A Surprise In My Family History ReadWorks Answer Key 2024 [FREE ACCESS]

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A Surprise In My Family History ReadWorks Answer Key

A Surprise In My Family History ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers for the article “A Surprise In My Family History“-

Q.1. What did Grandma Maeve find when she and Eileen were looking through her things?
Ans: her childhood diary

Q.2. What connection does the author make between Grandma Maeve’s life and Eileen’s?
Ans: The author writes about Eileen and her grandma’s similar challenges in making friends in a new place as teenagers.

Q.3. Eileen wishes she could make new friends. What evidence from the text supports this conclusion?
Ans: “It was hard to think of Grandma as 15, watching her siblings make friends while looking for ways to talk to her own classmates, wishing that she could hang out with them. Actually, it seemed a lot like my situation since we arrived from Chicago…”

Q.4. How does Grandma Maeve think soda bread can help Eileen make friends in New York?
Ans: She thinks Eileen can also use food to make friends by inviting people to compare Chicago and New York pizza.

Q.5. What is one main theme of this story?
Ans: Sharing something from your home can help you connect with new people.

Q.6. Why might the author have included the detail that Eileen “noticed smudges and fingerprints on the pages, some of which looked like they might be old food stains” in Grandma Maeve’s journal?
Ans: to further emphasize the role of food in her grandma’s life

Q.7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. At first, Eileen isn’t convinced that her grandma’s experiences can help her _ she changes her mind.
Ans: but

Q.8. According to the passage, how many years have Grandma Maeve and Lucia been friends?
Ans: Grandma Maeve and Lucia have been friends for over fifty years.

Q.9. How does Grandma Maeve’s friendship with Lucia help convince Eileen that food might help her make friends?
Ans: When Lucia comes to visit, Eileen realizes that she is the same Lucia from her grandma’s diary and that sharing soda bread helped them start a friendship that has lasted for over fifty years.

Q.10. How did Grandma Maeve’s diary help Eileen learn from her grandma’s experiences? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
Ans: Answers will vary but should be based on the text. Answers may include that by reading her grandma’s diary, Eileen realized that her grandma had once been a teenager too with similar problems. She learned that her grandma was able to solve her problem of making friends in a new place by connecting with others over food. She realized that her grandma was able to make and keep a friend, Lucia, for over fifty years because of soda bread. This motivated her to take her grandma’s advice and see if she could make friends with food too.


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