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COOKING TIME CommonLit Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. In the text “Cooking Time,” food has been reduced to just its nutritional components. Do you think you would like to eat “Newtri”? Why or why not?
Ans: In the text “Cooking Time,” the concept of “Newtri” is introduced, which is food that has been reduced to just its nutritional components. The question asks whether you would like to eat Newtri or not.
The answer explains that even though Newtri only consists of nutritional components, it still tastes like food. It mentions that the enjoyment of eating a meal is not solely based on taste, but also on texture. This means that even if Newtri lacks certain flavors or ingredients, it can still be enjoyable to eat because it retains a familiar texture.
Additionally, the answer points out that Newtri can be convenient and faster to eat compared to regular meals. This makes them suitable for situations when you are busy or in a rush, such as in the morning before school or work.
However, the answer also acknowledges that some people may find Newtri unappealing because they may not provide the same level of enjoyment as consuming regular meals with diverse flavors and textures.

Q.2. If given the opportunity, would you be willing to break the rules and travel back in time to relive an experience or fix a wrong? What time would you travel back to and why?
Ans: I would not break the rules and travel back in time to relive an experience or fix a wrong. There’s no purpose to fixing or reliving an experience. There are a lot of theoretical dangers associated with time travel. possibly affecting other people or yourself. Although time traveling is appealing and has many shallow benefits. There are too many catastrophic negative effects of time traveling to even consider it an option to a solution to your problems it’s an understandable desire to fix a wrong but it’s too dangerous to affect time.

Q.3. The World Health Organization estimates that about 820 million people live in hunger each year. If there were a food similar to Newtri readily available now, would it be worth using it as a solution to worldwide hunger? Why or why not?
Ans: NO. The population worldwide suffering from hunger is very high to be fed, some strategies and measures should be used to increase the production of food by everyone because if you have a particular type of food you will feed yourself so the government instead of providing newtri food it can educate people on how to produce food.

Q.4. Consider the implications of Mandy’s decision and what she writes in her note to Stella. Do you think Mandy’s decision to disrupt the Chronologic is impulsive or wise? Explain your response.
Ans: Mandy’s decision to disrupt the Chronologic is wise. Mandy wants people to enjoy a different type of natural food like fish.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. How does the character of Mandy develop the theme of the story?
Ans: Mandy’s drive to enter the competition shows that anyone can succeed with hard work.

Q.2. Which detail from the story best supports the idea that Mandy has been changed by her experiences on MasterChef?
Ans: She aced the tryouts. At fifteen, Mandira became not only the youngest contestant to compete on MasterChef but the only one ever who wasn’t an Elite.” (Paragraph 24)

Q.3. Which of the following best describes the relationship between AgroGlobal and society in the passage?
Ans: AgroGlobal owns everything and therefore controls many aspects of society.

Q.4. How does Stella’s arrival at AgroGlobal headquarters in paragraphs 28-30 build suspense?
Ans: by making the reader wonder what has happened to Mandy

Q.5. What does Mandy mean when she writes to Stella, “If I can’t cook real food, I might survive, but I think I’ll die.” (Paragraph 56)
Ans: Mandy means that while she might physically survive without cooking real food, she feels that a part of her would die, indicating her deep emotional and psychological connection to cooking.
This statement is a metaphorical expression of Mandy’s passion for cooking. She implies that cooking real food is so integral to her identity and happiness that without it, she would feel as if she’s not truly living. It’s not about physical survival, but rather about emotional fulfillment and personal satisfaction. This highlights the depth of Mandy’s passion for cooking and how important it is to her sense of self.


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In CommonLit, “COOKING TIME” is one of the students’ favorite articles authored by Anita Roy for grade 10 students.

In “Cooking Time,” the author invites readers to consider a world without some of the simple pleasures we take for granted.


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