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Climate Change BrainPop Quiz Answers

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Climate Change BrainPop Quiz Answers

Q. Which statistic is most closely related to climate?
Ans: Average yearly snowfall in Denver is 55 inches.

Q. Which saying best describes the greenhouse effect’s impact on our planet?
Ans: Everything in moderation

Q. If Earth is like a greenhouse, carbon gases in the atmosphere are like the:
Ans: Glass

Q. How will next year’s average global temperature compared to this year’s average?
Ans: It’s impossible to predict.

Q. Which of the following individual actions would do the most to reduce atmospheric methane?
Ans: Going vegan

Q. Compared to historical trends, what is different about contemporary climate change?
Ans: It’s occurring faster.

Q. We can learn about the climate of different periods throughout history by studying what aspect of the bubbles trapped in ice core samples?
Ans: The levels of different gases in the bubbles

Q. As polar ice caps melt, which area would face the most significant immediate threat?
Ans: Florida, Miami

Q. “Global climate change” is preferred to “global warming” because temperature change may not be its most conspicuous effect. What can you infer is the meaning of “conspicuous”?
Ans: Noticeable

Q. Which of these is an opinion about climate change?
Ans: It is the most serious danger that humans face today


About BrainPop Climate Change

Climate change is the long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns in a place. Climate change could refer to a particular location or the planet as a whole. Climate change has been connected with damaging weather events such as more frequent and more intense hurricanes, floods, downpours, and winter storms.

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