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Losing Home ReadWorks Answer Key

Losing Home ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers to the article “Losing Home“-

Q.1. Why is Vasant upset?
Ans: He doesn’t want to move to a new house.

Q.2. What does the text list as things Vasant will miss about his home on 1502 Cherry Lane?
Ans: board games in front of the fireplace, walking his dog through the woods, and the rumble of the garage door when his parents come home from work

Q.3. Read the following sentences from the text. “’Vasant, you know how I sometimes tell too many stories about my childhood, and you and your sister are always saying to us, ‘Not this story again!’?’”… What conclusion can you draw from this evidence about how Vasant’s dad tries to comfort him?
Ans: He uses his own experiences like moving to America and reminiscing about their current home to relate to Vasant’s feelings.

Q.4. How does Vasant’s dad suggest he can get excited about moving to the new house?
Ans: He can think about the new memories he will make there.

Q.5. What is one main theme of this story?
Ans: You can remember good times while still making new memories.


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