Computer programming has become one of the most coveted skills a person can acquire in the 21st century.

The reason is simple enough, almost every aspect of modern-day life has now been digitized or automated.

As a result of this technological revolution, several in-demand skills of the past have faded away into oblivion.

So, for instance, in the early 1980s if you were an accountant who was extremely adept at crunching numbers your skills were in hot demand in the market.

But then Microsoft’s developers came by and designed the first version of the now extremely popular tool, MS Excel, and almost overnight hundreds not thousands of number crunchers found themselves to be on the wrong side of the unemployment lines.

While on the other hand people who could develop technologies like Excel or could at least use them became one of the most employable folks in the market.

Last year, the launch of Open AI’s flagship tool, Chat GPT, and the consequent AI boom has taken the ball a step further even.

Today, Artificially Intelligent technologies like Excel AI have started denting the job markets of Excel gurus and experts. All you need to do is put in a proper prompt about what it is that you want the sheet to do and the tool churns out a formula, it’s almost like magic.

Consequently, people who earned their bread and butter using Excel are not hanging on to their jobs by an ever-thinning thread.

While on the other hand people who have the required skills to create and deploy these artificially intelligent models have become one of the highest paid in the job market.

What is the moral of this tiny lesson in the history of technology; in the tech economy coders have and will never be out of demand. For this reason, it is safe to say that computer programming is one of the most future-proof skills a person can acquire in the 21st century.

The people who have still not recognized the supreme importance of this skill should start reading the writing now evident on the proverbial wall, lest they are forced to reckon with this reality while waiting in the bread lines.


Now, that we have scared you enough into considering shifting to coding as a profession, the next big question is, how and where to learn this skill. The answer to this question is again fairly straightforward, you can learn coding through the thousands if not millions of free and paid services available online.

This blog is dedicated to listing down at least three platforms and resources that can help you initiate your programming journey.

But before we jump onto a brief introduction of these platforms, there is one very important thing, worth mentioning. You will never be able to properly leverage any of the resources mentioned in this write-up if you are using a DSL connection.

So, before you set out on your learning journey, ensure that you obtain a connection from a reliable internet service provider like Spectrum so that you can learn without any hitches.


Learn Coding – Most 3 Famous Places To Learn

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s jump onto our list. Here are three amazing platforms for people looking to learn coding.



Like the name suggests Code Academy is a platform dedicated to the learning of computer programming. The platform offers several unique and rare features that few in the market have been able to replicate. The first of these unique elements is the detailed level of career paths that the platform has designed for people who are new to the programming world.

From Data Science to Web Development to even Artificially Intelligence and Automation, the platform offers beginner to advanced-level pathways for everything related to programming.

Moreover, during your learnings, the platforms also facilitate you in the development of advanced-level projects that help enhance your potential in the job market.

Lastly, the platform has built an amazing gamification module that helps spice up the dull process of learning how to code.



Unlike the previous platform on the list, Hacker Rank does not help you learn programming as such. There are no courses or career pathways. Instead, the platform is focused on helping people practice and implement their programming skills.

The platform has a vast repository of very creative and somewhat complicated programming problems and puzzles in dozens of different programming languages.

Most of the problems on the platform are directed toward helping audiences master interview questions and sharpen their knowledge base through trial and error.



Coursera is not a platform dedicated to programming. Instead, the platform offers a host of professionally designed courses on everything from management to human resources.

But the programming courses available on the platform are choke full of substantive learning materials and in most cases offer certifications that are accredited with established university-level institutions.

In short, a Coursera certification is bound to enhance your employability.



Computer programming is one of the most future-proof skills a person can learn in the 21st century. Coders are in high demand and are getting paid impressive salaries across the employment spectrum.

So, if you are interested in learning how to code, pick any one of the three platforms mentioned in this list and prepare for a lucrative career.

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