carriage could get across.

Q. Why did the people of Johnstown ignore the warning to evacuate?
Ans: They had seen the same warning many times before

Q. How was Carnegie different than Vanderbilt or Rockefeller?
Ans: Carnegie didn’t have the win-at-all-costs attitude.

Q. How do you think Carnegie will react to the South Fork dam disaster?
Ans: Fire Frick; fix the dam (with steel); not care.


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ConclusionEpisode 3 A Rivalry is Born

Andrew Carnegie is an immigrant from Scotland who arrives in the U.S. with his parents and starts working at age 12. He finds a patron in railroad executive Tom Scott who teaches him about the business. Scott hires him to build a bridge over the Mississippi River to link East and West. Carnegie agrees even though the project carries risk. He finds his answer in steel. The bridge opens in 1874. Before Carnegie realizes the full potential of steel, his mentor Scott dies in a state of humiliation over the success of John D. Rockefeller’s oil pipeline. Carnegie vows to have his revenge and best Rockefeller. With the steel industry thriving, U.S. cities start to grow. But can Carnegie stay at the top of his game?


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