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Greek Decoder Answers Key

Greek Decoder Answer Key

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Greek Decoder Answers – Page 165


S. √95
O. √171
H. √100
I. √137
E. √169
L. √51
F. √121
K. √81
U. √156
W. √3
M. √2
T. √1
N. √4
Y. √168
A. √49
P. √150
R. √144
G. √16


Greek Decoder Answers – Miscellaneous Excercise

Q. Large sea near Greece
Ans: Ionian

Q. Second-largest city; namesake of two Bible books
Ans: Thessaloniki

Q. The official name of Greece: __ Republic
Ans: Hellenic

Q. Famous work by Homer (not the Odyssey)
Ans: Iliad

Q. Number of stripes on Greece’s flag
Ans: Nine

Q. Non-anglicized name of Cadmus
Ans: Kadmos

Q. Defeater of the minotaur and owner of a philosophical ship
Ans: Theseus

Q. Wife of the Greek’s greatest god
Ans: Hera

Q. The namesake of Greece’s continent, and of a moon
Ans: Europa

Q. Empire of which Greece became a part about 2000 years ago
Ans: Roman

Q. A zone which Greece joined in 2001
Ans: Eurozone

Q. Symbol of Hestia, goddess of the hearth (another name for it)
Ans: Fireplace

Q. Games which were first held in both 776 BC and 1896 AD
Ans: Olympic

Q. A city that once contained a massive colossus
Ans: Rhodes

Q. Greek counterpart of the more famous Cupid
Ans: Eros

Q. Titan of mortality, also known as ‘the Piercer’
Ans: Iapetus

Q. Modern-day capital and largest city of Greece
Ans: Athens

Q. Greek region from which Alexander the Great hailed
Ans: Macedonia


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About Greek Decoder

Greek Decoder is a plugin in the “Greek Suite” which automatically turns Greek words into their Latin transliterations.

Greek Decoder also automatically translates documents to and from Latin, allowing them to be read by anyone who speaks either language.

However, it is not considered polite or even acceptable in some settings for Greeks themselves to use a greek decoder if writing to other Greeks.

Its use is considered a sign of snobbishness, and some say it suggests you think that your audience will not be able to cope with Greek itself.

Greek decoder is free for anyone to download and use, but there are many similar programs available that work just as well: Latinizer 2 and Decipher are the most popular, and Eurotranslator is a good free option.


Things To Remember Before Answering

Answers to the greek decoder are not always put together in a logical order.

The following is used by many of the answerers, but it may be incorrect: Latin, Hebrew, English. However, Latin appears incorrectly on some of the decoders so this has led to increased confusion for new players.

After careful consideration, the official answer is Hebrew, Latin, English.

Below are the reasons why;

Firstly it should be noted that on some of the greek decoders there is an extra space between “Hebrew” and “English”, which breaks the pattern (i.e.: on some of them you see ‘HebrewEnglish’, and on some, you see ‘Hebrew English).

On this decoder, we can clearly see that Hebrew is the first letter (the reference to black-eye peas should be replaced with a reference to Ezekiel 25:17, which features in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction). Thus it should come first.

Secondly, it should also be noted that “Latin” is not in between the letter “H” and the letter “E”, whereas “English” is. This means we can rule out Latin as coming before Hebrew, and it must come after.

However, the inconsistency of Latin within the greek decoder does pose a problem for new players (i.e. if the answerers are wrong, how are new players supposed to know which is correct?). This problem may be resolved by implementing a “LEAVE IT OUT” button for this section of the greek decoder.

We hope this short article has successfully answered all your questions about how the official answer was reached.


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