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See If I Care ReadWorks Answer Key

See If I Care ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers tor the article “See If I Care“-

Q.1. What was the narrator’s former job in Albany?
Ans: newspaper editor-in-chief

Q.2. What situation has the narrator struggled through?
Ans: losing her job in a political scandal

Q.3. The narrator believed that an article about the scandalous photos of the mayor would improve her career. What evidence from the story best supports this conclusion?
Ans: “I envisioned a career-defining story, an editorship with the New York Times, a nightly show on CNN.”

Q.4. Read the following sentences: “Let the country sink in its own mire, see if I care. Let the Grady Maxwells of the world scrabble tooth and claw for a seat at the feet of the mighty. See if I care.” Based on the repeated phrase, “see if I care,” what conclusion can you make about the narrator?
Ans: The narrator is trying to hide the fact that she actually cares.

Q.5. What is this story mostly about?
Ans: the editor-in-chief of a newspaper who lost her job in a scandal

Q.6. Read the following sentences: “I was lavished upon. Expensive dinners, invitations to the best parties, high society, under-the-table gifts of all sorts—there seemed no end to the citizenry’s gratitude… As used in this sentence, what does the phrase “lavished upon” most nearly mean?
Ans: Someone spends lots of money on you and praises you.

Q.7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. The narrator believes that Maxwell was part of the scandal that made her lose her job; __, she has not been able to prove Maxwell’s guilt.
Ans: however

Q.8. Who does the narrator blame for the loss of her job as editor-in-chief?
Ans: The narrator blames Grady Maxwell for the loss of her job.

Q.9. How does the narrator’s view of Maxwell change over time?
Ans: At first, the narrator “hardly noticed Maxwell,” but over time, she began to view him as her story’s “villain” and perhaps even as the “principal architect” of the scandal that cost her her job.

Q.10. “[Grady Maxwell] has grown in my mind over the years, and so too has his importance to my story.” Based on this information, what can you conclude about how the narrator has spent her time over the years? Does it seem like the narrator let go of her bitterness about losing her job? Support your answer using information from the passage.
Ans: Based on this information, the narrator has spent her time over the years thinking about Maxwell and how the narrator thinks Maxwell cost her her job. It does not seem like the narrator has let go of her bitterness. She talks about how she was “never able to prove” that Maxwell was in on the scandal, which indicates that she spent time stewing about the loss of her job. She ends the passage by repeating, “See if I care,” which indicates that she really does care about losing her job.


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