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CommonLit Answers Key For Students – All Hot Topic Answers Revealed for Free

For your convenience, we just mixed up answers from different topics and sub-topics to make it easier for you.

Below you can find free quiz unlocks for all the trending topics related to CommonLit:

CommonLit Answer Key

CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 5

Following are the most popular Grade 5 topics and their answers:


=> Find CommonLit ELEVEN Answers Here

The Lion And The Mouse

=> Find CommonLit THE LION AND THE MOUSE Answers Here

The Rose That Grew From Concrete



=> Find CommonLit PEACHES Answers Here

Teacher Tamer

=> Find CommonLit TEACHER TAMER Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 6

Following are the most popular Grade 6 topics and their answers:

The Scholarship Jacket

=> Find CommonLit THE SCHOLARSHIP JACKET Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit CHARLES Answers Here

Fish Cheeks

=> Find CommonLit FISH CHEEKS Answers Here

Burning A Book

=> Find CommonLit BURNING A BOOK Answers Here

Seventh Grade

=> Find CommonLit SEVENTH GRADE Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 7

Following are the most popular Grade 7 topics and their answers:

Noaa’s Big Miracle Worker

=> Find CommonLit NOAA’S BIG MIRACLE WORKER Answers Here

Mother To Son

=> Find CommonLit MOTHER TO SON Answers Here

The Stolen Party

=> Find CommonLit THE STOLEN PARTY Answers Here

Financial Literacy

=> Find CommonLit FINANCIAL LITERACY Answers Here

Herd Behavior

=> Find CommonLit HERD BEHAVIOR Answers Here

Button, Button

=> Find CommonLit BUTTON BUTTON Answers Here

Examination Day

=> Find CommonLit EXAMINATION DAY Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 8

Following are the most popular Grade 8 topics and their answers:


=> Find CommonLit RUTHLESS Answers Here

The Monkey’s Paw

=> Find CommonLit THE MONKEY’S PAW Answers Here

At A Window

=> Find CommonLit AT A WINDOW Answers Here

The Distracted Teenage Brain



=> Find CommonLit BLUE Answers Here

The Star Beast

=> Find CommonLit THE STAR BEAST Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit UPSWING Answers Here

First They Came

=> Find CommonLit FIRST THEY CAME Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 9

Following are the most popular Grade 9 topics and their answers:

The Necklace 

=> Find CommonLit THE NECKLACE Answers Here

On Tragedy

=> Find CommonLit ON TRAGEDY Answers Here

The Raven

=> Find CommonLit THE RAVEN Answers Here

Would You Marry A Stranger

=> Find CommonLit WOULD YOU MARRY A STRANGER Answers Here

To Build A Fire

=> Find CommonLit TO BUILD A FIRE Answers Here

An Obstacle

=> Find CommonLit AN OBSTACLE Answers Here

Elie Wiesel

=> Find CommonLit ELIE WIESEL Answers Here

The Most Dangerous Game

=> Find CommonLit THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME Answers Here

Everyday Use

=> Find CommonLit EVERYDAY USE Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit CONFORMITY Answers Here

The Hero’s Journey

=> Find CommonLit THE HERO’S JOURNEY Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit ARACHNE Answers Here

Was It A Dream

=> Find CommonLit WAS IT A DREAM Answers Here

The Lottery

=> Find CommonLit THE LOTTERY Answers Here

Harrison Bergeron

=> Find CommonLit HARRISON BERGERON Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 10

Following are the most popular Grade 10 topics and their answers:

Screen Addiction Among Teens: Is There Such A Thing?


I Am Very Real

=> Find CommonLit I AM VERY REAL Answers Here

Safety Of Numbers

=> Find CommonLit SAFETY Of NUMBERS Answers Here

A Dead Woman’s Secret

=> Find CommonLit A DEAD WOMAN’S SECRET Answers Here

Cell One

=> Find CommonLit CELL ONE Answers Here

The Roaring Twenties

=> Find CommonLit THE ROARING TWENTIES Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit McCarthyism Answers Here

A Sound of Thunder

=> Find CommonLit A SOUND OF THUNDER Answers Here

Eraser Tattoo

=> Find CommonLit ERASER TATTOO Answers Here

Puritan Laws And Character

=> Find CommonLit PURITAN LAWS AND CHARACTER Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit MARIGOLDS Answers Here

The Scramble For Africa

=> Find CommonLit THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA Answers Here

Greek Society

=> Find CommonLit GREEK SOCIETY Answers Here

The Gettysburg Address

=> Find CommonLit THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS Answers Here

The Tyger 

=> Find CommonLit THE TYGER Answers Here

The Ambitious Guest

=> Find CommonLit THE AMBITIOUS GUEST Answers Here

The Mouse 

=> Find CommonLit THE MOUSE Answers Here

A Poison Tree

=> Find CommonLit A POISON TREE Answers Here

Sonnet 18

=> Find CommonLit SONNET 18 Answers Here

Every Man A King

=> Find CommonLit EVERY MAN A KING Answers Here

Cooking Time

=> Find CommonLit COOKING TIME Answers Here

Mending Wall

=> Find CommonLit MENDING WALL Answers Here

The Elements Of Success

=> Find CommonLit THE ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key – Grade 11

Following are the most popular Grade 11 topics and their answers:

The Guilty Party

=> Find CommonLit THE GUILTY PARTY Answers Here

The Open Boat

=> Find CommonLit THE OPEN BOAT Answers Here

Introduction To The Holocaust



=> Find CommonLit SPUNK Answers Here

Of Revenge

=> Find CommonLit OF REVENGE Answers Here

Bullying In Early Adolescence


Allegory Of The Cave

=> Find CommonLit ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE Answers Here

The Cask Of Amontillado

=> Find CommonLit THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO Answers Here

The Danger Of A Single Story

=> Find CommonLit THE DANGER OF A SINGLE STORY Answers Here

What Fear Can Teach Us

=> Find CommonLit WHAT FEAR CAN TEACH US Answers Here

The Masque Of The Red Death

=> Find CommonLit THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH Answers Here

Excerpt From The Prince

=> Find CommonLit EXCERPT FROM THE PRINCE Answers Here

How Resilience Works

=> Find CommonLit HOW RESILIENCE WORKS Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit TESTIMONIAL Answers Here

The Great Depression

=> Find CommonLit THE GREAT DEPRESSION Answers Here


CommonLit Answer Key For Students – Grade 12

Following are the most popular Grade 12 topics and their answers:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

=> Find CommonLit THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW Answers Here

A Modest Proposal

=> Find CommonLit A MODEST PROPOSAL Answers Here

The Lost Generation

=> Find CommonLit THE LOST GENERATION Answers Here

Manifest Destiny

=> Find CommonLit MANIFEST DESTINY Answers Here

The Russian Revolution

=> Find CommonLit THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit SWEAT Answers Here

The Machine Stops

=> Find CommonLit THE MACHINE STOPS Answers Here


=> Find CommonLit DREAMS Answers Here

The Yellow Wallpaper

=> Find CommonLit THE YELLOW WALLPAPER Answers Here

The Tipping Point

=> Find CommonLit THE TIPPING POINT Answers Here

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

=> Find CommonLit A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND Answers Here

A Rose For Emily

=> Find CommonLit A ROSE FOR EMILY Answers Here

Home Burial

=> Find CommonLit HOME BURIAL Answers Here

South African Apartheid

=> Find CommonLit SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID Answers Here


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