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HERD BEHAVIOR CommonLit Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

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Q.1. Think of a real-life example when you have seen herd behavior in action. What do you think caused the people in your example to think or act as a group? Do you remember seeing anyone who chose to do something different from the rest of the group?
Ans: In a real-life example of herd behavior, I have observed people queuing up outside a popular restaurant. The cause of this behavior is the perception that the restaurant serves excellent food or has a unique dining experience. People tend to think that if others are willing to wait in line, it must be worth it. The fear of missing out on a popular experience also plays a role in their decision to join the queue. In this example, I have seen individuals who chose not to wait in line and instead opted for alternative dining options. These individuals may have different preferences, time constraints, or simply did not feel the need to conform to the group’s behavior.

Q.2. Think of a movie or a book in which someone has to stand up to a group. Why does this character refuse to follow along and engage in herd behavior? In other words, what makes this character different? What would you have done if you were in this character’s shoes?
Ans: In the movie “Dead Poets Society,” one of the characters, Neil Perry, stands up to the group by pursuing his passion for acting against his father’s wishes. Neil refuses to follow along with the herd behavior of conforming to societal expectations and instead chooses to express his individuality. He is different because he values his own dreams and desires over societal pressures. If I were in Neil’s shoes, I would also have chosen to pursue my passion and stand up for what I believe in, even if it meant going against the expectations of others. It takes courage and conviction to resist herd behavior and stay true to oneself.


Assessment Questions & Answers

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Q.1. Which of the following best summarizes the central idea of the text?
Ans: The actions of a large group can greatly infuence an individual’s decisions.

Q.2. According to this article, what happens to a person’s sense of individuality when they follow a larger group?
Ans: It shuts down.

Q.3. Which statement best describes the relationship between the stock market and herd behavior?
Ans: Herd behavior contributes to stock market surges and crashes because it compels stockbrokers to act on emotion rather than reason.

Q.4. Why does the author likely include the final section titled “Everyday Decision-Making” in the article?
Ans: to show how not every case of herd behavior is necessarily negative or violent.

Q.5. Summarize in 4-5 sentences how herd behavior affects individuals. Use examples from the text to support your answer.
Ans: Herd behavior occurs when people act along with the group without applying their sense of logical reasoning. Decisions made at this time are marked by irrationality and emotions.
Herd behavior can be used to influence popular opinions and its effect could also be destructive. Adolf Hitler applied herd behavior when he planted German officers in crowds during his speech such that when they applauded him, the crowds did the same.
Herd behavior can be seen during protests, riots, religious gatherings, and generally in places where there are crowds. People in these situations act according to the behaviors of others. It can result in violence during protests. The stock market experiences herd behavior during the bubbles and crashes.


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