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Polar Puzzle answer key

Polar Puzzle – Page 8.11 Answers (Punchline Bridge To Algebra 2nd Edition)

  1. What do you call a baby polar bear? AN ICE CUB
  2. What do polar bears eat for lunch? ICE BURGERS
    E. 15
    A. 140
    S. 12
    N. 18
    U. 158, 184
    G. 125
    A. 140
    I. 324
    R. 27
    B. 144


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About Polar Puzzle

Polar Puzzle is a part of questions that comes under Punchline Bridge to Algebra (2nd Edition).

Polar Puzzle algebra with pizzazz is a type of algebra that uses puzzles to help students understand the concepts. It is a great way to learn algebra and to get some practice with solving puzzles. The best part about Polar Puzzle is that it is a lot of fun!


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