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UPSWING CommonLit Answers key

Discussion Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. In the story, even though he doesn’t believe in Rateez, A.J. fears losing his chances at a scholarship if he doesn’t improve his ratings. How does fear drive action? Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do because you were afraid of the consequences?
Ans: Fear can be a powerful motivator that drives action. In the story, A.J. fears losing his chances at a scholarship if he doesn’t improve his ratings on Rateez. This fear pushes him to take action and try to improve his ratings, even though he doesn’t believe in the app. Fear can push individuals to step out of their comfort zones, take risks, and make changes in order to avoid negative consequences. It can be a driving force that compels people to do things they may not want to do.
As for personal experience, yes, there have been times when I have done something I didn’t want to do because I was afraid of the consequences. For example, I may have taken on extra work or responsibilities to avoid disappointing someone or to avoid negative outcomes. Fear can sometimes override personal desires and lead to actions driven by the need to avoid negative consequences.

Q.2. In the story, many people around A.J. change how they behave in order to improve their ratings on Rateez, even adults. Why do people follow the crowd? Have you ever seen people around you follow a trend you thought was silly? How did you deal with this experience?
Ans: People often follow the crowd for various reasons. In the story, many people, including adults, change their behavior to improve their ratings on Rateez. One reason people follow the crowd is the desire to fit in and be accepted. They may fear being judged or excluded if they don’t conform to the popular trend or behavior. Additionally, people may follow the crowd because they believe that others have more knowledge or information, and they want to make choices that align with what they perceive as the majority opinion.
In my own experience, I have witnessed people around me following trends or behaviors that I personally found silly or unnecessary. In such situations, I have chosen to respect their choices and not impose my own opinions on them. It is important to recognize that everyone has different preferences and perspectives, and it is not my place to judge or criticize their choices. Instead, I focus on maintaining my own authenticity and staying true to my own values and beliefs.

Q.3. In the story, A.J.’s school uses the Rateez app to alter classes and make budget decisions. What are the costs and benefits of technology? Do you think there are any benefits to something like Rateez? Can you think of any other possible costs and benefits to using Rateez in a school that weren’t discussed in the story?
Ans: The use of technology, like the Rateez app in the story, has both costs and benefits. One benefit of technology is its ability to streamline processes and make tasks more efficient. In the case of Rateez, it allows for the collection and analysis of data to inform decisions about class allocation and budgeting. This can potentially lead to more effective resource allocation and improved educational outcomes.
However, there are also costs associated with technology. One cost is the potential loss of privacy and the collection of personal data. In the story, students’ ratings on Rateez are used to make decisions about their education, which raises concerns about the impact on individual autonomy and the potential for unfair judgments. Additionally, reliance on technology.

Q.4. In the story, A.J. notices his teacher acting strangely and finds out one of the smartest students was moved to a different class, based on low Rateez ratings. What are some of the positive and negative effects of social status? What are the things you do to help maintain your social status? Why are they important to you?
Ans: Positive effects of social status include feeling more accepted, having more friends, and having more influence. By having a higher social status, people can often get access to more opportunities and resources. For example, people with higher social status may be more likely to be invited to exclusive events or be offered better job opportunities. They may also have more influence over decisions that are made in their job or community, which can have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of those around them.
Negative effects of social status include feeling judged, feeling isolated, and feeling excluded. People with higher social status may be seen as better or more deserving than those with lower social status, which can create feelings of envy and resentment. Additionally, people with lower social status may have a harder time getting access to the same opportunities and resources that those with higher social status have. This can lead to feelings of helplessness or inadequacy.
To maintain one’s social status, people may act in ways that they think will be seen as socially acceptable or desirable. This could include dressing a certain way, speaking a certain way, and acting a certain way. People may also work to develop relationships with people with similar interests or similar social statuses in order to help maintain their own social status. Additionally, people may try to keep up with trends or participate in activities that are seen as popular in order to maintain their social status.
Maintaining social status is important because it can help people gain access to more opportunities and resources. It can also give people a sense of belonging and acceptance. Additionally, people may feel more confident when their social status is higher and they are seen as successful or important. Having a high social status can also help people to be seen as leaders, which can be beneficial for their career or other personal goals. However, it is important to remember that social status should not be the only measure of a person’s worth and that everyone should be respected and treated equally.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. What is the theme of the story?
Ans: Don’t lose sight of what you believe in just to please others.

Q.2. What is the cause of the conflict between A.J. and Coach Carson?
Ans: A.J. thinks Coach Carson is trying to help Jaylen get a scholarship and not him

Q.3. What is the main reason the author includes Marquis as a character in the story?
Ans: Marquis voices the thoughts of their classmates and teachers on the importance of Rateez.

Q.4. How does Luis’ fall affect A.J.?
Ans: A. J. still performs for the crowd but is nervous because of the fall.

Q.5. In the story, how are Coach Carson’s and A.J.’s points of view different? Use details from the
story to support your answer.
Ans: In the story, Coach Carson’s and A.J.’s points of view are different in several ways.
Firstly, Coach Carson believes that winning is the most important aspect of playing sports, while A.J. thinks that having fun and enjoying the game is more important. This is evident when Coach Carson constantly emphasizes the importance of winning and pushes the team to work harder, whereas A.J. is more focused on having a good time and playing for the love of the game.
Secondly, Coach Carson values discipline and strict adherence to rules, while A.J. is more laid-back and flexible. This is shown when Coach Carson reprimands A.J. for not following the team’s practice schedule and for not taking the game seriously enough. On the other hand, A.J. believes that it’s okay to have some fun and deviate from the rules occasionally.
Lastly, Coach Carson has a more traditional and old-fashioned approach to coaching, while A.J. is more open to new ideas and unconventional methods. This is evident when Coach Carson insists on using outdated strategies and techniques, while A.J. suggests trying new plays and experimenting with different tactics.


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In CommonLit, “UPSWING” is one of the students’ favorite short stories authored by T.J. Resler for grade 8 students.

In this short story, a star baseball player struggles to come to terms with his high school’s new rating app.


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