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CommonLit MOTHER TO SON Answer Key

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CommonLit MOTHER TO SON Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. The speaker says, “life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” (Line 20). What would a crystal staircase be — both literally and figuratively?
Ans: The poem “Mother to Son” uses a staircase to symbolize the hardship of the mother’s existence as a Black woman. The mother contrasts this rough staircase with a crystal staircase, saying, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” The crystal staircase symbolizes an easy, affluent, and sparkling life that is out of reach for most Black people, while the rickety staircase the mother speaks of symbolizes a difficult life.

Q.2. In your opinion, do all Americans have equal access to the American Dream? What are some of the factors that could make it easier or harder to achieve happiness in America? Why do you think Harlem Renaissance writers focused on the American Dream?
Ans: In our opinion, YES, all Americans have equal access to the American Dream. But for a reason, to some people, this dream isn’t possible, it is just a dream. Although it’s not easy to achieve the American dream, with passion, hard work, and dedication, it is very possible to achieve. The American dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society in which upward mobility is possible for everyone. The American dream is appealing because some people have had to overcome social obstacles coming from nothing to something. The dream is a chance to build a successful business. This poem talks about the American Dream and how easily it is for African-Americans to have it taken away from them. They have no knowledge of where it was taken or if they would ever get it back. That is the overall meaning of this poem.

Q.3. How do we achieve our goals or dreams? How do circumstance, status, and identity factor into this? In the context of this poem, how do people overcome adversity? Cite evidence from this text, your own experience, and other literature, art, or history in your answer.
Ans: Planning a path to reach them and striving to walk that path through hard work, effort, and dedication. In addition, it is necessary that we do not lose focus and have the intelligence to move forward in a consistent and progressive way.
Adverse circumstances tend to negatively influence our walk, so it is necessary that we have a resilient and focused personality, that way we will be able to move forward and shape ourselves as circumstances require, but without losing focus and abandoning the walk to the goal. A person’s status can also be influential in this regard. This is because we will not always be able to reach our goals alone, we often need help and our status is one of the biggest determinants of the help we may or may not get.
According to the poem, people overcome adversity through resilience. This means that people recognize adversity and recognize that life is difficult, but even so, they continue to struggle to advance and overcome problems. This is shown in the poem when the mother says that her life has never been easy, she has never had anything on a silver platter, but she keeps walking, fighting, and moving forward, even though circumstances say she is not capable.

Q.4. In the context of this poem, what is the meaning of family? What do you think it means to be a parent, especially a mother? How do you relate to your parents or guardians when they are trying to give you advice? Cite evidence from this text, your own experience, and other literature, art, or history in your answer.
Ans: The meaning of the family is not definable but in my words, it’s the “whole world”. Becoming a mother is the most typical part of life because a mother has a number of responsibilities in her life. The primary thing he has to fight with problems every day and she has to motivate her life partner and her children. As we see in the poem the mother motivates her son, as she told at the beginning of the poem life is not easy, and in the last, she again tells her son that she is still at the age of learning. Because in life, no one is perfect, every day is a new day and we have to face new things every day.

Q.5. Thinking about the other texts we’ve read in this unit, which character would agree with the mother that life has been hard, but you have to keep going? Explain why or how.
Ans: It is true that life has been hard, but it is important to focus on the positive aspects and put effort into overcoming difficulties. By shifting our mindset and perspective, we can find ways to better cope with the challenges that life throws our way. Taking on a problem-solving approach and setting goals can help us remain motivated and focused while taking the necessary steps to achieve our desired outcomes. Additionally, taking care of our mental and physical well-being is important, such as getting enough rest, eating healthy meals, and engaging in activities that bring joy. Implementing these strategies into our lives can help us find the strength to keep going and make progress in difficult times. Ultimately, it is imperative to remember that life can be hard, but there are always ways to cope and succeed.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. In the poem, who is the speaker addressing, and about what?
Ans: A mother is warning her son about the difficulties of life and the struggle to persevere.

Q.2. Which of the following best explains the significance of the staircase in the poem?
Ans: The narrator describes a tiring climb up a beat-up staircase, which represents her persistence through difficulties and challenges in life.

Q.3. Which of the following statements best describes a major theme of the poem?
Ans: Hope is the answer to all changes

Q.4. Which of the following quotes best supports the answer to question #3?
“So boy, don’t you turn back. / Don’t you set down on the steps / ‘ Cause you finds its kinder hard/Don’t you fall now – /For I’ve still going’, honey”


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In CommonLit, “Mother To Son” is students’ favorite poems authored by Langston Hughes for grade 7 students.

This poem helps in gaining insight into how the speaker effectively communicates a lesson on failure and success to her son through the use of a metaphor.


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