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Discussion Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. In the context of the poem, how does an individual rise above hardship? Have you ever felt like a “rose that grew from concrete,” as described by Tupac Shakur? If so, what was the difficult situation that you faced, and how did you rise above it? If not, who is someone else you might describe as a “rose that grew from concrete”? What makes them similar to this rose?
Ans: My cousin, I have a feeling that she must have felt like the “rose that grew from concrete” because she had a lot of difficulties before becoming a doctor, she rise above it by leaving her parent’s house and going to a job but it did not pay
much but it did for food and a small apartment. the thing that makes her similar to this learned to walk without having feet.
rose is just like the quote “She learned how to breathe without her parents having to control most of the time”.

Q.2. In the context of the poem, can we take full control over our own fate? Do you think it is necessary to get support from others, or can we succeed in difficult situations on our own, without others’ help?
Ans: Yes. Based on the context of “a rose that grew from concrete” we can take full control of our fate. The poem explains that even in the midst of hardship where no one cares. it is important to keep one’s dreams burning. By keeping one’s dreams, a person can control his or her fate. It is necessary to get support from others during challenging situations. Seeking support from others makes the hardships easier to bear. People may have solutions to the challenges bringing them to an end within a short time. This does not mean that we cannot succeed without others’ help. The help of others just makes the process easier. If one does not receive help from others, he or she can still succeed.

Q.3. Why do you think dreams are important for the rose’s survival? What dreams do you have for your own future? Are these dreams important to you? Why or why not?
The dream of Rose’s survival is important because it helps an individual to endure problem situations, to avoid serious embarrassment, failure, and unwanted change. I have a dream that in the future I will be a successful CEO of my own company and meet with prominent entrepreneurs in the world like Jack Ma and Bill Gates.  These dreams are important because dreams are thoughts that I can see when I am dreaming and it gives me thinking deeper and more focused than I’m awake thus helping to consolidate memory. Also, dreams are important because they have psychological significance and they may be an unconscious reflection of our internal anxieties, fears, fantasies, and hopes and also it might help to forecast the future.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. Part A: Which of the following identifies a main theme of the text?
Ans: People can overcome difficulties and succeed.

Q.2. Part B: Which detail from the poem best supports the answer to Part A?
Ans: “Long live the rose that grew from concrete” (Line 7)

Q.3. How does the speaker’s point of view influence how the rose is described?
Ans: Impressed by the rose, the speaker explains what makes it so admirable

Q.4. What does the phrase “the rose that grew from concrete” mean figuratively as used in this poem?
Ans: The phrase “the rose that grew from concrete” means a person who endures and perseveres despite the difficulties in life preventing him from achieving his goal.
The poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” is a poem of persistence and endurance by Tupac Shakur. This poem revolves around the theme of endurance and persistence in achieving one’s goals despite anything.
Shakur uses the figurative image of “a rose that grew from concrete” to present an image of one persisting against the very obstacles that may come on the way. Roses, or plants in general, need good soil and environment to grow and flourish but concrete will only make them die. But despite this, a rose that chose to grow shows the plant’s endurance and perseverance.
Shakur claims that by growing in the concrete, the rose “Prov[es] nature’s law is wrong” and “learned to walk without having feet, […..] to breathe fresh air”. He states that as long as one is focused on the goal, there is nothing that can hold him back from achieving greatness/ success.


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In CommonLit, “THE ROSE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE” is one of the students’ favorite short poems authored by Tupac Shakur for grade 5 students.

In this captivating short poem, the author talks about his feelings about the rose.


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