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Wrong Impression ReadWorks Answer Key

Wrong Impression ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers for the article “Wrong Impression“-

Q.1. Where are Talia and JaMarcus going together?
Ans: JaMarcus’ school dance

Q.2. How does JaMarcus feel after seeing Talia’s house?
Ans: nervous and out of place

Q.3. Read the following sentences from the text. “I couldn’t stop thinking: Here I was, the poor boy from Crenshaw, stuck between two-and-a-half doctors and one more on the way. They’re all following a golden, prestigious career path… Why that question? Why now!?… What can you conclude about why JaMarcus lies about his career goals?
Ans: JaMarcus wants Talia and her family to like him, and he thinks they won’t like him if he’s honest about his career goals.

Q.4. How does Talia feel about JaMarcus’ lie to her parents?
Ans: She’s disappointed because she likes the real him, but she understands why he lied.

Q.5. What is one main theme of this story?
Ans: Being yourself, even when you feel insecure, is the best way to connect with people.

Q.6. Why does the author include descriptions of JaMarcus’ family’s apartment in comparison with Talia’s family’s house at the beginning of the story?
Ans: because it helps readers understand why JaMarcus might have felt pressure to lie about his goals.

Q.7. Choose the word that best completes the sentence. JaMarcus and Talia have a great time at his school dance _ they have a discussion about him lying to her parents.
Ans: after

Q.8. What do JaMarcus and Talia agree to do for Talia’s parents at the end of this story?
Ans: They agree to both be honest and confess their actual dreams to her parents.

Q.9. They agree to both be honest and confess their actual dreams to her parents.
Ans: Talia probably hasn’t told her parents she doesn’t want to be a doctor because she’s not sure what she wants to do. She feels a lot of pressure to be a doctor, so it’s hard to admit that she doesn’t want to follow that path.

Q.10. What does JaMarcus learn about honesty throughout this story? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
Ans: Answers may vary but should be supported by evidence from the text. Students could write that JaMarcus learns that honesty can be hard to achieve when you feel pressure from people you care about and want to make a good impression. This is supported by the fact that Talia lies to her parents about her ambitions, and he does the same because he cares about their opinions. Students could also write that JaMarcus learns that people who like you for who you really are want you to be honest. One example from the text that supports this conclusion is the idea that Talia doesn’t want him to be dishonest, even to impress her parents, because she likes the real him.


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