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Metric Mania Answer Key

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Metric Mania Answer Key

Metric Mania Lesson 1 LENGTH Answer Key

1. What is the basic unit for length? Meter

2. Circle the best unit for measuring each distance:
a. Thickness of an eyelash: mm cm m
b. Length of a pencil: cm m km

3. Use a meter stick or a metric ruler to find each measurement.
a. Width of this page: 216 mm or 21.6 cm
b. Length of an unsharpened pencil: 19 cm

4. Convert the following measurements:
a. 34 mm = 3.4 cm
b. 3 km = 3000 m
c. 234 cm = 2.34 m
d. 35 m = 35000 mm


Metric Mania Lesson 2 MASS Answer Key

1. What is the basic unit for mass? Grams

2. Circle the best unit for measuring each mass:
a. Amount of spices in a batch of cookies: mg g kg
b. Your mass: mg g kg
c. Mass of 10 pennies: mg g kg

3. Use a triple-beam balance to find each measurement:
a. Mass of an ink pen 2.4 g
b. Mass of a can of soda 384 g

4. Convert the following measurements:
a. 16 mg = 0.016 g
b. 4.7 kg = 4700 g
c. 12345 g = 12.345 kg
d. 2 g = 2000 mg


Metric Mania Lesson 3 VOLUME Answer Key

1. What is the basic unit of volume? Liters or cm³

2. Circle the best unit for measuring each volume:
a. Amount of soda in 1 can: mL L
b. Water in a bathtub: mL L

3. Determine the volume for each object.
a. Use L × W × H to find the volume of a chalkboard eraser: 187cm³
b. Use water displacement to find the volume of four marbles: size-dependent cm³

4. Convert the following measurements:
a. 160 mL = 0.160 L
b. 23 kL = 23000 L
c. 456 cL = 4560 mL
d. 120 mL = 120 cm³


Metric Mania Lesson 4 TEMPERATURE Answer Key

1. What is the basic unit for temperature? Celsius

2. What are the freezing and boiling points for water on this scale?
a. Freezing: 0
b. Boiling: 100 ℃ ℃

3. Circle the best choice:
a. Temperature on a hot summer’s day: 0° 35° 90°
b. Room temperature: -20° 0° 20°

4. Convert the following measurements.
a. 90 °F = 32.22 °C
b. 45 °F = 7.22 °C


Metric Mania Lesson 5 TIME Answer Key

1. What is the basic unit for measuring time? seconds (s)

2. How many seconds are in:
a. 1 minute? 60 s
b. 6 hours? 21600 s
c. 2 days? 172800 s


Metric Mania Lesson 6 DENSITY Answer Key

1. Would the objects with the following densities float, sink, or remain suspended in tap water?
a. 0.85 g/mL = Float
b. 1.0 g/mL = suspended
c. 1.4 g/mL = Sink
d. 0.92 g/mL = Float


Metric Mania System Challenge

1. Instrument used to find mass? Triple-beam balance
2. Metric unit for length? Meter
3. Amount of space an object takes up? Volume
4. 9.8 m/s2 = Gravity
5. Metric unit for mass? Gram
6. Instrument used to measure volume? Graduated cylinder
7. Mass ÷ volume = Density
8. 1 meter = 100 Centimeter
9. Metric unit for weight? Newton
10. Metric unit for liquid volume? Liter
11. Amount of matter in an object? Mass
12. Measure the force of gravity acting on an object? Weight
13. Metric unit for temperature? Celsius
14. 1 liter = 1,000 Milliliters
15. The name of the “bubble”? Meniscus
16. 1000 grams = 1 Kilogram
17. Instrument used to measure length? Meterstick
18. 1 milliliter = 1 Cubic centimeter
19. Width, height, thickness, or distance? Length
20. Formula for calculating volume? L x W x H


English or Metric Answer Key

1) 16 in = 40.64 cm
2) 345 lbs = 156.49 kg
3) 56 g = 1.98 oz
4) 450 km = 279.63 mi
5) 1200 ml = 40.56 fl oz
6) 40 m = 131.23 ft
7) 4 gal = 15.14 l
8) 12 fl oz = 354.9 ml
9) 50 kg = 110.23 lbs
10) Penny has a pencil that is 19 cm long. How long is the pencil in inches? 7.48 in (19 x .3937)
11) Macho Mel can lift 200 kilograms with ease. How much is this in pounds? 440.92 lbs (200 x 2.2046)
12) The distance between Happyville and Giggleland is 60 miles. How far is this in kilometers? 96.54 km (60 x 1.609)
13) A can of Cheap-O soda holds 355 ml of soda. How many milliliters would be in 2 cans of soda? 710 ml (355 x 2)
14) A cookie recipe calls for 1 pound of butter. How many grams of butter would be needed for 3 batches? 1360.8 g (1 lb -> 16 oz x 28.35 x 3)


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About Metric Mania & Basics

As the metric system starts to push aside the traditional units in much of Europe, especially in scientific work, Americans continue to resist abandoning their customary measures.

The newton is the basic unit used by all scientists everywhere for measuring force.

All scientists everywhere use Newton as a base unit of measurement for force.

A bushel is the traditional American unit for measuring volume.

The traditional American unit for measuring volume is called a bushel.

American customary units are ill-suited to scientific work because they are inconsistent.

American customary units are ill-suited for scientific work because they are inconsistent.

A centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system of units is a way to measure length, mass, and time.

In CGS, a centimeter-gram-second system of units [length, mass, time], each unit can be converted into another by multiplying or dividing the number representing the quantity in the standard base unit for that type of measurement.

A kilogram is the base unit of mass in the metric system.

The base unit of mass in the metric system is called a kilogram.

A liter is equivalent to 1,000 cubic centimeters.

A liter equals 1000 cubic centimeters.

The standard litre is equal to 1 cubic decimeter. A volume of 1,000 milliliters is equal to a cubic decimeter.

The milligram-meter is the unit that measures force in the metric system.

In the metric system, a milligram-meter measures force [or pressure].

A square centimeter is a standard unit for measuring surface area.

A square meter is a standard metric unit of area equal to 100 square centimeters or 10,000 square millimeters, or 1 area.

In the metric system, a square meter is a base unit of area.

A tonne is an alternative name for a megagram or 1 million grams.

An alternative name for a megagram or 1 million grams is called “a tonne.”

The English language as spoken in America has no standard system of measurement.

A watt-hour is a unit of energy or work equal to one joule expended for one hour.

The watt-hour measures work [energy] expended for an hour.


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