The Men Who Built America Episode 4 Answers

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The Men Who Built America Episode 4 Answers – Blood is Spilled

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The Men Who Built America Episode 4 Answers

The Men Who Built America Episode 4 Answers – MCQs

Q. Why does the Johnstown telegraph office ignore the warning that the damn could break and what does this teach us about ignoring warnings even after false warnings have been given?
-It had received them many times before
-Don’t ignore it because it could have dire consequences

Q. What does Carnegie do to make up for the Johnstown flood?
Ans: Gives money to a lot of places, including building Carnegie Hall in NYC

Q. Who has a bigger presence than Carnegie at Carnegie Hall?
Ans: John D. Rockefeller (has much more money)

Q. What do Rockefeller and Carnegie do for each other as part of their rivalry?
Ans: Sent each other insulting Christmas presents (Carnegie received a paper vest, Rockefeller received a bottle of whiskey)

Q. Why does Carnegie move to Scotland?
Ans: Let Frick operate the Homestead Steel plant without his interference

Q. How does Frick run the steel mill?
Ans: Makes people work 12-16 hours per day

Q. What do the employees of the steel mill want?
Ans: Union

Q. How does Frick respond to what the workers want?
Ans: Forces them to work harder and produce more steel to stockpile in case there is a strike

Q. After an employee dies, what does Frick do?
Ans: Lowers their wages and increases hours (doesn’t care that the increased hours caused a rise in accidents and the death of the employee)

Q. What do the employees do?
Ans: Strike and barricade the front of the plant so no one can enter (barricading themselves in)

Q. Who does Frick call in and what do they do?
Ans: Pinkertons (army for hire) – fired on the strikers, killing __ with many others injured PA gov sends in militia to restore order and kick employees out of factory

Q. What ultimately happens to Frick?
Ans: Public is outraged over violence, man comes and shoots him but he survives

Q. People knew the South Fork dam might break. Why did they fail to evacuate, even after the warning came?
Ans: They had seen the same warning many times before.

Q. Describe the damage caused by the Johnstown Flood.
Ans: 2,000 dead (1/3 so mutilated that they could not be identified. 1600 homes were destroyed. Over 4 sq. miles of the town are completely leveled.

Q. In response to the flood, Carnegie reacted differently than other South Fork
members. How was his response different?
Ans: He felt a sense of responsibility and donated millions to help rebuild his image and Johnstown.

Q. Of all the buildings Carnegie built with his money, what was the most famous?
Ans: Carnegie Hall

Q. Advertising mogul Donny Deutsch said, “You have to have someone to hate to aim for. Having an enemy, having an archenemy, having a competitor is what ups the game for everybody.” What does Deutsch mean by the phrase “ups the game?”
Ans: Increases the competition or makes the competition more fierce.

Q. To overtake Rockefeller as the richest man, Carnegie rebuilt the Homestead steel mill. What did he do to make it more profitable?
Ans: Reduced wages and increased working hours.

Q. Carnegie did not want to hurt his image by doing the things in question 6. How did he get around this problem?
Ans: He had Henry Frick do it for him.

Q. Frick decided to strike first against the union. What action did he take?
Ans: He put up notices that the company would no longer recognize the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers Union.

Q. When things turned personal, Frick called in the Pinkerton Detectives. Who were they?
Ans: Essentially a private army, with more weapons than the U.S. army

Q. Describe what happened at the barricade when the Pinkertons faced off against the strikers.
Ans: The Pinkertons said to tear down the barricade. Words were exchanged, fists were thrown, then rocks. The Pinkertons opened fire on the workers, killing 9 and wounding many others.

Q. The governor of Pennsylvania sent in the state militia to restore order. Did the governor side with the workers or the owners?
Ans: owners

Q. How did the public view the events at Homestead?
Ans: They blamed Frick almost exclusively. They were outraged.

Q. There was a new movement in America at this time. Who were they and what did they decide to do about Frick?
Ans: The Anarchists – kill him

Q. What could Carnegie have done to avoid the Homestead Strike?
Ans: Most students will say that he shouldn’t have given Frick so much power or reduced his workers’ compensation or conditions.

Q. Carnegie used Frick to do the things he was simply too nice to do. In your opinion, to what degree was Carnegie responsible for the events at Homestead? Defend your answer.
Ans: Students will have a variety of opinions. Many will find him completely responsible – others not so much.


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Conclusion – Episode 4 Blood is Spilled

Carnegie hires Henry Frick to help him achieve his goal of dominating the steel industry and besting Rockefeller. The partnership seems promising, but Frick is pushing workers to a breaking point. Meanwhile, the Johnstown Flood of 1889 left 2,000 people dead, and Carnegie’s South Fork Fishing & Hunting Club faces blame. Worker unrest culminates in a massive strike at the Homestead Steel plant in 1892. Violence ensues when Frick calls in the Pinkerton security agency. The strike is a major turning point in American labor history, showing how workers would fight for fair wages and conditions when faced with injustice. Carnegie is determined to make up for these scars on his reputation.


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