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BUTTON BUTTON CommonLit Answer Key

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Button Button CommonLit Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

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Q.1. In paragraphs 90-116, Norma tries to ignore the human suffering that would have to happen in order for her to acquire the $50,000. What do you think the author is saying about the way greed affects people?
Ans: The author is suggesting that greed can have a negative impact on people’s behavior and mindset. Greedy individuals tend to prioritize their own desires and interests above the well-being of others. They become so consumed by their desire for money that they disregard the suffering or harm they may cause to others in order to achieve their goals. This excessive focus on wealth can lead them to neglect using their resources for the benefit of others, as they are solely concerned with accumulating more wealth for themselves. Overall, the author is highlighting how greed can distort one’s priorities and hinder empathy towards others.

Q.2. What did you think of the conclusion of the story? What do you think it means that Norma did not know her husband? What message does this present about our relationships and how well we know others?
Ans: The conclusion of the story leaves a sense of irony and tragedy. Norma’s realization that she did not truly know her husband implies that people may have hidden depths or secrets, even within close relationships. This suggests that we may not fully understand or know those closest to us, emphasizing the complexity of human relationships and the potential for surprises or disappointments in our understanding of others.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. What event sets the main action of the story in motion?
Ans: Arthur’s argument with Norma over the button unit

Q.2. In paragraph 87, Mr. Steward returns the button unit to the Lewis home after his phone conversation with Norma. How does this action affect the Lewises?
Ans: It encourages Norma to consider using the button unit.

Q.3. What do paragraphs 97-106 reveal about Norma’s view of the world?
Ans: She believes some lives are worth more than others.

Q.4. In paragraphs 129-145, what does the dialogue reveal about Norma’s motivations for pushing the button?
Ans: She believes she deserves a better life.

Q.5. How do Norma’s personal desires affect the outcome of the story?
Ans: Richard Matheson wrote a short story called “Button, Button.”. It tells the story of Norma and Arthur, a couple who were facing financial difficulties. Then there was the day when a mystery box appeared. While Arthur was at work, a stranger came to the house. He handed Norma the key to the box and told her that if she pressed the button, she would be awarded $50,000.However, if she does so, she will be responsible for the death of someone she does not know.
When her husband dumped the box in the trash, Norma didn’t pay attention. She was just concerned with getting the $50,000, without thinking about who would die if she pressed the button. Her husband had warned her that if she did it, an innocent person might die, but she was unconcerned. As a result of Norma’s action, her husband died in a train accident. Norma was perplexed as to why her husband died and inquired of the stranger. “Do you truly think you know your husband?” said the stranger.


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