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Transitions Flocabulary Answers

Transitions Flocabulary Quiz Answers

Find the free answers to Transitions Flocabulary quiz questions below:

Q1. I was just getting over the flu. ________, I went into school to take the SAT..…. Ans: B
Q2. Jesse is an animal lover. ________, he adores penguins and pandas..… Ans: C
Q3. At 1 p.m. Charlotte was eating lunch. ________, Joseph was just waking up after sleeping in.…. Ans: A
Q4. Peter won the scholarship to his dream school. ________, he was able to attend for free.…. Ans: D
Q5. Mr. Lopez gave an exam second period. ________ he graded it during third period.… Ans: C
Q6. I could really go for some Chinese food for dinner. ________, pizza would be great, too.… Ans: A
Q7. ________ his intense stage fright, Brian’s act in the talent show was by far the most popular.…. Ans: C
Q8. ________ fencing, Teddy had many other skills as well, like computer programming..… Ans: C
Q9. ________, Jean painted her room. Then, she bought a new dresser.… Ans: B
Q10. Giselle is a talented student. ________, she was the valedictorian her senior year…. Ans: A


Transitions Flocabulary Read & Respond Answers

Please check out the Read & Respond answers for the topic we are discussing:

Q1. According to this passage, how can transition words help your writing?… Ans: A
Q2. My older brother is the funniest person I know. For instance,… Ans: C
Q3. Nonetheless, Greg and Deborah found themselves paddling around the fountain’s shallow pool.… Ans: B
Q4. Consequently, I was late to the surprise party..… Ans: C
Q5. My neighbor, Ms. Ramirez, is a little goofy. Indeed, she… Ans: B
Q6. Which of the following passages uses the word “meanwhile” correctly?… Ans: D
Q7. Which of the following sentences uses the word “simultaneously” correctly?…Ans: C
Q8. In the sentence above, Cincinnati, Detroit and Milwaukee are…Ans: C
Q9. Anwita and I are a lot alike. Anwita enjoys learning about the solar system. Similarly,..Ans: A
Q10. Ronnie walked to the grocery store despite…Ans: A
Q11. I am easily annoyed. Specifically,…Ans: C
Q12. Katrina should run for her city council. She is passionate about her city. Moreover,…Ans: B
Q13. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and are truly invaluable. In sum,…Ans: A



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