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EXAMINATION DAY CommonLit Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. In the story, Dickie is killed because his intelligence is considered too high by the government. Why do you think the government wouldn’t want people to be too smart? How might the government’s actions be motivated by fear?
Ans: The government may not want people to be too smart because it could threaten their control and authority. Highly intelligent individuals may question the government’s actions, challenge their policies, and potentially organize opposition. The government’s actions may be motivated by fear of losing power and facing resistance from an educated and critical population.
Governments often seek to maintain control and stability, and individuals with high intelligence can pose a threat to their authority. Intelligent individuals are more likely to question the status quo, challenge government decisions, and advocate for change. This can lead to social unrest and political instability. Therefore, the government may fear that highly intelligent individuals could disrupt their power structure and undermine their control over the population.

Q.2. In “Examination Day,” Dickie’s parents don’t tell him about the exam until he is twelve, and even then they don’t tell him about the consequences. What does it mean to be a family? Do you believe that families have to sometimes hide the truth from each other? Why and in what circumstances? Why do you think Dickie’s parents hid the truth from him? Would telling the truth have made a difference? Explain your answer.
Ans: Being a family means providing love, support, and care for one another. Families are often expected to protect and nurture their members, which can sometimes involve hiding the truth in certain circumstances. However, the extent to which families hide the truth can vary depending on cultural, ethical, and individual beliefs.
Families are often seen as a source of emotional support and protection. In certain situations, families may choose to hide the truth to shield their loved ones from harm, protect their innocence, or maintain harmony within the family unit. This can be seen as a way of prioritizing the well-being and emotional stability of family members.
In the case of “Examination Day,” Dickie’s parents may have hidden the truth from him to protect him from the potential stress and anxiety associated with the exam’s consequences. They may have believed that revealing the truth prematurely could negatively impact his emotional well-being and development. Additionally, they may have wanted to preserve his innocence and shield him from the harsh realities of the exam’s outcome.
Telling the truth in this situation may or may not have made a difference. It is possible that Dickie would have been better prepared for the exam and its consequences if he had known about them earlier. However, it is also possible that the truth could have caused unnecessary stress and anxiety, potentially affecting his performance. Ultimately, the decision to hide the truth was made by Dickie’s parents based on their judgment of what was best for him.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. PART A: Which statement best expresses a theme of the short story?
Ans: High intelligence can be viewed as a dangerous thing.

Q.2. PART B: Which detail from the text best supports the answer to Part A?
Ans: “‘Now, it’s nothing to worry about. Thousands of children take this test every day. The Government wants to know how smart you are, Dickie. That’s all there is to it.'” (Paragraph 21)

Q.3. What do the questions Dickie asks his father between paragraphs 4-17 reveal about Dickie’s character?
Ans: They show how curious Dickie is about how the world works.

Q.4. How does knowledge of the exam affect Dickie’s mom and dad?
Ans: Dickie’s mom becomes anxious and sad, while Dickie’s dad becomes easily irritated.

Q.5. How does the author use irony to contribute to the story’s meaning? Use details from the story to support your answer.
Ans: The author uses irony in “Examination Day” to highlight the oppressive nature of the government’s intelligence test and the parents’ blind acceptance of it. One example of irony is when Mrs. Jordan tries to reassure her son by saying, “It’s nothing to worry about.” However, the reader knows that the test is far from harmless, as it involves a mysterious drink and a machine. This creates dramatic irony, as the reader understands the true significance of the test while the characters remain oblivious.
Another example of irony is the parents’ initial reluctance to discuss the exam. They avoid the topic and try to maintain a sense of normalcy, yet their anxiety and tension are palpable. This irony underscores the oppressive atmosphere created by the government’s control over the lives of its citizens, even down to the intelligence testing of children.


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In CommonLit, “EXAMINATION DAY” is one of the students’ favorite short stories authored by Henry Slesar for grade 7 students.

In this short science fiction story, we delve into a world where the government mandates an intelligence exam for boys upon reaching the age of 12.


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