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CommonLit A SOUND OF THUNDER Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. In the story, Eckels accidentally kills a butterfly and changes the future. What examples can you recall of small changes or decisions that have had large consequences? Cite evidence from the text, your own experience, and other literature, media, art, or history in your answer
Ans: Eckels and the men are in control of their fates for many reasons. One of these reasons is that they chose to go back in time and Eckels chose to run off the path in the end. These men set their fates when they chose to do what they did. It wasn’t just a random occurrence that Eckels stepped on the butterfly, he chose to run and caused that to happen. That butterfly chose to be flying right there at that moment and that set its fate. Eckels could’ve just stayed on the path and had his fate would have been set how he wanted but he chose to change it. Human fate is an example of cause and effect by the fact that it is a combination of choice and random occurrences. An example of this is that Eckel stepped off the path, which was his choice, and that the butterfly just happened to be flying at that spot at that exact moment.

Q.2. In the context of the story, what are the costs and benefits of the Time Machine the men use? What are
other examples of technology that have been considered too dangerous for humans to use without
regulations? What kind of technologies do you believe humans shouldn’t have access to and why?
Ans: The most powerful part of Bradbury’s story is his articulation of the interconnectivity between the past, present, and future. Travis’ tirade at the beginning of the story lays out the possible ripple effect which one ill-fated move can have on the future. Unfortunately, Eckels and the rest of the group realize this is indeed possible when they return after
their trip. The death of a single butterfly has dramatically altered the world they once knew. The language has developed differently, and an important presidential election was decided differently. It is a strong piece of advice
to consider how your actions today can affect the future. These connections are delicate and tenuous, further emphasized by the fact that the small butterfly had such a massive effect on the world. Even if we are aware of the potential ripple effects, we may not consider the fact that a small decision can make a big impact. This is both precautionary and
empowering. While the potential for failure exists, the potential to make a positive difference is also present and real.

Q.3. In the story, Eckels is responsible for the changes made in the future, but he does not make them
intentionally. Do you think Eckels, or any of the men, are truly in control of their fate? Why or why not? In
what ways is human fate a combination of choice and random occurrences?
Ans: We believe Eckels or people, in general, cannot change their fate, but their free will can postpone it. Even though you may have had your head down for years, fate will keep presenting itself until you’re ready to reach up and accept it. Fate doesn’t give up on you. You can never lose what’s meant for you, but you can delay it.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. PART A: Which statement identifies the main theme of the short story?
Ans: Humans tend to be careless in their treatment of the environment and unaware of the consequences of their actions.

Q.2. PART B: Which detail from the text best supports the answer to Part A?
Ans: “‘The stomp of your foot, on one mouse, could start an earthquake, the effects of which could shake
our earth and destinies down through Time, to their very foundations.’” (Paragraph 39)

Q.3. How are the details of Travis’ explanation about how they should behave in the past important to the story’s
theme (Paragraph 39)?
Ans: Travis stresses how delicate the balance between the past and the future is by discussing how small
changes can have big consequences.

Q.4. PART A: How do Eckels’ actions while he is in the past develop the plot of the passage?
Ans: Eckels carelessly steps off the Path out of fear, and disrupts the past in a way that will likely impact
the future.

Q.5. PART B: Which quote from the text best supports the answer to Part A?
Ans: “He had his rifle pointed. ‘You’re not coming back in the Machine. We’re leaving you here!’”
(Paragraph 106)

Q.6. Throughout the passage, the author builds suspense. What structural choice contributes most directly to the
Ans: The author emphasizes how dangerous it is to hunt in the past, and the many men who have died


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In CommonLit, “A SOUND OF THUNDER” is one of the students’ favorite short stories authored by Ray Bradbury for grade 10 students.

In this short story set in the future, a man travels back in time to the era of dinosaurs.


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