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Starbucks Under Fire Achieve 3000 Answers Key

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Starbucks Under Fire Achieve 3000 Answers

Q. What is this article mainly about?
Ans: The debate between gun enthusiasts and gun control advocates over whether stores should allow customers to carry weapons in states where it is legal to do so.

Q. Which is the closest antonym for the word abrogate?
Ans: Sanction

Q. Which question is not answered by the article?
Ans: What security measures does Starbucks have in place to avert any dangerous situation?

Q. What cause-and-effect relationship is described in this article?
Ans: Gun control advocates state that if people can carry guns into Starbucks, then the tranquil atmosphere that people seek at the coffeehouses will be destroyed.

Q. The article states:
The company has requested that both gun enthusiasts and gun control advocates refrain from putting the chain in the middle of the larger, divisive gun control debate.
Which would be the closest synonym for the word divisive?
Ans: Disruptive

Q. Which of these is a statement of opinion?
Ans: It is surprising that Starbucks would honor state gun laws that will potentially intimidate and frighten their own customers.

Q. Based on information in the article, which best describes the difference between Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee & Tea in the open-carry weapons law debate?
Ans: Starbucks allows customers to carry guns in any state that has open-carry laws, while Peet’s Coffee & Tea refuses to permit firearms in any state where it does business.

Q. Which of these should not be included in a summary of this article?
Ans: Businesses have the right to deny service to customers who enter their stores on bare feet.



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