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Are You Lonesome Tonight READWORKS Answer Key

Are You Lonesome Tonight? ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers to the article “Are You Lonesome Tonight?“-

Q.1. Why is J.R. visiting the Philippines with his grandmother?
Ans: to see if it will help her worsening memory

Q.2. What is the difference between J.R.’s reaction to Mabuhok and his grandmother’s?
Ans: J.R. is confused because it is his first time meeting a creature like Mabuhok and his grandmother knows Mabuhok.

Q.3. Read the following sentences from the text. “‘Catriona’s arrival drew the attention of the café patrons, as the numerous human customers and… What conclusion can you draw from this evidence?
Ans: Catriona used to sing at the café when she was younger and lived in the Philippines.

Q.4. How is the song that Catriona sings connected to the way she’s feeling?
Ans: The song is about loneliness and missing like Catriona has missed her home in the Philippines.

Q.5. What is one main theme of this story?
Ans: Getting older can be hard, but revisiting happy memories can help people remember how beautiful their lives have been.

Q.6. How does the author use fantasy to show that Catriona “felt young again”?
Ans: When she is singing, J.R. notices that she actually looks like her younger self.

Q.7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. When J.R. and Catriona meet Mabuhok and arrive at the café, J.R. doesn’t recognize anything or anyone _ Catriona does.
Ans: while

Q.8. What new things does J.R. see at the karaoke café?
Ans: J.R. sees furniture that is made from tree limbs and all kinds of creatures, like Tikbalang, Sarimanok, and a Bakunawa.

Q.9. What is different between J.R. and Catriona at the café?
Ans: Everything at the café is new to J.R. while Catriona recognizes everything and is telling J.R. what they are. Also, Catriona used to sing there and J.R. has not been there before and does not know that she used to sing there.

Q.10. How does their visit to the Philippines change J.R. and Catriona’s relationship? Use at least two examples from the text to support your answer.
Answers will vary but should be based on the text. Answers may include that J.R. is able to see parts of his grandmother’s life from when she was younger and lived in the Philippines. He learns about things that are new to him and familiar to her at the café. He also learns that she used to sing and sees her come to life when she is singing. The trip to the Philippines helps J.R. get to know Catriona better.


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