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Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Answers Key – Unit 1 to Unit 15 Revealed For Free

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Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Answers Key

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 1 Answers

Q. adjacent
Ans: (adj) near, next to, adjoining

Q. alight
Ans: (v) to get down from, step down from, to come down from the air, land (adj) lighted up

Q. barren
Ans: (adj) not productive, bare

Q. disrupt
Ans: (v) to break up, disturb

Q. dynasty
Ans: (n) a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position or power for some time

Q. foretaste
Ans: (n) an advance indication, sample, or warning

Q. germinate
Ans: (v) to begin to grow, come into being

Q. humdrum
Ans: (adj) ordinary, dull, routine, without variation

Q. hurtle
Ans: (v) to rush violently, dash headlong; to fling or hurl forcefully

Q. insinuate
Ans: (v) to suggest or hint slyly; to edge into something indirectly

Q. interminable
Ans: (adj) endless, so long as to seem endless

Q. interrogate
Ans: (v) to ask questions, examine by questioning

Q. recompense
Ans: (v) to pay back; to give a reward; (n) a payment for loss, service, or injury

Q. renovate
Ans: (v) to repair, restore to good condition, make new again

Q. resume
Ans: (n) a brief summary; a short written account of one’s education, working experience, or qualifications for a job

Q. sullen
Ans: (adj) silent or brooding because of ill humor, anger, or resentment; slow-moving, sluggish

Q. trickle
Ans: (v) to flow or fall by drops or in small streams; (n) a small irregular quantity of anything

Q. trivial
Ans: (adj) not important, minor; ordinary, commonplace

Q. truce
Ans: (n) a pause in fighting, temporary peace

Q. vicious
Ans: (adj) evil, bad; spiteful; having bad habits or an ugly disposition; painfully severe or extreme


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 2 Answers

Q. available
Ans: ready for use, at hand (adjective)

Q. cater
Ans: to satisfy the needs of, try to make things easy and pleasant; to supply food and service (verb)

Q. customary
Ans: usual, expected, routine (adjective)

Q. dissuade
Ans: v. to persuade not to do something

Q. entrepreneur
Ans: a person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business (noun)

Q. firebrand
Ans: n. a piece of burning wood; troublemaker; an extremely energetic or emotional person

Q. hazard
Ans: risk; peril (noun) to expose to danger or harm; to gamble (verb)

Q. hinder
Ans: v. to delay; to prevent or stop from happening

Q. homicide
Ans: the killing of one person by another (noun)

Q. indifference
Ans: n. a lack of interest or concern

Q. indignant
Ans: adj. filled with resentment or anger over something unjust, unworthy or mean

Q. indispensable
Ans: adj. absolutely necessary, not to be neglected

Q. lubricate
Ans: to apply oil or grease; to make smooth, slippery, or easier to use (verb)

Q. pelt
Ans: to throw a stream of things, to strike successively, to hurry

Q. plague
Ans: an easily spread disease causing a large number of deaths; a widespread evil (noun) to annoy or bother (verb)

Q. poised
Ans: balance, suspended, calm. controlled, ready for action

Q. mutual
Ans: shared, felt, or shown equally by two or more

Q. regime
Ans: a government in power; a form or system of rule or management; a period of rule

Q. transparent
Ans: allowing light to pass through, easily recognized or understood, easily seen through or detected

Q. unscathed
Ans: wholly unharmed, not injured


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 3 Answers

Q. animated
Ans: (adj.) full of life, lively, alive; (part.) moved to action

Q. brood
Ans: (n.) a family of young animals, especially birds; any group having the same nature and origin; (v.) to think over in a worried, unhappy way

Q. constituent
Ans: (n.) an essential part; a voter who elects a representative

Q. culminate
Ans: (v.) to reach a high point of development; to end, climax

Q. downright
Ans: (adv.) thoroughly; (adj.) absolute, complete; frank, blunt

Q. drone
Ans: (n.) a loafer, idler; a buzzing or humming sound; a remote-control device; a male bee; (v.) to make a buzzing sound; to speak in a dull tone of voice

Q. goad
Ans: (v.) to drive or urge on; (n.) something used to drive or urge on

Q. hanker
Ans: (v.) to long for, to desire

Q. indulge
Ans: (v.) to give in to a wish or desire, give oneself up to

Q. literate
Ans: (adj.) able to read and write; showing an excellent educational background; having knowledge or training

Q. loom
Ans: (v.) to come into view; to appear in exaggerated form; (n.) a machine for weaving

Q. luster
Ans: (n.) the quality of giving off light, brightness, glitter

Q. miscellaneous
Ans: (adj.) mixed, of different kinds

Q. oration
Ans: (n.) a public speech for a formal occasion

Q. peevish
Ans: (adj.) cross, complaining, irritable; contrary

Q. seethe
Ans: (v.) to boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed

Q. singe
Ans: (v.) to burn slightly; (n.) a burn at the ends or edges

Q. unique
Ans: (adj.) one of a kind; unequaled; unusual; found only in a given class, place, or situation

Q. upright
Ans: (adj.) vertical, straight; good, honest; (adv.) in a vertical position

Q. verify
Ans: (v.) to establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 4 Answers

Q. alliance
Ans: (n.) a joining together for some common purpose

Q. bewilder
Ans: (v.) to puzzle completely, confuse

Q. buffoon
Ans: (n.) a clown; a coarse, stupid person

Q. controversial
Ans: (adj.) arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement

Q. dishearten
Ans: (v.) to discourage

Q. fruitless
Ans: (adj.) not producing the desired results, unsuccessful

Q. hostile
Ans: (adj.) unfriendly; unfavorable; warlike, aggressive

Q. inflammable
Ans: (adj.) easily set on fire; easily angered or aroused

Q. inflict
Ans: (v.) to give or cause something unpleasant, impose

Q. malignant
Ans: (adj.) deadly, extremely harmful, evil; spiteful, malicious

Q. mortify
Ans: (v.) to hurt someone’s feelings deeply; to cause embarrassment or humiliation; to subdue or discipline by self-denial or suffering

Q. orthodox
Ans: (adj.) in agreement with established or generally accepted beliefs or ways of doing things

Q. procure
Ans: (v.) to obtain through special effort; to bring about

Q. scurry
Ans: (v.) to run quickly, scamper, hurry

Q. sodden
Ans: (adj.) soaked with liquid or moisture, expressionless, dull; spiritless, listless

Q. spirited
Ans: (adj.) full of life and vigor; courageous

Q. virtual
Ans: (adj.) having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name; so close as to be equivalent to the real thing

Q. void
Ans: (adj.) completely empty; having no legal force or effect; (n.) empty or unfilled space (v.) to cancel or nullify

Q. wayward
Ans: (adj.) disobedient, willful; unpredictable, capricious

Q. wince
Ans: (v.) to draw back suddenly, as though in pain or fear; (n.) the act of drawing back in this way


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 5 Answers

Q. uncertainty
Ans: (noun) doubt the state of being unsure

Q. substantial
Ans: (adjective) large, important, major, significant, prosperous, not imaginary, material

Q. counterfeit
(n.) an imitation designed to deceive
(adj.) not genuine, false
(v.) to make an illegal copy

Q. grimy
Ans: (adj.) Very dirty, covered with dirt or soot

Q. fickle
Ans: (adj.) liable to change very rapidly, erratic, marked by a lack of constancy, or steadiness, inconsistent

Q. ultimate
Ans: (adj.) last, final; most important or extreme; eventual; fundamental

Q. radiant
Ans: (adj.) shining, bright; giving forth light or energy

Q. rural
Ans: (adj.) relating to farm areas and life in the country

Q. tamper
Ans: (v.) to interfere with; to handle in a secret and improper way

Q. tactful
Ans: (adj.) skilled in handling difficult situations or people, polite

Q. maul
(v.) to beat or knock about, handle roughly, to mangle
(n.) a heavy hammer

Q. potential
(adj.) possible, able to happen
(n.) something that can develop o become a reality

Q. entreat
Ans: (v.) beg, implore, ask earnestly

Q. docile
Ans: (adj.) easily taught, led, or managed

Q. dominate
Ans: (v.) rule over by strength or power, control; to tower over, command due to height

Q. fallible
Ans: (adj.) capable of being wrong, mistaken, or inaccurate

Q. iota
Ans: (n.) a very small part or quantity

Q. anecdote
Ans: (n.) a short account of an incident in someone’s life

Q. consolidate
Ans: (v.) to combine, unite; to make solid or firm

Q. fugitive
(n.) one who flees or runs away
(adj.) fleeting, lasting a very short time; wandering; difficult to grasp


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 6 Answers

Q. anonymous
Ans: (adj.) unnamed, without the name of the person involved (writer, composer, etc.); unknown; lacking individuality or character

Q. browse
Ans: (v.) to nibble, graze; to read casually; to window-shop

Q. dupe
Ans: (n.) a person easily tricked or deceived; (v.) to deceive

Q. dynamic
Ans: (adj.) active, energetic, forceful

Q. eradicate
Ans: (v.) to root out, get rid of, destroy completely

Q. frustrate
Ans: (v.) to prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; to cause feelings of discouragement

Q. grim
Ans: (adj.) stern, merciless; fierce, savage, cruel

Q. inimitable
Ans: (adj.) not capable of being copied or imitated

Q. makeshift
Ans: (n.) a temporary substitute for something else; (adj.) crude, flimsy, or temporary

Q. marginal
Ans: (adj.) in, at, or near the edge or margin; only barely good, large, or important enough for the purpose

Q. pending
Ans: (adj.) waiting to be settled; (prep.) until

Q. prescribe
Ans: (v.) to order as a rule or course to be followed; to order for medical purposes

Q. preview
Ans: (n.) something seen in advance; (v.) to view beforehand

Q. prominent
Ans: (adj.) standing out so as to be easily seen; important, well-known

Q. quaint
Ans: (adj.) odd or old-fashioned in a pleasing way; clever, ingenious; skillfully made

Q. reluctant
Ans: (adj.) unwilling, holding back

Q. scrimp
Ans: (v.) to handle very economically or stingily; to supply in a way that is small, short, or scanty

Q. snare
Ans: (v.) to trap, catch; (n.) a trap or entanglement

Q. utmost
Ans: (adj.) greatest, highest, farthest; (n.) the extreme limit

Q. vengeance
Ans: (n.) punishment in return for an injury or a wrong; unusual force or violence

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 7 Answers

Q. amiss
(adj) faulty, imperfect
(adv) not as it should be; in a mistaken or improper way, wrongly

Q. brawl
(n) a noisy quarrel or fight
(v) to fight noisily

Q. detest
(v) to hate, dislike very much, loathe

Q. domestic
(adj) native to a country; relating to the life or affairs of a household
(n) a household servant

Q. flagrant
(adj) extremely bad, glaring, scandalous, notorious

Q. flaw
(n) a slight fault, defect, crack

Q. fledgling
(n) an inexperienced person, beginner; a young bird about to leave the nest
(adj) inexperienced, budding

Q. fluster
(v) to make or become confused, agitated, or nervous
(n) a state of confusion or agitation

Q. foremost
(adj) chief, most important, primary
(adv) in the first place

Q. momentum
(n) the force or speed with which something moves

Q. notable
(adj) striking, remarkable
(n) person who is well known, distinguished, or outstanding in some way

Q. nurture
(v) to bring up, care for, train
(n) upbringing, rearing, training

Q. paradox
(n) a self-contradictory statement that on closer examination proves true; a person or thing with seemingly contradictory qualities

Q. perjury
(n) the act of swearing to a lie

Q. presume
(v) to take for granted, assume or suppose; to dare, take upon oneself, take liberties

Q. prior
(adj) earlier, former

Q. proficient
(adj) skilled, expert, or capable in any field or activity

Q. salvo
(n) a burst of gunfire or cannon shot, often as a tribute or salute; a sudden burst of anything; a spirited verbal attack

Q. vigilant
(adj) wide-awake,alert,watchful

Q. wrath
(n) intense anger


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 8 Answers

Q. abnormal
(adj.) not usual, not typical, strange
syn: freakish, unnatural, irregular, anomalous
ant: normal, usual, regular, typical

Q. capsize
(v.) to turn bottom side up, upset
syn: upend, tip over

Q. catastrophe
(n.) a large-scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
syn: tragedy, cataclysm
ant: triumph, victory, success

Q. decrease
(v.) to become or make less; (n.) a lessening
syn: (v.) lessen, reduce, dwindle, diminish
ant: (v.) increase, grow, develop, wax

Q. disputatious
(adj.) inclined to argue or debate; provoking debate
syn: argumentative, quarrelsome, contentious
ant: nonargumentative, peaceable, pacific

Q. evict
(v.) to force out from a property, eject
syn: oust, expel, kick out
ant: admit, insert

Q. flourish
(v.) to grow, thrive, be prosperous; to wave in the air; (n.) a dramatic gesture; a fanfare of horns
syn: (v.) prosper, burgeon, increase
ant: (v.) wither, die, fade, shrivel up

Q. incentive
(n.) a reason for doing something; something that stimulates action
syn: stimulus, spur, motive, inducement
ant: curb, check, restraint, hindrance

Q. insubordinate
(adj.) disobedient, rebellious
syn: defiant, unruly, mutinous
ant: obedient, submissive, docile, tractable

Q. legible
(adj.) easily read
syn: clear, decipherable
ant: unreadable, indecipherable

Q. nub
(n.) the central point or heart of a matter; a knob
syn: kernel, nucleus, crux
ant: fringe, periphery, edge

Q. onslaught
(n.) a violent attack; a sudden rush of something
syn: assault, charge, foray, onset

Q. ordain
(v.) to establish by law; to order or command; to appoint as a priest or minister; to destine
syn: anoint, consecrate, enact, decree
ant: forbid, veto, cancel

Q. outstrip
(v.) to get ahead of, do better than, exceed
syn: outdo, outperform, outdistance, surpass
ant: trail, lag behind

Q. pervade
(v.) to spread throughout
syn: permeate, diffuse, imbue

Q. prudent
(adj.) cautious, careful, showing good sense
syn: wary, judicious
ant: foolish, unwise, rash

Q. quench
(v.) to put out, extinguish, end
syn: douse, stifle
ant: ignite, kindle

Q. remnant
(n.) a small part remaining behind
syn: remainder, residue, leftover

Q. simultaneous
(adj.) happening or existing at the same time
syn: occurring at the same time, concurrent
ant: occurring at different times

Q. swerve
(v.) to turn aside sharply; (n.) a sharp or sudden turn
syn: (v.) digress, sheer off


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 9 Answers

Q. accelerate
Ans: (v.) to speed up, cause to move faster; to bring about more quickly

Q. bystander
Ans: (n.) one who looks on or observes, a person present but not taking part

Q. canvass
Ans: (v.) to go through an area in order to produce votes, sales, or opinions; to go over in detail; to discuss

Q. casual
Ans: (adj.) happening by chance or on an irregular basis; showing little concern; informal

Q. downtrodden
Ans: (adj.) treated unfairly and cruelly, oppressed

Q. entice
Ans: (v.) to attract, tempt

Q. erode
Ans: (v.) to wear away gradually, eat away

Q. flounder
Ans: (v.) to thrash about in a clumsy or ineffective way

Q. graphic
Ans: (adj.) lifelike, vivid; relating to the pictorial arts

Q. gruesome
Ans: (adj.) horrible, revolting, ghastly

Q. melancholy
(adj.) sad, gloomy, unhappy
(n.) sadness, gloominess

Q. ordeal
Ans: (n.) a difficult or painful experience, a trial

Q. parch
Ans: (v.) to make dry and thirsty; to shrivel with heat

Q. persist
Ans: (v.) to continue steadily in a course of action, refuse to stop or be changed; to last, remain

Q. puny
Ans: (adj.) of less than normal strength or size; of no importance

Q. quibble
(v.) to evade or belittle a point by twisting words or raising minor objections
(n.) a petty objection

Q. ratify
Ans: (v.) to approve, give formal approval to, confirm

Q. regal
Ans: (adj.) royal, kinglike; fit for a king

Q. stifle
Ans: (v.) to smother, prevent from breathing; to hold back or choke off

Q. vital
Ans: (adj.) having life, living; necessary to life, essential; key, crucial


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 10 Answers

Q. bellow
Ans: (v.) to make a sound similar to that of a bull, roar; (n.) a loud, angry roar

Q. beneficiary
Ans: (n.) one who benefits from something; a person who is left money or other property in a will or the like

Q. botch
Ans: (v.) to repair or patch poorly; make a mess of; (n.) a hopelessly bungled job

Q. clutter
Ans: (v.) to fill or cover in a disorderly way; (n.) a state of disorder, mess

Q. dilapidated
Ans: (adj.) falling apart or ruined, run-down

Q. dismantle
Ans: (v.) to take apart; to strip of something

Q. farce
Ans: (n.) a play filled with ridiculous or absurd happenings; broad or far-fetched humor; a ridiculous sham

Q. futile
Ans: (adj.) not successful, failing to have any result; useless; unimportant, frivolous

Q. grueling
Ans: (adj.) very tiring, calling for an extreme effort

Q. hospitable
Ans: (adj.) offering friendly or generous treatment to guests; open to anything new or strange

Q. lair
Ans: (n.) the home or den of a wild animal; any hideout

Q. lavish
Ans: (adj.) overly generous, extravagant; abundant; (v.) to spend or give freely or without limit

Q. morbid
Ans: (adj.) in an unhealthy mental state, extremely gloomy; caused by or related to disease, unwholesome

Q. notorious
Ans: (adj.) widely known because of bad conduct

Q. pamper
Ans: (v.) to allow too many privileges, be too generous and easygoing toward

Q. parasite
Ans: (n.) an organism that lives on or in another organism; one who lives off another person

Q. shirk
Ans: (v.) to avoid or get out of doing work, neglect a duty; to sneak, slink

Q. surplus
Ans: (n.) an amount beyond what is required, excess; (adj.) more than what is needed or expected

Q. timidity
Ans: (n.) the state of being easily frightened

Q. veto
Ans: (n.) the power to forbid or prevent; (v.) to prohibit, reject


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 11 Answers

Q. adequate
(adj.) sufficient, enough
syn: satisfactory, sufficing
ant: insufficient

Q. ajar
(adj, adv.) partly open
ant: (adj., adv.) closed tight, shut, open wide

Q. dialogue
(n.) a conversation between two or more people; an interchange of opinions and ideas, free discussion
syn: exchange of ideas
ant: monologue, soliloquy

Q. emblem
(n.) a symbol, sign, token
syn: badge, crest

Q. gigantic
(adj.) huge, giant, immense
syn: enormous, colossal, mammoth
ant: tiny, infinitesimal, diminutive

Q. havoc
(n.) very great destruction, ruin; great confusion and disorder
syn: devastation, harm, disarray
ant: peace and quiet, calm, order

Q. hearth
(n.) the floor of a fireplace; the fireside as a symbol of the home and family
syn: chimney corner

Q. implore
(v.) to beg earnestly for
syn: entreat, beseech, pray
ant: demand forcefully, clamor for

Q. infamous
(adj.) very wicked; disgraceful, shameful
syn: scandalous, villainous, fragrant, heinous
ant: glorious, splendid, illustrious, praiseworthy

Q. innumerable
(adj.) too many to count, without number
syn: countless, beyond reckoning
ant: countable, few in number

Q. lax
(adj.) not strict, careless; lacking discipline; not tense, relaxed
syn: slack, remiss
ant: strict, vigilant, conscientious, scrupulous

Q. mar
(v.) to spoil, damage, injure
syn: scar, disfigure
ant: beautify, embellish, repair

Q. misdemeanor
(n.) a crime or offense that is less serious than a felony; any minor misbehavior or misconduct
syn: misdeed, petty offense or transgression
ant: felony, serious crime

Q. mull
(v.) to think about, ponder; to grind or mix; to heat and flavor with spices
syn: consider, reflect on

Q. narrative
(n.) a story, detailed report; (adj.) having the quality or the nature of a story
syn: (n.) tale, chronicle

Q. overture
(n.) an opening move toward negotiation or action; a proposal or offer; an introductory section or part
syn: prelude, tender
ant: finale, postlude

Q. pact
(n.) an agreement, treaty
syn: compact, alliance, deal

Q. stalemate
(n.) a situation in which further action by either of two opponents is impossible; (v.) to bring to a standstill
syn: (n.) standoff, draw; (v.) deadlock
ant (n.) victory; (v.) defeat

Q. vindictive
(adj.) bearing a grudge, feeling or showing a strong tendency toward revenge
syn: spiteful, malicious
ant: forgiving, relenting

Q. wilt
(v.) to become limp and drooping (as a flower), wither; to loose strength and vigor
syn: sag, weaken, shrivel up
ant: flourish, bloom, sprout, perk up, revive


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 12 Answers

Q. abound
Ans: (v) to be plentiful, be filled

Q. braggart
(n) a boaster
(adj) boastful in a loud, annoying way

Q. cache
(n) a hiding place; something hidden or stored

Q. clarification
(n) the act of making clear or understandable, an explanation

Q. despondent
(adj) sad, without hope, discouraged

Q. embezzle
(v) to steal property entrusted to one’s care

Q. heartrending
(adj) causing mental pain or grief

Q. leisurely
(adj) unhurried, taking plenty of time
(adv) in an easygoing or unhurried way

Q. lethargic
(adj) unnaturally sleepy; dull, slow moving; indifferent

Q. malady
(n) a sickness, illness, disease, disorder

Q. mellow
(adj) ripe, well-matured; soft, sweet and rich; gentle, pleasant
(v) to become gentle and sweet

Q. nomadic
(adj) wandering, moving about from place to place

Q. piecemeal
(adj) one piece at a time
(adv) gradually

Q. quest
(n) a search, hunt
(v) to search, seek, ask

Q. random
(adj) by chance, not planned or prearranged; irregular

Q. rant
(v) to speak wildly and noisily
(n) loud, violent talk

Q. reinforce
(v) to make stronger with new materials or support

Q. seclusion
(n) isolation from others, solitude

Q. status
(n) a person’s condition or position in the eyes of the law; relative rank or standing, especially in society; prestige

Q. turmoil
(n) a state of great confusion or disorder; mental strain or agitation


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 13 Answers

Q. agitation
(n.) a violent stirring or movement; noisy confusion, excitement, a stirring up of public enthusiasm
syn: disquiet, uneasiness, upset
ant: peace of mind, composure, calm

Q. blurt
(v.) to say suddenly or without thinking
syn: blab, let slip

Q. chronological
(adj.) arranged in order of time of occurrence
syn: in time sequence, consecutive

Q. countenance
(n.) a face, facial expression; (v.) to tolerate or approve
syn: (v.) support, condone
ant: (v.) disapprove of

Q. diminish
(v.) to make or become smaller, reduce in size
syn: lessen, decrease, dwindle
ant: increase, enlarge, augment

Q. enchant
(v.) to please greatly; to charm, put under a magic spell
syn: delight, thrill, bewitch
ant: bore, nauseate, disgust

Q. fluctuate
(v.) to change continually; to move up and down
syn: waver, seesaw, oscillate
ant: stay put, remain unchanged

Q. foster
Ans: (v.) to bring up, give care to; to promote, encourage; (adj.) in the same family but not related by birth

Q. grovel
Ans: (v.) to humble oneself, act in a fearful and servile way; to lie face downward; to indulge in something base or unworthy

Q. handicraft
(n.) work done by hard; a trade requiring hand skill
syn: manual art, artisanship

Q. hilarious
(adj.) extremely funny, causing loud amusement
syn: highly amusing, side-splitting
ant: boring, dull, heartrending, humorless

Q. ignite
(v.) to set on fire, cause to burn; to heat up, excite
syn: inflame, light, kindle
ant: quench, extinguish, douse, put out

Q. magnitude
(n.) the great size or importance
syn: extent, immensity
ant: smallness, unimportance, insignificance

Q. massive
(adj.) large and heavy; great in size or scope
syn: bulky, immense
ant: flimsy, frail, thin

Q. maternal
(adj.) of or like a mother
syn: protective, sympathetic
ant: paternal

Q. pall
(v.) to lose in interest, attraction, or effectiveness; to become tiresome; (n.) a dark covering, something that conceals
syn: (v.) bore, weary; (n.) gloom, shadow
ant: (v.) intrigue, fascinate; (n.) light, brightness

Q. reputable
(adj.) reliable, respectable, trustworthy
syn: reliable, respectable, trustworthy
ant: shady, unsavory, questionable

Q. revere
(v.) to love and respect deeply, honor greatly
syn: esteem, cherish
ant: scorn, disdain, mock

Q. saga
(n.) a narrative of heroic exploits; a long, detailed account
syn: heroic tale, epic, chronicle

Q. stodgy
(adj.) dull, boring; old-fashioned, hidebound; lumpy, thick
syn: stuffy, tiresome, blah
ant: forward-looking, avant-garde, progressive


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 14 Answers

Q. affliction
(n.) a physical ailment; a cause of pain or trouble, misfortune
syn: illness, woe, torment, anguish
ant: blessing, boon, joy

Q. akin
(adj.) related by blood; having similar qualities or character
syn: kindred, like
ant: unrelated, different

Q. cosmopolitan
(adj.) found in most parts of the world; having many fields of interest; of worldwide scope; sophisticated
syn: global, international, polished
ant: narrow, unsophisticated, provincial

Q. elongate
(v.) to grow in length, become longer; to extend the length of
syn: lengthen, stretch, protract
ant: shorten, abbreviate, contract, curtail

Q. gala
(n.) a public entertainment marking a special event, a festive occasion; (adj.) festive, showy
syn: (n.) extravaganza, fete
ant: (adj.) spectacular, grand

Q. gaudy
(adj.) flashy, showy; not in good taste
syn: loud, vulgar
ant: restrained, quiet, sober, sedate

Q. gratitude
(n.) appreciation, thankfulness
syn: thanks, gratefulness

Q. heed
(v.) to pay careful attention to, notice; to be guided by; (n.) close attention or consideration
syn: (v.) listen to, attend
ant: (v.) ignore, disregard

Q. hoax
(n.) an act intended to trick or deceive, a fraud; (v.) to trick, deceive
syn: (n.) deception, ruse, fake
ant: (v.) dupe

Q. impartial
(adj.) just, unbiased, fair, not taking sides
syn: disinterested, neutral, objective
ant: one-sided, prejudiced, biased, partial

Q. imposter
(n.) a swindler, deceiver; one who uses a false name or character in order to cheat
syn: cheat, trickster

Q. inflate
(v.) to fill with air or gas; to swell or puff out; to make something appear larger than it is
syn: blow up, pump up, enlarge
ant: deflate, flatten, diminish

Q. meager
(adj.) poor, scant, unsatisfactory; thin, slight
syn: scanty, skimpy, sparse
ant: ample, plentiful, abundant

Q. meditate
(v.) to think about deeply and quietly, reflect upon;to plan, intend
syn: ponder, contemplate, ruminate

Q. nutritious
(adj.) nourishing, valuable and satisfying as food
syn: wholesome, healthful

Q. oppress
(v.) to govern or rule cruelly or unjustly; to weigh heavily upon
syn: mistreat, persecute, grind underfoot
ant: pamper, coddle, free, liberate

Q. pedestrian
(n.) one who goes on foot; (adj.) relating to walking; on foot; ordinary, dull, unimaginative
syn: (adj.) commonplace, prosaic
ant: (n.) driver, rider; (adj.) original, novel

Q. transmit
(v.) to send on, pass along, send out
syn: pass on, convey, relay, deliver

Q. vanquish
(v.) to defeat in a battle or contest, overthrow; to overcome a feeling or condition
syn: beat, conquer
ant: succumb to, yield to

Q. wan
(adj.) unnaturally pale or sickly looking, lacking vitality; dim, faint; weak, ineffectual
syn: ashen, pasty, bloodless, gaunt
ant: rosy, ruddy, blooming, radiant


Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop LEVEL B Unit 15 Answers

Q. authoritative
(adj.) official, coming from a source that calls for obedience or belief; dictatorial
syn: reliable, authoritarian
ant: unofficial, unreliable

Q. bankrupt
(adj.) in a state of financial ruin; (v.) to ruin financially; (n.) one who has been ruined financially
syn: (adj.) flat broke, insolvent
ant: (adj.) financially sound, solvent

Q. clamor
(n.) a public outcry; any loud and continued noise; (v.) to call for by loud, continued outcries
syn: (n.) uproar, din, racket
ant: (v.) cry out for

Q. coincide
(v.) to be in full-agreement; to be the same in nature, character, or function; to happen at the same time
syn: concur, match

Q. cynical
(adj.) inclined to believe the worst of people; bitterly mocking or sneering
syn: skeptical, sarcastic, contemptuous
ant: hopeful, optimistic

Q. despot
(n.) a ruler who oppresses his or her subjects, a tyrant
syn: dictator, autocrat, strongman

Q. feud
(n.) a bitter, long-term quarrel; (v.) to fight or quarrel with
syn: (v.) grudge, vendetta
ant: (n.) pact, agreement, harmony, concord

Q. haggle
(v.) to argue in a petty way, especially about a price
syn: bargain with, wrangle

Q. hardy
(adj.) able to bear up under difficult conditions or harsh treatment; brave and tough
syn: rugged, sturdy, resolute, stalwart
ant: feeble, weak

Q. harmonious
(adj.) able to get along together well; combining different elements that blend pleasingly; melodious
syn: agreeable, compatible, tuneful
ant: harsh, grating, discordant

Q. hoard
(v.) to store up, save; (n.) a hidden store or supply
syn: (v.) amass, reserve, cache
ant: (v.) waste, throw away, squander

Q. indisposed
(adj., part.) slightly ill; disinclined to do something
syn: (adj.) unwell, reluctant
ant: (adj.) healthy, willing, eager

Q. legacy
(n.) an inheritance; something handed down from an ancestor or from the past
syn: bequest, heritage

Q. legitimate
(adj.) lawful, rightful; reasonable, justifiable
syn: legal, right, proper, genuine
ant: unlawful, illegal, improper, unauthorized

Q. mirth
(n.) merry, fun, gaiety; laughter
syn: merriment, glee
ant: gloom, sorrow

Q. officiate
(v.) to perform the duties of an office; to conduct a religious ceremony; to referee
syn: chair, emcee, moderate

Q. partial
(adj.) not complete; favoring one side over another; showing a strong liking for someone or something
syn: biased, prejudiced, fond of
ant: complete, fair, just, unbiased

Q. patronize
(v.) to give one’s business to regularly as a customer; to support, provide financial help; to treat someone as an inferior while making a show of being kind or gracious
syn: do business with, deal with, trade with
ant: boycott, refuse to deal with

Q. rite
(n.) a ceremony; the customary form of a ceremony; any formal custom or practice
syn: observance, liturgy

Q. sagacious
(adj.) shrewd; wise in a keen, practical way
syn: smart, astute
ant: silly, ill-advised, dopey


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About Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Level B

The Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Level B is designed to help students in grades 6-7 expand their vocabulary. It covers approximately 325 words, including those from academic and content areas.

The program focuses on building word knowledge through context clues, analogies, synonyms, and antonyms. It also helps develop student understanding of how words function in sentences, as well as their ability to express themselves effectively.

In addition, it emphasizes the role of word choice in literary and informational writing. The program includes multiple activities that help students master each word and its various meanings. It also provides interactive games that allow for a fun learning experience.


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