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HOW RESILIENCE WORKS CommonLit Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

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Q.1. Do you consider yourself resilient? Why or why not?
Ans: Yes I consider myself resilient because, in situations, my own emotional reactions, and the conduct of those around them are all things that resilient people are aware of. They can maintain control of a situation and think of fresh approaches to solving challenges by remaining aware. People who are resilient often emerge stronger as a result of adversity.

Q.2. In the context of the text, what do tragic events such as the Holocaust and terrorist attacks teach us about resilience? Cite evidence from this text, your own experience, and other literature, art, or history in your answer.
Ans: One prevalent misconception regarding resilience is that it derives from a positive mindset. True, but only if your optimism does not affect your perception of reality.
In the face of overwhelming adversity, rose-colored thinking can be disastrous. Jim Collins, a management researcher and author, made this point to me vividly while studying Good to Great, his book about how firms transform themselves out of mediocrity.
Collins had a feeling (a completely incorrect intuition) that resilient organizations were populated by upbeat employees. Admiral Jim Stockdale, who had been kept captive and tortured by the Vietcong for eight years, was the subject of his experiment.

Q.3. In the context of the text, how does fear drive action? How does fear play a role in resilience? How does it contribute to a person’s survival? Cite evidence from this text, your own experience, and other literature, art, or history in your answer.
Ans: Fear motivates people to take action by causing them to “flight or fight.” When confronted with dread, a person must decide which response best fits their personality. The fight will typically be their initial response if they come from an environment where fear is a regular presence. A person who has grown up in a non-conflict atmosphere will wish to keep that feeling and will generally flee a dangerous scenario. When making judgments based on their upbringing, people are influenced by their fears.

Q.4. In the context of the text, how does a person overcome adversity? How does resilience help people overcome difficult circumstances? Cite evidence from this text, your own experience, and other literature, art, or history in your answer.
Ans: In a nutshell, the writings assert that people overcome misfortune through perseverance. Resilience, on the other hand, is a tough concept to grasp. The writings demonstrate how the term “resilience” has grown popular in recent years, but few people are familiar with it since few people have needed it.
Resilience enables people to face reality, accept that they cannot alter it, and have a positive attitude in the face of it. In a time of struggle, positivity is tough to maintain, but it must be encouraged since it shows that this moment will pass and that you must be strong to get through it.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. PART A: Which TWO sentences best identify the author’s main claims about resilience?
Ans: Resilience involves approaching reality bravely and with a sense of possibility, as well as finding meaning in the challenges one encounters.

Q.2. PART B: Which TWO sections from the text support the answer to Part A?
Ans: The fact is, when we truly stare down reality, we prepare ourselves to act in ways that allow us to endure and survive extraordinary hardship. We train ourselves how to survive before the fact.” (Paragraph 21)

Q.3. PART A: How does Coutu’s discussion of the Holocaust contribute to the text?
Ans: It proves that not everyone has the resilience to overcome challenging situations.

Q.4. PART B: Which quote from the text best supports the answer to Part A?
Ans: “but an increasing body of empirical evidence shows that resilience – whether in children, survivors of concentration camps, or businesses back from the brink – can be learned.” (Paragraph 11)

Q.5. PART A: What connection does Coutu draw between bricolage and resilience?
Ans: Bricolage refers to an individual’s ability to not give up on a task, no matter how difficult it may appear.

Q.6. PART B: Which section from the text best supports the answer to Part A?
Ans: “When situations unravel, bricoleurs muddle through, imagining possibilities where others are confounded.”

Q.7. What evidence does Coutu use to support her claim that improvisation requires resilience?
Ans: Coutu says things like this, and this, and this, and this, and this “UPS, like the military, is governed by rules and regulations. As Eskew puts it: “The same place is where drivers always drop their keys. They both shut the doors in the same manner. They all look the same in their uniforms. We are a precision-oriented firm.” UPS’s regulations, he says, were what allowed the company to bounce back quickly after Hurricane Andrew since they allowed staff to focus on the one or two changes that needed to be made in order to keep running”


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In this informational text, the writer discusses 3 main traits of resilience & the role that it plays in our lives.


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