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The Stuff of Legend READWORKS Answer Key

The Stuff of Legend ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers to the article “The Stuff of Legend“-

Q.1. What real-life animals are thought to have inspired the Kraken and the Hydra?
Ans: giant squid

Q.2. What evidence caused people in the Middle Ages to believe that unicorns were real?
Ans: large horns that were actually narwhal horns

Q.3. Fossils can be misinterpreted to support legends of animals that aren’t real. What evidence from the text supports this conclusion?
Ans: “The Austrian town of Klagenfurt for years displayed the skull of an extinct woolly rhinoceros that was fabled to belong to a dragon slain by knights.”

Q.4. What is one similarity between the myths of the hydra and the dragon?
Ans: Both creatures had popular books or stories written about them.

Q.5. What is the main idea of this text?
Ans: Mythological creatures like Krakens, unicorns, and dragons are all believed to have been inspired by real-life animals or fossils.


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